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When you start, make sure it's actually fruitful before growing and expanding your efforts. Here's a section from Tim's article where he uses scripture from the Bible to solidify his quote: In the age of instant, we think success suddenly happens to the lucky few who find their way to abundance. That is not the pattern of success in the Bible and rarely how it goes today. In a passage known by few and quoted by fewer still, God dictated the start-small strategy for the Israelites coming into the Promised Land. He told them, `Little by little I will drive them out from before you, until you have increased, and inherit the land. For Climate Change and the next couple issues, I will list out action steps that seem small and insignificant. You've been preached to go for the big solutions and completely solve the issue in one big sweeping motion. Do you want a divorce? Mostly I used this angry tone to intimidate her, and she would readily back down. I could go on the defense in a second. She would start accusing me and within seconds I would say, Why don't you just leave? And that was always followed by name-calling. Oh, I was also real good at trying to make her think there was something wrong with her to be so mistrusting. I would act like I was this victim of her paranoia, that she was the one who was crazy. This conduct is beyond hurtful. It's cruel, abusive, and traumatizing. There is also a very specific name for it: gaslighting. One of the primary motivations for people to buy an activity tracker or use a wellness-related app is to lose weight. According to government statistics, two-thirds of American adults are overweight, including the 36.

This is clearly a nationwide problem, one that not only ruins individual lives but also costs us $147 billion annually. It's fairly logical that if you recognize that you're overweight and this is compromising your quality of life, you'd want to find tools that help you take decisive action. So perhaps you buy a wearable or download an app whose maker claims will get you to your target weight. Then you start walking and working toward that ten-thousand-steps-a-day goal. At first, the pounds start coming off. The technology's working! But then comes the first plateau. You hit a point at which this baseline of recommended activity has stopped leading to weight loss. In reality, you can't solve Climate Change, drug abuse in America, gambling problems or any other dilemma without starting small and being fruitful with those first steps. With consistent effort, patience, and fruitfulness, as Tim described, we can manage more responsibility to invoke change. Anyway, let's continue. The David Suzuki Foundation, an organization founded to provide additional research, evidence and education on the subject of preserving our environment, gives ten ways to begin to get active in helping slow Climate Change. In David Suzuki's words, In a world of more than seven billion people, each of us is a drop in the bucket. But with enough drops, we can fill any bucket. David Suzuki He's been the host for over 40 years, since 1979. The first recommended step? Gaslighting is a strong form of emotional manipulation used to confuse people into thinking their perceptions are so off base that they are crazy. It's a form of abuse in which false information is presented, questions posed, statements made with the intent of making a victim doubt his or her own memory, perception, and sanity.

This term was coined from the 1939 movie Gaslight in which a devious husband, played by Charles Boyer, manipulates and torments his wife, played by Ingrid Bergman, to convince her she is going mad, all in an attempt to acquire her jewelry. He can accomplish this by having her certified as insane and hauled off to a mental institution. To do this he intentionally manipulates the gaslights in their home to intermittently flicker off and on. Every time Bergman reacts to it he denies that any flickering is occurring and tells her she is just seeing things. When people who are determined to keep their secrets begin to be questioned, they often become experts at pushing your buttons, they know your sensitivities and vulnerabilities and use that knowledge against you for you to back off with your suspicions. This behavior often renders many partners emotionally mute. The consequences to gaslighting for the victim are wide ranging. These include: Should you fail to break through this barrier for a couple of weeks, you'll probably begin to question the effectiveness of the device, and maybe your ability to keep making progress. But the real problem is that you've reduced overall health to a single goal: losing weight. And the only way you've tried to achieve this is through low-level aerobic activity. Maybe you've also created a new achievement-reward habit: every time you meet your daily steps goal, you treat yourself to a cupcake or a sugary drink at your local coffee shop. Andy's wife has several colleagues who are extremely obese and can't figure out why. She has noticed that although they hit their daily steps goal, they also reward themselves with sugar-laden junk food. In the end, they actually gain weight instead of losing it. This issue is backed up by several recent studies, including one by University of Pittsburgh researchers who found that wearables are less effective for weight loss than old-school diet plans. This is not to say you should never have any sugar again, but those extra calories can soon add up and chip away at the weight loss. Plus, unless you've combined using your wearable with retooling your overall nutrition, the cupcake might just be a small part of your dietary problem. Demand that change happens with your elected representatives. This will become a recurring first step for many of these issues, but by constantly badgering your senators, congressmen and women, and even your city councils, you can be the change agent for any cause.

So, start the calling campaign and email campaign and knock on their doors for some action! But, before you even talk with elected representatives, you should probably come prepared with things to tangibly do. Even if you do come to your government with proposals, they will be slow to act on anything. So, here are some simple suggestions that lower your energy consumption, a major factor in the pollution of our environment (provided by the David Suzuki Foundation): Change to energy-efficient light bulbs. Install a heat pump in your home. Unplug computers, TVs and other electronics when you're not using them. Wash clothes in cold or warm water (not hot). Is any of the above familiar? There are very few partners of sex addicts who cannot identify with having lived with this experience and in many cases repetitively for years. The trauma has begun. What I mean by this is the insidiousness of the deception is becoming chronic. As the addict becomes more and more caught up in his acting out behavior, his addiction is progressing. Behavior such as gaslighting is used more, fueling your insecurities, your self-doubt, and the sense of craziness that can lead to trauma responses. TOXIC STRESS LEADING TO TRAUMATIC RESPONSES Trauma is the result of a shock to the body, mind, or soul. It is the body's and the brain's response to a severe painful experience. It can be caused by any stimulus too powerful or too sudden and unexpected to be assimilated or processed in a normal way. And if you're like many people, you've also failed to consider how strength training and more strenuous types of activity, not just moving more, might benefit you. Getting down to a healthy weight and body mass index (BMI) is a noble goal, and if you achieve it, you certainly reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer, and many other diseases.

But the $61 billion weight-loss industry has confused the narrative and made us believe that if our weight is what our doctor would recommend, then we're good to go from an overall health perspective. There are plenty of people who are in the normal weight range who are profoundly unhealthy. Some people who meet their weight-loss goal do so using extreme measures that lead to a loss of muscle. Others eat crap, lead chaotic lives that create chronic stress, have broken relationships, and are walking around like zombies on far too little sleep. Just as we can't make the mistake of confusing fitness for wellness, neither should we try to equate weight loss and health. Indeed, one study found that people who are obese yet physically fit (ie, they have a high VO2 max) had a mortality risk 1. It can also be futile to chase a health goal like lowering blood pressure, which often leads people to obsessively measure their activity, intake of certain foods, and, of course, their blood pressure. A study published in The Lancet found that while there's always a lot of media noise about the dangers of high blood pressure and billions of prescriptions are issued annually to manage it, grip strength was a stronger predictor of all-cause and cardiovascular mortality than systolic blood pressure. Hang-dry your clothes when you can and use dryer balls when you can't. Install a programmable thermostat. Look for the Energy Star label when buying new appliances. Winterize your home to prevent heat from escaping and try to keep it cool in the summer without an air conditioner. Take public transit. Ride a bike or advocate for bike lanes in your community. Car-share. Switch to an electric or hybrid vehicle. Fly less (if you do fly, make sure you offset your emissions). Eat more meat-free meals. It breaks down your psychological defenses and shatters your sense of security. Historically, when people have thoughts of trauma they think of situations such as a car accident or their home burning to the ground.