Pick ones that will work for you. Listen to positive podcasts, meditate, journal, exercise. Do what feels good to you. Hobbies are a great way to redirect your mental models. The concentration that it takes on something you love creates a calmness in the brain. Create a plan to improve your mental models in a more positive way and watch your life change for the better. Positive Thoughts It's not selfish, and you aren't getting more than anyone else. Her hand trembled as she opened the sock drawer. Felicia slid her hand under her socks until she found the bottle. She opened it and poured the pills into her hand. The words in her head screamed, I can't do this anymore, and when I'm dead, that miserable, evil man will be blamed! Felicia turned from the dresser to retrieve a glass of water from her bathroom, but she stopped cold, struck with a realization: Wait! How will they blame him if nobody knows what he did to me? Felicia pivoted to her bed. He'll get away with it. Wait! He'll do it to someone else. If you are depressed, contact your mental health professional. Many offer phone on online visits.

Teletherapy is increasingly common and can help those in need. If you think you have depression, you're not alone. Depression is a silent, crippling disease that can rob you of your energy, hope, and joy. It's often explained away by friends (you just have the blues, you'll be fine tomorrow) and misdiagnosed by doctors. Unfortunately, depression's harmful effects are very real. Sufferers often withdraw from social situations, struggle to maintain relationships, underperform at work, and take little pleasure in their favorite hobbies. It is especially tough to diagnose depression because it's different for every sufferer. The door is open for all of us to have all that we want, but we have to be willing to create the mental models and put in the work that it takes to get those things. Want to change your life financially, spiritually, and mentally? Create new mental models that serve you, not hinder you. Make new positive mental models that will change your life for the better. The comfort zone will always hinder you. Live big. Remember what Tony Robbins always says, Where focus flows energy will go. Meaning what you put your focus on you will get more of. You keep telling yourself and others that you are broke and don't have a pot to piss in. Yep, that's what will stick around you and consume your life. Like Valerie, that little girl at daycare who I'm sure is being messed with! Felicia had a sort of radar for girls who were being molested.

She furrowed her brow. Wait! If I'm gone, that cabron will go after Tia Maria's daughter, Juanita. I can't let that happen! Felicia sank onto her bed. She recounted the pills in her hand as she thought about how stuck she was. She murmured, I can't tell what Tio Tomas did, because my family would be ruined. I can't punish him, because he'd just find other victims. There is no blood test. Some depressed people can't climb out of bed in the morning while others have prestigious careers. Don't assume that your success on the field or in the boardroom means you don't have depression. It can strike anyone. If you suspect that you may be depressed, you should speak with a doctor or mental health expert. Try to improve your diet by eating more fish, veggies, olive oil, and turmeric. Cut out the sugar. Make sure you're getting enough sleep and speak to your doctor about an overnight evaluation for obstructive sleep apnea, especially if you snore. Consider cognitive behavioral therapy. After that, your next step is to try an antidepressant. Gratitude is the number one thing that will put a positive spin on everything. How could you not be grateful when you are thinking about all that you hold dear in your heart?

Your loved ones, kids, spouse, friends, the close parking space you got at the store. Every good thing is grateful. The negative things are grateful. They are teaching you a lesson and help you create a better life. Keep positive mental models. Yes, you will have bad days, and that is human but, don't stay that way keep moving forward to be better. Create mental models on a morning routine that will help you set the tone for the day. Meditate, read, journal, exercise. Bella, her dog, belly-crawled to Felicia and nuzzled her right arm. The woman hooked her arm around the big dog, pulled her close in a sideways hug, and cried, I can't find relief by ending all this mess. Can't, can't, can't, can't. The pain in Felicia's belly and chest rose to her head. Butterflies filled her chest, and her neck grew warm: rage. White-hot rage. Her phone sounded a text alert, and within seconds she heard her cousins' car in her driveway. She rose quickly, slid the pills back into the bottle, shoved it under her socks once more, and slammed the drawer closed. He ruined my life! I have to make him pay! While they offer little benefit for many people, they're fantastic for others. You won't know whether you're responsive to them until you try.

If all these treatments fail, you might be a candidate for ketamine therapy or ECT. In the right hands, ketamine treatment is remarkably successful and might offer you a long-term cure. Depression is a treatable disease. The good news is that therapies are improving by the day and hope is on the horizon. Get help. Don't suffer in silence. We have control over our health and happiness. Make time for yourself. I will repeat that. You have to MAKE time for yourself, or you will not take care of yourself. You will be busy taking care of everyone else. Think of it this way. You can't pour water out of an empty cup, right? You are not selfish for this. You are a better person, parent, friend, etc Filling your cup looks like a joy to you, whatever that means for you. Taking a walk in nature, crafts, writing, being with loved ones, being by yourself. But I CAN'T! Rhythmic knocking sounded at her front door.