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Spiritual practice. For many people, a spiritual life is to be found through their religious beliefs; Although spirituality can be part of a religion, it can also be seen as being distinct from religion. Spirituality is a relationship with something that connects you to a purpose in life; You can choose to define what that means for yourself, in whatever way feels most appropriate. People who are separated from their cultures may find that their shared spiritual beliefs and practices can provide connections with their cultural identity. Your own sense of spirituality might come from something as simple as the power of the ocean, the beauty of the sunset, or the enormity of a star-filled sky. Concepts such as beauty, music and creativity, imagination and peace, and the miracles of nature can all contribute to a sense of spirituality - to connecting with something profound, no matter how simple or awesome. Think about what you already do that makes you feel connected. When he met the Master, he could see something in his eyes that was different from any other priest or teacher. He radiated power and self-mastery; This man had lived and suffered. Hakuin was delighted when Shoju said he would accept him as a pupil, but his excitement soon turned to fear. During their first personal interview, Shoju asked him, How do you understand the koan (a Zen anecdote designed for instruction) about the Dog and the Buddha-Nature? No way to lay a hand or foot on that, Hakuin replied, imagining that was a clever response, at which point Shoju reached out and grabbed his nose, pushing it with a harsh twist and yelling in his face, Got a pretty good hand on it there! He held on tightly for several minutes, giving Hakuin a feeling of utter paralysis. Over the course of the next few days he endured more and more abuse. Shoju made him feel that all of his studies and traveling had taught him nothing. He could not say or do one right thing. Hunter sat taller in his chair and said, Jake, I know I've rubbed you the wrong way because I never had much use for that church junk--I mean--stuff.

If you wanna know the truth, I was a jerk because I thought you believed you were better than me. But now I see I was wrong about you. You were just as lost as I was. It's pretty cool to me that I had a part in helping you become unblind. Hey, guys, it looks like we rescued the rescuer. No one said anything in response, and when the silence lasted just a little too long, Dr Matt asked the group what they thought Hunter meant. Maybe the somewhat uncomfortable silence tells us something. What could it be that Hunter is trying to say? Patty's lips formed a grimace as if she had just swallowed nasty-tasting cough syrup. Perhaps it's playing a team sport, singing in a choir, gardening or being outside with nature, or being with thousands of others at a music festival. Get connected; Get creative - arts, music, and dance. Whenever illness is associated with loss of soul, the arts emerge spontaneously as remedies, soul medicine. Pairing art and medicine stimulates the creation of a discipline through which imagination treats itself and recycles its validity back to daily living. Professor Shaun McNiff, Expressive Therapies at Lesley University, Cambridge, MA We all have the ability to be creative. In fact, when you are absorbed in a creative activity, you're experiencing something known as flow'. <a href=''>When</a> you're in a state of flow, it's as if a water current is effortlessly carrying you along. <a href=''>Your</a> awareness merges with what you're doing and you are completelyin the moment'. Out of nowhere he would receive a blow or a gob of spit in his face.

He began to doubt every element of his previous knowledge, and he lived in complete terror of what Shoju would do next. Shoju gave him a series of the most difficult koans Hakuin had ever heard to ponder and discuss. He could not make heads or tails of them. His feelings of dejection and demoralization were reaching a breaking point, but knowing that persistence was important, he kept at it night and day. Soon he had doubts about Shoju himself, and entertained thoughts of leaving him in the near future. One day, feeling particularly agitated, he wandered into a nearby village, and without knowing why or how, he began to contemplate one of the thorniest koans Shoju had given him. Deep in thought, he strayed into the garden of a private house. The woman who lived there yelled at him to leave, but Hakuin seemed oblivious. Thinking he was a madman or a bandit she attacked him with a stick, knocking him hard to the ground. She sighed, We're all a bunch of snobs, thinkin' we have it better than the next guy--unless, of course, we really stop and take a close look at the next guy. But isn't that the price we pay for trying to be--she threw up air quotes--right'? <a href=''>Ben</a> made a face. <a href=''>I'm</a> not sure I get it. <a href=''>Jake</a> was lost without his beliefs, and now he has them back, because we helped him see. <a href=''>He</a> shrugged. <a href=''>What's</a> wrong with that? <a href=''>Darrell</a> and Hunter started to say something at the same time, and Darrell motioned Hunter to go ahead. <a href=''>Hunter</a> asked, You sure, man? <a href=''>Darrell</a> nodded, and Hunter continued, When Jake wasangry' that I didn't fit his version of righteous, it was because his version of righteous was dumb. Your thoughts are positive and in tune with what you're doing.

What art activities might you like doing? Sketching, clay modelling, scraparticleing? Know that when you need to bring together your mind, body, and environment, arts and crafts are activities where you can easily experience flow. Listening to or playing music, singing, and dancing can also provide a sense of flow. Music, singing, and dancing can provide a focus that can range from being totally energizing, to calming and relaxing. As with art, music and dancing can be a different language to express how you feel. Sing and dance with other people or sing in the shower and dance on your own in the kitchen. Make your own music; Sex can be pleasurable, fun, exciting, intimate, loving, and if you orgasm, can fill you with feel-good hormones. When he came to, minutes later, he suddenly felt different--he had finally penetrated to the core of Shoju's koan! He understood it from the inside out! It was alive within him! Everything fell into place and he was certain that he had finally reached enlightenment, the world appearing to him in a totally new guise. He began clapping his hands and screaming with delight. For the first time he felt the weight of all of his anxieties lifted from him. He ran all the way back to Shoju, who recognized right away what had happened to his pupil. This time the Master was gentle with him, stroking Hakuin's back with his fan. He finally revealed to his pupil his thoughts--from the first time they had met, he had recognized in Hakuin the necessary ingredients for true learning. He was fierce, determined, and hungry for enlightenment. It was only after he was able to bend a little bit that he learned true righteousness.

We helped him add compassion and mercy to how he sees what is right. The group looked at Hunter as if he was a ghost they didn't recognize. Darrell clarified, Yeah, Hunter is right on, man. Some of the worst racism I've seen is from people who think they are being--he held up air quotes--righteous. <a href=''>'</a> Like the Southern slave owners who proudly said,We teach our Negroes to read! ' Such people are so invested in being right that they can't see how they're putting others down. Hunter is just saying that our viewpoint from an oppressed position is what helped Jake improve his definition of what is right. Impressive logic, Hunter; you're smarter than you've been led to believe. There are risks attached to sex with other people if you don't take precautions to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections (STIs). If you are concerned that you may have an STI, do go and see your GP or local sexual health clinic. If you don't have or don't want a partner for sex, masturbation is an option and there are many products and sex toys on sale for sexual pleasure for both women and men. There may be times when your libido decreases - this can be due to age, psychological problems, stress, menopause, or illness. These times can pass. It's also OK not to want sex but it may be a problem if you are in a relationship with differing sexual appetities. You can seek support. As an envoy to the Church of England, Terry Waite travelled to Lebanon in the hope of securing the release of four hostages. He was himself kidnapped and held captive from 1987 to 1991. Speaking at EMDR Association's 2018 Conference in Liverpool, Terry said: The problem with all students, he said, is that they inevitably stop somewhere.