When you hear of relationship goals by standard what comes to mind. Traditionally life is set up by a pattern. Some agree, some disagree but we have all heard of the picket white fence mentality or formula. You know the one; That is the ideology of success for a lot of individuals to follow. What energy do you carry when you enter a room? Are you a person who brightens the room up upon entering? Or are you bringing in storm clouds? GOOO--Get Out of Office! One of the most effective ways to be a good leader is to get out of the office. A popular phrase is managing by wandering around. Sometimes we spend too much time in meetings or behind closed doors working on our own material we think is so important, but it may not be. The people in your organization make your organization work, and when you get out of the office you build relationships with your employees, in part because they actually see you. And when people see you several times a week, your words have more meaning and their trust in you increases. Another advantage is that you can listen better to what is going on with your employees and you are better able to give feedback on the spot. It ends when life ends. You can never 100% know yourself. That's the most important thing about self-knowledge. If you think you know yourself, you have a long way to go. People change.

If you commit yourself to a life of growth and freedom, you are not the person you were yesterday. Today is a new day. And today, you have the chance to be different. Some people don't look at life that way. They believe people cannot change. It awakens spiritual energy within us that begins the expansion of love in our lives. Identifying Blocks One practical result of our willingness is a raised awareness regarding how we may have become habituated to blocking love in our lives. Love can be blocked in many ways and on many levels. It is blocked by resentment, anger, fear, insecurity, and greed; And perhaps, more than anything else, we are blocked by our own limiting beliefs and expectations, some of which we identified in the What You Believe exercise earlier in this article. Perhaps we expect that we will never find love, that we don't deserve love, or that we have to earn love by good behavior or by looking or being a certain way. Or maybe we tell ourselves that we don't believe in love at all, that it's something for the movies but not for real life, and definitely not for us. Knowing what we believe and expect erroneously about love makes it easier to recognize when it bubbles up, and we can learn to dispel it with compassion, to shift our perspective, and to change our point of view. Our self-consciousness is another barrier to love. These observations suggest that our environment exerts a much stronger influence on disease development than do genetics alone. In fact, our environment can affect whether or not certain genes in our bodies get turned on. This is why a healthy gut is so important--because it can protect against environmental toxins that can lead to poor health. Antibiotics aren't the only substances that can throw our microbiomes off balance: what we eat matters, too. Our diet is among the leading influences on microbiome health.

Remember that party in your gut I referred to earlier? Well, imagine if you invited a bunch of guests to your home in the late afternoon--long after lunch and shortly before dinner--and only bothered to set out a few small bowls of snack mix. Chances are good that in short order, your guests would be hungry, possibly cranky, and might even behave badly! The same thing is true of the organisms in your gut: Unless you feed them properly, they will starve and become unable to perform their essential functions. Providing a favorite party food--lots and lots of fiber--will keep the guests in your gut quite happy. You're kidding yourself that the other world matters, that it's a space that can heal. Nothing has changed as a result of your meeting with the coyotes. How dare you trust in this world that has no existence, a particularly denigrating voice snarled at me. I left the office and went for a walk in the woods. I sat by a pond and watched the sunlight and water play with the images of trees and stones. I felt the pond's presence as a sweet forgiveness. When I returned to my office, there was a phone message from Michaela followed by an email: Dear Lorie, I had the wildest morning, which led to missing your appointment--and frantically trying to find a way to call to let you know, which I am so sorry didn't happen until too late! I am really sorry for missing the appointment and I do plan on paying for that. After we were engaged, no matter what happened, he loved me through it. When we married, he showed this kindness and friendship by working hard and sacrificing his time and resources to help me accomplish my own dreams and goals. He never hesitated to come through. He truly was my first gift towards healing! As my senior year of college sped by, I became even busier with school activities and a new job in the local hospital food service department.

By now I was the president of my college's nutrition association and enjoyed fun activities like catering for the artists and celebrities who performed on campus. All this activity created two things: distraction from processing through things inside me and more opportunity to learn proper nutrition and healthy coping skills with food. In His kindness, God patiently waited for me to come back to the things he had shown me and let him heal me. He also helped me with my food battles and exercise obsession. I found that I was getting tired of always punishing myself. The sooner you speak up and make your requirements and desires known to others, the sooner needy, selfish, self-absorbed people fade away because they quickly realize that you aren't going to be giving them what they want. Doing this saves a lot of time by narrowing the field to more egalitarian, independent, less-controlling people, whether acquaintances, friends, or companions. Respond to Your Own Needs As a former caretaker, you have wonderful skills for instantly and effectively responding to the needs, wishes, and feelings of others. You're probably not nearly as good at being self-responsive. How well do you take care of your physical needs? If you have chronic physical stress, pain, low energy, or lack of joy, you need to pay more attention to your physical needs. Common physical issues for caretakers are migraines, neck and back pain, indigestion, irritable bowel, muscle tension in the jaw, fatigue, and lethargy. These are all indicators of overstressing your body with anxiety, emotional pressure, worry, guilt, and fear without respite care and recovery. What does your body need from you to recover to its full level of health? It's like a blueprint to success from a traditional middle class standpoint. As life evolves such as articler to smartphones (a cpu in your pocket) so should relationships. So if you don't follow this blueprint for success in a traditional basic middle class family home does that mean you cannot find success in life or in a relationship? The major conflict is life! Everything doesn't always go as planned.

You may succeed in all these things but may have not followed the typical order of the blueprint. Adding to that, everyone finds happiness in different ways, things and value different social and tangible things. So what happens when you don't follow the rules (blueprint), does that mean you will not be not succeed? That's something to ponder on. Chemistry and Compatibility So get out of your office, visit with your colleagues, and continue to build those relationships. Tell Me What I Don't Want to Hear Often when I conduct seminars, people approach me and say, Eric, this information is great, but I can't tell my boss or my manager that, because they only want to hear what they want to hear. And that's a shame, because as the leader of your organization, you want to hear everything, not just what is nice or pleasant. Hearing everything allows you to take a proactive approach. Once while traveling, I was in a restaurant for lunch, and the owner working the cash register said, If you like our restaurant tell everybody, and if you don't like it, don't tell anyone. I thought, That's the dumbest thing I've heard all day. As the owner he should say, If you don't like something, I want to be the first to know. Most business owners want to know how to improve their businesses. When you essentially say, Just tell me what I want to know, you limit yourself for growth, for what you can accomplish, and the results you can see. This is simply who I am. That's a pessimistic way to look at life. The way I look at life, I was worse yesterday. I was weaker and had less knowledge. That's because I learn every day.