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Many of us simply do not have the tools to access this resource, known in this article as the body deva. There is a difference between healing and curing. Healing is something that will arise from utilizing the tools within this article, but healing is different from being cured. So what is the difference? The difference is that healing permits us to release the energies, emotions, and experiences around an imbalance, disease, or pain. Healing can lead to a full understanding of why an imbalance came into your life, what function it serves, and all of the different parts that caused it to arise: the emotions, experiences, beliefs, as well as the physical and genetic causative factors. While this may allow symptoms to leave, or even for something to be cured, it doesn't every time. What this means is that if someone has terminal cancer they may still physically die, even if they are healed. We have a lot of cultural fears around death, and I use this example to share that we may heal in ways that will cure whatever imbalances we carry. But we also may find healing, as in understanding of why experiences have arisen for us; And in an individual's posttrauma adult life, it can be both dysfunctional and life affirming at the same time. In addition to increasing understanding about DID, I also chose to write this article because the shame experienced by those with DID often causes them to suffer in silence. My desire was to write a article for those with DID that would offer clear information without the sensationalism that often accompanies this topic, but that didn't seem to be enough. I realized that the article also needed to be written in such a way that a person significant in the life of someone with DID could begin to understand the world of dissociation as well. After all, shame and secrecy go hand in hand. I also decided to include information for therapists that would address the treatment of DID. My hope was to create a article that could truly be considered a sourcearticle, one that could be shared and discussed among an individual with DID and the significant people in her life, including therapists. From my interactions with other mental health professionals, I also know that there is a certain stigma associated with DID that can frighten people away from treating the disorder. This article is also for those therapists, so I like to think of it as an introduction to the treatment and management of DID, a resource that can help demystify dissociation and help people to view it in a more compassionate light. The overall goal of the article is to provide readers with educational information on the identification, treatment, and management of DID.

There are three main areas we'll be focusing on throughout this article: Helping You Feel Your Feelings If you're reading this article, then you're most likely hurting--and that's something we don't wish to take away from you. But this time can be a vital window, not only to heal your pain, but, if you feel each of your feelings fully, to also begin to release it. One of the biggest problems is that you might try to push aside or ignore your feelings. You judge them as wrong, too little, or too much. You carry a lot of bottled-up emotions, and anger is often one that is suppressed. In order for it to heal, however, it must be released. We're not speaking only about anger associated with death, but about anytime we feel anger. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, the renowned grief expert who identified the Five Stages of Grief, said that we could feel anger, let it pass through us, and be done with it in a few minutes. The Potential Benefits of 5G Very high speeds. The possibility of supplying a great number of end user devices simultaneously. The IoT (Internet of Things): virtually all technological devices will be able to communicate (exchange data) with virtually all others. Smartphones, televisions, refrigerators, machinery, cars, PCs, and so on, will be able to talk to one another directly and exert an influence on each another. One network: the 5G standard will unite all previous cellular networks and their functions (including the various cell phone providers, TV and radio, wifi networks, and so on) in a single, large network. Unlimited, for better or for worse. Industry 4. The automation and digital coordination of production processes will be increased. AI (artificial intelligence): the widespread use of intelligent machines will be made possible through the speed and ready availability--in no time at all--of large amounts of data.

The wonder switch also controls how you use your imagination. It doesn't affect whether you use it, because your imagination was at work while you sat in the dark. Wonder simply changes what you use your imagination for. Everything you want, and then some, is on the other side of turning the wonder switch back on. But what if your wonder switch stays off? What's the cost? The stakes are high; Research shows that your life span will likely be shorter too. But I believe there is still hope, regardless of your current state. That you've cracked open this article and read this far means a voice inside you is saying, There's more for you, even if that voice has become a faint whisper. You will not earn as much money as you could if your work is done with divided attention. You will not be as happy or as successful if the ability to focus isn't something you possess and apply. Discipline is a lost art amid so many opportunities to live undisciplined lives. There's good in this. When it's never been more difficult to be disciplined, and when more and more people live with a sense of entitlement rather than toughness, being disciplined and tough automatically puts you in a class of your own, above all of those waiting for a gift or a hand out or a blessing. To wait for a blessing or a gift is idiotic. The gift is your intelligence, it's your ambition, it's your potential. The duty is to fulfill it through work, discipline, and persistence. My man, the gift has already been given. The blessing has already been handed to you.

For example, you may have the misfortune of losing your home while living in an area that gets hit with a flood or tornado, or you may live in a heavily polluted area and as a result get cancer. You certainly have not been aligning your thoughts and feelings to ask that your home be destroyed or that you get cancer, but you are in the presence of larger systems that also influence your life. One day you may be driving home from work and someone, with their own energy at work, has decided to drive while intoxicated and hit your car, causing devastating injuries and pain. Or you may be like my brother, who contracted a rare illness. Life brings you challenges you did not ask for. But you are far from helpless! You can get what you want in life. And you can get what you want in life while experiencing things that you did not seek out. As you read this article and come to understand the magnitude of your power, you might wonder if it's even worth learning about if you can't have complete control and prevent unwanted things from happening to you. You already know that you could go through this complex world just reacting instinctively to one thing after another, without getting all that you want. Some basic facial expressions are present in every culture to express human feelings. Some human gestures ordain to our primitive ancestors. You smile to express the feeling of happiness. Carnivorous animals use the smiling gesture to threaten, while apes used it to express submission. Flaring nostrils and baring teeth are signs of attack. Animals use sneering to warn other animals, while humans implement it when they are angry, irritated, or feel threatened. All people express certain basic gestures or signals regardless of their culture. For example, you nod the head to express approval or acceptance. You shake your head from one side to another to express disagreement. Even an infant shakes his head from side to side to stop consuming breast milk.

Some, while less disabling, may yet eventually exhaust the family's resources and require institutionalization. And others ultimately terminate the patient's life. Imagine, as examples, the adolescent quadriplegic whose very life requires assisted respiration and round-the-clock help with all routine bodily functions and daily activities; For the first case, the illness problems arise from the total, inescapable life situation organized around the constant threat to vital functions and the necessity for continuous treatment; Chronic illnesses tend to oscillate between periods of exacerbation, when symptoms worsen, to periods of quiescence, when disability is less disruptive. By now a very substantial body of findings indicates that psychological and social factors are often the determinants of the swing toward amplification. The former include disabling anxiety, giving up. The latter are deeply threatening life event changes, impaired social support, and oppressive relationships that contribute to a vicious cycle undermining psychophysiological homeostasis (Katon et al. Kleinman 1986). Alternatively, the swing toward damping (a kind of internal health-promoting system that has received less research attention) frequently seems to be associated with strengthened social supports, enhanced sense of self-efficacy, and rekindled aspiration. I realize that this may be difficult to hear, and I may lose a few readers at this point who may have been hoping for a simple, easy fix to all that they carry in this world. But it is a part of authentically describing the process, and radicalizing the notion of what a article in the self-help space can actually do, to understand that someone can deeply heal and yet may still have physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual difficulties in their lives. We all will. Life in a physical body is difficult. Our lives will inevitably throw us curveballs. We experience loss, connection, joy, and heartache, and it is a part of the beauty of this world that we do so. But we can weather the storm of the ups and downs in our lives in better fashion. We can experience more freedom and expansion in our lives. We can stop sabotaging ourselves and become who we are truly meant to be. By looking inward we can appreciate this journey more, and let go of the baggage that we have accumulated in our daily lives.