And the person who does not value and care for it, time hardly stands on the side of that person. Slowly, my views about my world began to turn around. No longer certain I was going to end up a cat lady in a studio apartment in Manhattan, new ideas sprung up within me as happy emotions began to show up. Letting go of what had been was like learning to shed an old layer of skin. I had grown fond of the calluses that had protected me so well, yet I could not ignore the thunderous wanting my soul had for connections to others. In spite of how hard I tried to get my soul to not want, with promise on the horizon, it was impossible to keep my soul asleep now. It was easier to stay detached from my mother's perceptions of me -- or the perceptions I assumed she had of the person I was -- since the ambulance corps was taking up much of my time now. Georgia requested that we spend at least three nights a week at the ambulance corps, practicing for the upcoming emergency response first aid competition. Karen, Casey, and I were spending more time together on the weekends, and in school we began to meet regularly for lunch in the cafeteria. I had a long way to go, but in a short time I had come far. Julia works with research teams to design future products and help companies prepare for the future. What many people don't know is that before Julia decided to be a futurist she was a professional barrel racer in the rodeo. We met up in an upscale Mexican restaurant in San Francisco. It was at the end of the workday so the room was abuzz with chatter. My job as a futurist is not to make predictions, Julia began. I spent enough hours in your classroom to know that. My job is to help companies and people prepare for the future. But there is one thing that as a futurist I can guarantee you with one hundred percent certainty, and that is that you are going to die. That person is always in shortage of time, and time never backs such a person. Without the aid of time, all other factors get dim and lose the sheen and gets the person into a negative loop of non-performance and low productivity.

So it is essential to learn all about how to manage time and productivity. It's necessary to be an expert on time management. Time management expertise plays a vital role in the growth and success of humans. If you know how to control and handle the time, you will manage all your primary and secondary level tasks easily. But if you do not know how to control and manage time, then all your life, you will not be able to do justice with work and colleagues and majorly with yourself, failing to perform most essential activities. It is crucial to have learned all the critical aspects of it. In this section, you will get all the expertise on it and know some of the best ways and techniques of managing time for effective performance. I didn't consciously understand at the time how courageous my little girl's heart was. Then, I was simply trying to find a way to squeeze myself into a world that had, in so many ways, in so few years, refused to let me in. By the time I was thirteen, I had resigned the rest of my life to a destiny of aloneness. Life had left me breathless, disillusioned as well as disgusted. Hurt more times than I cared to remember, my battered soul needed to rest. My mind could not have been more stupefied by the resiliency of my being's soul as it awoke once more for a chance at feeling love. When she invited me, a shiver of self-doubt ran frantically up and down my spine. As someone who thinks about the future and prepares people for it, what do you tell them? I start by saying that I care deeply about what that unknown future might do to you personally or your family and loved ones. But if you really think about it and ask yourself the hard question 'What's the worst that can happen? If you take a big problem that's stressing you out and ask 'What is the worst that can happen? Well then, Julia said, rubbing her hands together. You will learn how to minimize the wastage of time and learn how to add time to your daily routine by judiciously using it in the most efficient manner with essential techniques of time management.

It will help you have more time in your kitty, which will turn your life into an abundant source of productivity and time. The first and foremost major thing in time management is identifying the leakages. Once the leakage is identified, then one by one, you can overcome those leakages by applying various skills and techniques. The important thing here is to find and learn to identify those habits and activities that make your time run like a bullet, while making you grossly unproductive. These time killers are knowingly or unknowingly wasting your time massively, which is an essential and scarce resource for activity fulfilment. Unlearning these habits and arresting these time-killing activities is of the utmost importance to reacquiring control in your life. Everybody is a party to kill time somehow, but the important part is that these things have to be identified and taken control of to lead a life full of time and productivity. You will now learn more about these time killers, one by one, that are taking most of your chances unknowingly. I was apprehensive about attending, because girls I didn't know were going to be there. I had just recently begun to settle into my new friendships with her and Karen. I was anxious about meeting her other friends and having to spend an entire night with them. I walked into Casey's house feeling like a turtle who had its neck stuck out from inside its shell. I was grateful, however, that I didn't feel like a warrior who needed to take up a shield. I'd learned that being quiet was effective at easing my anxiety. When I wasn't talking, I wasn't revealing any of my vulnerabilities; Silence was golden, I discovered, and silent I was as Casey's friends came to the door one by one, sleeping bags and pillows tucked neatly under their arms. There was one girl in the bunch who was quite funny. You entered into this life knowing that you will die. Whether or not you like to think about it, or admit it, it is a fact. It's an overwhelming fear for most people, I said.

When you think about overwhelming fear, there's a way to deal with it, Julia said. Sometimes, things are not just started because of indecisiveness. Confusion of doing something or not doing it, executing the plan or not, taking a deal or not, or deciding which aspect of a project to work on first. There are hundreds of such things that block your mind and decision-making and waste lots and lots of time. If you become decisive and take prompt and careful decisions, it is one of the best and simplest ways of saving time. It sometimes takes more time to decide whether to do the task than doing it. You need to think on your feet and make careful and quick decisions to save time, instead of sitting on it with indecisiveness. Identify and note down every aspect of your life where you are not decisive and unable to make decisions. From the moment she arrived, she was poking fun at herself in a way that had us all in stitches. She was a chubby girl who wore glasses and had extensive acne. I was bowled over by how open this girl named Rosey was about her flaws. At first I was taken aback by her self-deprecating humor. As one routinely swamped by fear of having a flaw exposed, I was struck and almost disoriented by Rosey's way of pointing out what was not perfect about herself. Rosey's nature was fun-loving, but in her I sensed deep wounds she was trying to heal -- or perhaps expose before anyone else had a chance to. Terribly self-conscious, I had what I considered to be an enormous pimple hiding in the hairline of one of my eyebrows. I worried for two days before the party whether or not any of these girls I didn't even know would notice it. And here Rosey was calling herself names like crater face and dimple thighs in front of strangers. If you're faced with a fearful future where death is one of the possibilities, ask yourself these two things: 'What is the worst that can happen? To use the example of flying, you are not the pilot, you don't have control over the plane. But you do have control over your emotions during the flight and possibly, if this is the way things unfold, the way you handle your death.

I like to think of it as death with mental dignity. I was just talking with another futurist who had a similar view, I said, mentioning Richard. He says that you have control over the last thing you see. And that gives you control over how you handle it, she affirmed. Format Resource One : Indecisive & Pending List Work Format Write down all the things that you have been lingering on and not able to decide in the last whole year. One of the biggest time killers is lack of planning in our tasks and activities performed; A little plan beforehand can save months and months of hard work and resources and be the differentiator between your failure and success. Anything done without proper planning will be a great time-waster. At each step, there will be a hindrance and stoparticle in work with ample time wastage. Let's suppose you started working on a project, and it starts without proper preparation and planning. In some time, the repercussions will be such that since no adequate planning and future thinking has been made, the people working on the project will not know the proper flow and steps to follow as they do not know what kind of problems can come and how to resolve them. Whenever you encounter an issue, you will have to look out for the solution that is not known and planned, which will turn into a vast time-wasting activity. Eventually I learned to laugh along with the other girls at Rosey's humor. But I couldn't escape the feeling that in poking fun at herself, Rosey was masking pain. By the night's end, Rosey and I had become friends. It was unexpected, for sure, but not without proper reason. On a heart level, however, she and I were more alike than we seemed. Rosey and I both carried deep wounds we needed to protect from further injury. Unlike Rosey, who had decided it hurt less to make fun of her flaws before anyone else did, I, on the other hand, believed in keeping my flaws a secret.