Isn't it fun being a little different! I suppose that's what makes life cool. Imagine going through life without Having different perspectives. That is why the name of this article wasn't chosen by any of it. How we gain perspective Is through experience, and when we obtain these experiences our perspectives may also change. Recruiting and Retaining Generation Y The first way that a business can recruit Generation Y workers is to be a great company with a great brand. The best way to retain them is to be an employer of choice. People from Generation Y choose their employers like the brand of clothes they wear. They want to be proud of the company so that they can tell their friends and associate with those of influence. Another great way to recruit and retain Generation Yers is to take a look at your current management staff. How good are your managers? If you want to retain the best Generation Y talent, you must have managers who can scout talent as well as develop people. In scouting talent, determine that your management staff is a good judge of talent. This step should never be overlooked. A free person does what he or she wants. Not because people expect you to do something. The people in our lives who have high expectations of us are not to blame. They are brought up that way. They don't know any better.

But you do. You want to be free of it all. Freedom (n. To expect nothing. To depend on nothing. Observe your reaction to the picture, your possible inclination to judge, to criticize, or to second-guess. Imagine what it might be like to be this person, how it might feel to be inside his body, her face. Imagine him/her trying really hard to be liked, longing for love, and feeling insecure and afraid. Feel compassion for the ways this individual may have suffered in his or her life. And then, in parting, send the person love and blessings, in whatever manner feels right to you. Repeat the exercise with each of the three remaining pictures. Understanding and appreciating that as human beings, we all suffer with spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical aches and pains, insecurities, unfulfilled hopes and dreams, and our share of grief and loss, it becomes easier to have compassion for each other. Not one of us is immune to these things, no matter how shiny and bright our exteriors may appear. And recognizing the vulnerability in all of us makes for a kinder and gentler path through life. This is the way of shared experience and connection. In such a situation, the brain and immune system communicate with each other to recruit microglia and activate healing. Here, neuroinflammation is highly beneficial and neuroprotective, rather than destructive. Chronic inflammation, on the other hand, can occur when the CNS immune response stops self-regulating, creating a perpetual cycle that can lead to neurodegeneration. Neuroinflammation can occur through many inflammatory pathways. The type of immune cells that create the inflammation related to MS, for instance, are different from the type that cause Alzheimer's disease and dementia, although the end result is the same.

The technical differences lie in the specific types of immune cells and cytokines that are triggered. These scientific nuances are mainly a concern to researchers and physicians. The take-home message for people with MS and their loved ones is that because the biochemical reactions occurring in MS are significantly different from those triggered in other autoimmune inflammatory diseases, treatment protocols may differ between diseases. Speaking of triggers, let's take a closer look at some of the causes of neuroinflammation and the major mechanisms by which it occurs. We'll also examine some natural remedies and other pioneering approaches that hold promise as emerging therapies to address neuroinflammation and demyelination. However, in the early years of the twentieth century, Freud's renegade student, psychiatrist and psychic explorer C. Jung, came across the concept of an inner spiritual light innate to all human beings in his studies of Eastern philosophy. The idea captivated him and helped him to understand things he was observing in his own personal inner process as well as in his clinical work with patients. Jung observed that as people delved into their own unconscious, learned to listen to their dreams, and trusted the wisdom of their imagination as well as the perplexing obsessions, body symptoms, coincidences, and apparent accidents that brought them into analysis, they discovered a kind of inner guidance that gave a new orientation to their life. Although this inner guidance did not always direct people in ways that made sense or were in keeping with conventional attitudes and values, it always led them in a direction of healing, vitality, and an increase in integrity with their own inner truth, which in turn fostered their creative engagement with the world around them. As Jung researched further into ancient Eastern and Western texts, he found that what he was witnessing in his patients--this phenomenon of an inner guidance and organizing principle--wasn't a new concept. It was something that was recognized and documented by alchemists and mystics over thousands of years. The idea of a Self that connects with and emanates the light of spirit became the defining focus and hallmark of Jung's work and the psychology he developed throughout his lifetime. In fact, Jung's final, definitive severing of his connection to Freud was caused by his belief that a spiritual impulse to manifest the Self rather than the physical instinct to procreate and survive is the central driving force of a human life. The work of Alchemical Healing follows in the footsteps of the ancient mystics and alchemists as well as the radical position of C. And Baby Makes Three Honestly, the idea of being a mother terrified me because I felt like I had just found my purpose. I thought having a child would sideline me from everything that mattered--which at the time was my career. While I feared surrendering my job and everything I had worked for, I also felt God's call on my heart to trust and obey Him. When I finally gave in and said yes to His plan, I didn't fully surrender.

In fact, I took control and tried to make things happen. Funny how, even as God teaches us amazing truths, we forget them in the everyday moments of life. I should have known by then that God does what is best in His timing--not my own. Jonathan and God quickly reminded me that I was not in charge and I needed to take a back seat. When I finally got the message, I relinquished control and assumed that getting pregnant would take a while. Being unsuccessful is simply a fact and is rarely total. Some part of anything that you do is going to be successful. It just didn't turn out completely the way you wanted or expected. Post-It Notes are the result of an unsuccessful experiment. The 3M Company was looking for a new kind of glue and ended up with this less-than-effective semisticky substance. Figuring out what to do with the results turned the catastrophe into an amazingly useful and lucrative product. Not succeeding at what you expected simply means that you've learned something, which applied creatively, might eventually make your life better. Fear of success is harder to visualize. It is correlated to procrastination, hesitancy, not feeling deserving, and believing you're not good enough. Fear of success is evident when you worry about what you'll have to live up to or be called on to do next. I think the problem, well I cant say its a problem because that my perspectivelol lets say the issue. Well I feel the major issue is this. People have these obstacles and experiences but a lot of time they react the way that they do, or heal etc , then after the storm they carry on life like they always did previously. You should learn from your mistakes, there is nothing wrong with making them, we are mammals. We are human, we run off our instincts and emotions.

People tend to make the same mistakes over and over without receiving the lesson that should have been brought out of eternity into your skull! Let's say I have a job that I love. I go to it everyday, do my task whatever it may be. Then one day I get fired from that job. I'm heartbroken and I don't have income. An excellent guide to follow is to examine how consistently well-performing sports teams scout for good talent. I'd rather have a lot of good talent and a little experience than a lot of experience and a little talent. Ultimately, the manager will be working with your new hire. You have to help that manager identify key types of talent pertinent to your job and industry. These days, human resources (HR) plays too much of a role in hiring new people. Managers should have the majority vote, because they will be responsible for developing and working with new hires. It is in developing talent that your manager will be transformed from manager to coach/teacher. Generation Yers grew up with coaches and teachers in sports and other activities, and just because someone has a title or specific role doesn't mean anything. This population wants actual results. Ask yourself, Can my managers coach people? We Avoid Pain So much of our time is dedicated to avoiding discomfort, pain, and suffering. We believe that's what we're supposed to do. It's a naive idea that has no foundation. When we look at life, we can't deny that it's not always fun.