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If it's to the point where you just HAVE to do it, you're probably ready. On top of that, I didn't fall for the mistake I made with tennis. With tennis, I always had these giant visions of myself playing at Wimbledon and creating a money-making career out of the sport. But, without the intense obsession (article 5), the realistic expectation-setting (article 4) or the motivating environment to work my ass off (article 6), this couldn't be possible. I didn't have people cheering me on to be a phenomenal tennis player! I didn't eat, sleep and play tennis every single day, like the actual professionals would've done. I was unknowingly setting myself up to fail and be disappointed. For jazz piano, I knew from the beginning that there would never be a chance that I could become a big name in the jazz music genre. Mine sits on a shelf. So when I get into my fear and realize it, I put it down on paper and say this, I turn it over to you. And sometime during the day I will make sure it gets to the God Box. Many women in recovery use a God Box; It can be as simple as a shoebox or as fancy as a specially chosen decorative box. It's designated as the repository for those thoughts you know you can no longer carry and still maintain your health. You simply write down your thoughts and put them in the God Box. In this way, you turn your worry over to your Higher Power. Ruminating and preoccupation are both understandable and yet immobilizing. As natural as this behavior is, remember you are only hurting yourself with it. We hope that after reading the information presented here, you will become a real nutrition label detective, reading and evaluating all of the ingredients in any packaged food before you purchase it. Part of the problem is that we have lost that connection with our food.

Many city dwellers in America today haven't seen how fresh food is grown. We often don't know how foods grow in their native climates. Most of us definitely do not grow our own. Home-cooked meals made with fresh ingredients are rarities in many households. We rely on packaged foods, restaurant meals, and fast food. We also expect the government and food industry to protect us from potentially harmful ingredients. But are they really protecting us? In eating mostly processed foods, we are regularly exposed to food products that are not natural to the human body, including My goals were realistic, and I was happy with them. I understood that this goal of mastery with jazz piano wouldn't happen in less than five years. That's why I committed to 3 hours per week instead of 10 hours per week. I knew from the beginning that, if I just kept at it for 3 hours per week, I would get better and better and better. It's so simple, yet, everyday citizens of Earth decide to do new things all the time. After a day. We lose our pace, maybe try a couple times to recover, to no avail, and then, eventually quit altogether. Then we justify this decision to quit. We say things like, You know, this isn't really for me. How about this. It is as if you are drinking poison and hoping the other person will die. When you find yourself ruminating or projecting, ask yourself, What can I do about this right now?

Is there action I can take? A decision I can make? Something tangible I can accomplish at the moment? If so, do it. If not, let the problem go for the moment. You can do that with the help of prayer, deep breathing, meditation, and support. Keep your head where your feet are--together in the present. Then get focused on other aspects of your life. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) GMOs are plants or animals that have been genetically altered by inserting genes from foreign bacteria, viruses, insects, and other sources into the DNA of the host plant or animal. Originally introduced into our food supply in the 1990s, GMOs in plants typically are genetic modifications that allow the plant to either withstand heavy applications of pesticides or actually produce pesticides in the plant itself. The inserted genes are from living organisms that have different DNA from the original food or animal. There has been no requirement by the government for any testing to prove the safety of genetically modified foods for human consumption. We have only the manufacturer's claim that these foods are safe for human consumption. In the United States, we currently have no labeling laws requiring food manufacturers to label GMO foods, so you do not even know when you are consuming a genetically altered product. The majority of corn and soy produced in America is genetically modified. The main upside to GMO crops is that we have created a more durable product that can potentially increase the yield of food. This is an important benefit for a rapidly growing world population. During Jim Stovall's public speaking engagements, he talks about this one-size-fits-all excuse to life. For anything we want to do in life, there is just one excuse that is actually plausible.

While we can psych ourselves into believing there are no excuses, he actually gives us one excuse we can use to get us out of anything. Here's what he would say at a public speaking engagement: (Quote posters in my apartment) Here's the one size fits all excuse for all situations where any area of existence isn't going the way you want it to go; `I guess I really didn't want it that bad. I have this quote hanging on my wall (see article 181) with many other posters of quotes and influential figures. I want to frequently remind myself that it's really as simple as saying, I didn't really want to do it. It pisses me off, but at the same time, it's brutally true. Get ready for work, make needed appointments, exercise, or finish a project. With specific recovery practices and support, you can quiet your obsessive thinking. Calming the Emotional Brain It's an understatement that this has been a painful journey. But as with any trauma and its consequences, it does not need to be a life sentence. No matter how deep or painful your trauma may be, healing is possible. I know this because I have seen it many times. This healing begins with inner stability. You need to find ways to soothe yourself and feel safe in your own skin. Grounding practices help you to manage your feelings, both when you experience pain in the present and when you examine painful events of the past. However, there is significant concern that genetically altering food affects how our bodies deal with it, creating inflammation and triggering chronic illness. A variety of animal studies implicate GMOs as potential health hazards, but very few human studies have been completed.

One human study, completed in Canada in 2011, discovered some of the pesticides associated with GMO foods were found in the blood of both pregnant and nonpregnant women in Canada. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine suggested to its members in 2008 that they educate their patients about the potential health dangers of GMOs. This can be done by choosing organic foods. The most common genetically modified foods are corn, soybeans, and canola and cottonseed oils. Tomatoes and potatoes are also often genetically modified, as well as papaya. YOUR PRESCRIPTION COMMIT TO ELIMINATION Know you can do this. If a guy who turned blind at the age of 25 was able to become an Olympic weightlifting champion, write a hugely successful article, turn it into a major motion picture and create an impactful life for himself, what's to say that we can't? Who gets in the way of our ability to build a life we actually like living? Oh yeah, ourselves. There's no secret to this, readers. Everyone we've read about in this article bought into the same narrative. Whatever cause or life change they wanted to make, they wanted it enough to make it happen. Their empathy and compassion was so undeniable that they couldn't live with themselves anymore. They had to take some kind of action. They had to quit associating with the wrong friends. They had to stop their addictions. They are not rocket science, they are learnable, tried-and-true tools to help your nervous system regulate and limbic system become calm. You may already practice some of them.