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There's no rule that says you have to win the championship to advance from GT4 to GT3. Nor is there a rule saying you have to spend a year in a given league before moving up. That's just the way people did it. Instead, DHH compressed what normally takes five to seven years of hard work into 18 months of smart work. And then when kids do get downtime, they may well spend it in front of a screen, rather than rejuvenating their Soothing systems. It's generally much better for kids to spend time engaged in free play, unsupervised by adults, which is vital to their healthy emotional, social and intellectual development. In the tapestry of childhood, it's not computer games and expensive presents your child will most remember, but the repeated threads and rituals individual to your family,71 like the family dinners, nature walks, card games and bedtime stories. If you can, take time aside every day to do something which grounds you as a family. These few minutes will reward you all richly. Too much information More than ever before, today's children must contend with overexposure to a continuous stream of bad-news stories, such as terrorist attacks, natural disasters and the exploits of less-than-savoury world leaders. They see the shock, anxiety and sadness this causes their loved ones as they constantly check the news on their devices, and they can't but internalise some of this distress. It's a lot for a developing brain to take in. All of us, children included, go through life believing the world is a safe enough place, otherwise we'd never set foot outside the front door. yeses' challenge the ability to think clearly and rationally. <a href=''>They</a> can impact the delivery of major goals and milestones. <a href=''>It</a> may actually mean we move towards our vision in first gear instead of fifth because we've taken a detour off track, around the back of all the trees. <a href=''>I</a> can still remember sitting down with my mentor, Matt Church, a few years ago debating the various options available to me in terms of where to take my business next. <a href=''>I</a> was sharing other people's opinions, what existing clients wanted and bigger picture plans A, B and C -- all of which looked mightily attractive. <a href=''>He</a> looked at me calmly and said,Janine, just because you can doesn't mean you should'.

What he was advising me to do was align my yeses' to my bigger picture vision and to be courageous enough to sayno' to some good-lookin' opportunities that weren't going to get me closer to my end goal. As American author Darren Hardy explains in a Success magazine article titled `Success is not about what you DO. Hardy is right. Successful people know how to put a big fat strike through the non-essentials: they deflect low-priority work and decisions; Although this method is a suggestive therapy, it has a significant medical effect, as it mobilizes the yang energy in the body and enables the immune system to play its role. I know many cancer patients who have recovered due to their successful mobilization of the yang energy in their bodies. If you fall sick, you can use this sort of suggestive therapy. When you have mobilized your entire immune system, you will become extremely tenacious. Then, what does it matter if you have a few little cancer cells? Simple Food Therapies Three White Ingredients According to the ancients, heaven has three treasures, the sun, the moon, and the stars, and the earth has three treasures, water, fire, and wind. A human similarly has three treasures, the essence of life, vital energy, and spirit. This means that the essence of life, vital energy, and spirit are crucial to our state of life, and as long as we have enough of them, we will naturally be healthy and have a long life. But alpha is still a wonderfully calming brain wave. Doesn't a 10-minute alpha brain wave session sound like a restorative rest after a long day at work? When placed on the delta brain wave setting, AVE can help you fall asleep naturally. As you know, the brain moves from fast to slow brain waves as it's falling asleep--from beta to alpha to theta to delta. Theta is the brain wave of dreams. Delta is the brain wave of deep, dreamless sleep.

Restorative sleep should have both theta and delta brain waves. Theta is already present every night when you dream. Isn't it magical that you don't have to wait for dreamtime to call upon this deeply creative state? You can now invite it into your brain whenever you'd like. Getting fewer hours sleep can become a serious problem among the older generation. The reduction in sleep time leads to impaired mood and fewer hours spent in physical activity. In turn, older people may spend less time socializing with others (exacerbating psychiatric problems) and will find that their airways can weaken through lack of exercise, which only makes worse any sleep-related breathing disorders (see pp. Getting help Many older people don't report their sleep problems to their doctor, considering it a normal sign of ageing. I've also found that older people are more likely to self-medicate, using over-the-counter sleep aids, or an alcoholic nightcap. It probably goes without saying that I recommend neither of these. Instead, it's important to work with your body, age and stage of life to optimize your sleeping hours. Keep to a regular schedule - get up at the same time each day, try to spend at least 30 minutes in physical activity (walking and doing the cleaning or gardening all count), and go out and get as much natural light as you can. Late afternoon and early evening are good times to be outdoors. Once a week Try to do it right away. If you haven't done it within a month, consider how much you really need to keep that piece if you can do without it for so long. Don't just stuff odd socks in the drawer and hope they will sort it out among themselves. Once a month Sort through your bedlinen and move on anything stained, ripped or otherwise past its best.

Linen and blankets that aren't suitable for donating can be put in council textile recycling bins, though they don't take old duvets or pillows, which should be put out with the household waste. Every three to six months Get rid of anything you think isn't worth the trouble and, if you have room, store out-of-season clothes elsewhere, so they don't crowd out the things you wear every day. Once a year Clip tightly or fill to the top--don't leave an air gap. Use rigid food containers for soups and liquids. Foods that don't freeze well: MAKE A SALAD DRESSING You will need good quality olive oil, white wine vinegar or lemon juice, salt, Dijon mustard, runny honey and a clean, empty jam jar with a lid. This dressing will go well with any kind of leaf or raw vegetable salad; As a base, use three parts olive oil to one part white wine vinegar or lemon juice and put these into the jar. The oil coats the salad ingredients and the acid in the vinegar or lemon cuts through the oiliness and adds zing. Add a pinch of salt, half a teaspoon of Dijon mustard and half a teaspoon of runny honey. If you don't have honey, dissolve half a teaspoon of sugar in a tiny amount of boiling water. When you are sad, it shows in the way you stand or the way you slouch. If you are happy, you act and create a very different type of posture. Your mind and what it is experiencing are displayed in your body. You can tell that someone is sorrowful by the way they carry their bodies and their body language. The earliest yogis, who first gave yoga poses the attention they deserve, thought, If the mind can influence the body, can the body influence the mind? Can we reverse this pattern?

Can we stand and sit a certain way? Can we change our posture? Will this change our minds? Can we create purity in our bodies? Which method should you use? This depends. The only way to know which one works best for you is to try them all out. I encourage you to test each method for a week and see which one works best for you. Note that it may also depend on the tasks you perform. For instance, for a task that requires a great deal of creativity, perhaps working in blocks of 75 to 90 minutes might be best as it will give you more time to enter the flow. Alternatively, for tasks that require minimal concentration, working in blocks of twenty-five minutes might be more effective. Action step Referring to your action guide, experiment with the different work techniques and choose the one that works best for you. Destroying the Shiny Object Syndrome I invited him to sit down with me and analyze his thinking-talents map, to discover what was contributing to his stress. He hovered over the desk and pointed to the obvious: There were no talents in the innovative domain. Because he had taken numerous training programs in strategic analysis and action planning, he had skills in this area, but skills are not talents, and they didn't prevent him from worrying. This empty quadrant was Nick's blind spot, causing him to be like a car driving in the night without high beams, veering helter-skelter in the dark, worrying endlessly about every possible negative outcome. I asked him to draw a pie chart representing how he spent his time at work. He divided it into sections that showed the kinds of tasks he did on a typical day.