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If you want your child to learn how to eat with manners, bring your manners to the table you share with her. If you tell her to be polite but spend the entire meal nagging her, why would she value your advice? If your child sees rude behavior in you, she copies the rude behavior. Demonstrate how well mannered people behave. Demonstrate how well mannered people have a happier life. OVERCOME YOUR HESITATION AND START DATING Behavioral science warns us of the dreaded intention-action gap, when we intend to do something but don't take the steps to make it happen. Your intention is to start dating. But you may get stuck in the gap between wanting to date and doing it. To help you get started, here are some techniques from the behavioral science toolkit. They worked for Jing, who, after a number of bumbling first dates and a handful of slightly less awkward second, third, and fourth ones, entered into a relationship with her first boyfriend. Step 1: Make a deadline. Deadlines are one of the most efficient ways to motivate someone to take action. Short deadlines work especially well. Imagine you get an email from your bank telling you to change your password. Nothing haunted him, and he wasn't having flashbacks. The diagnosis didn't feel right, but what did he know? The doctors also told him that he had suffered a number of traumatic brain injuries. Part of Andrew's work was to set up explosives. In his ten years, he had been knocked unconscious only once, but he had been present for thousands of explosions.

The doctors didn't have many answers, but they put him on more medication. Andrew continued to deteriorate. Forced to medically retire, Andrew's dream life had twisted into a nightmare. He wasn't sleeping or eating well. His doctors told him that his wife would have to take care of him for the rest of his life. This is what convinces her that your advice is worthy. When spirit decides that the Earth journey is timely, it moves into the ideas that represent nourishment. Eating is the newborn's first reminder of this concept. Therefore, the more satisfying she finds this function when she is young, the more satisfaction she finds in the functions that follow. If your child is experiencing ferocious sibling rivalry, she feels unable to get enough attention without that rivalry. Therefore, she is fighting for what she believes is a limited supply of love. In her fear of being denied that love, she worries that she isn't worthy enough to receive it--especially if another sibling is getting what she is not. Where does your child get the idea that she isn't worthy of receiving more love from you? Well, perhaps when she heard you say, why can't you be more like your brother or your sister? If she hears that kind of criticism, why wouldn't she suspect that she is missing an asset that you think is important? They don't provide a deadline. How likely are you to do it? You might intend to change it, but since it seems like you can do it anytime, you'll likely forget about it before taking action. You'll fall into the intention-action gap. Now imagine your bank emails you and says, Change your password by the end of the day.

In this case, you have a short, concrete deadline. To avoid missing it, you're likely to either change your password immediately or set aside specific time later in the day to do it. Either way, with the short deadline, you're far more likely to take action. Researchers have studied the effects of the well-timed deadline--short while still doable. Behavioral scientists Suzanne Shu and Ayelet Gneezy looked at how often people redeemed gift certificates to a bakery. They advised him to bring a pen and paper wherever he went--that's how bad his memory was. Some days, he couldn't remember how to drive home. Then there was the uncontrollable, spontaneous rage. Normal interactions would quickly turn into arguments or physical fights. He would get so wound up that he would go upstairs and lock himself in his bedroom closet. He'd lay in the fetal position, sometimes for hours, until the energy and rage had subsided. One day, he was yelling at one of his kids, but he didn't remember what was going on. When he came to, all he saw was the horrified look on his child's face. A number of guys in his special force's community had died by suicide, and Andrew had never understood why on earth these tried-and-true warriors would ever choose that path. For the first time ever, Andrew thought that maybe life would be better for his family if he removed himself from the equation forever. The only challenge that is harder for a child to deal with than being compared to someone inside the family is being compared to someone outside the family. It's hard enough to be told she doesn't measure up to a sibling. But to be told that she doesn't measure up to an acquaintance, or even a stranger, is to face an impossible equation. How can she live up to a standard she can't even see to know what it is? What does a child do in this predicament?

She tries even harder to get your approval. As nerve wracking as it is to cope with children who feel denied of loving approval, it is healthier for them to be disruptive than to hold onto their pain and not express it. At least by acting out their feelings, they release the tension inside their bodies. As you make comparisons that undermine a child's right to individual priorities, you suffer the consequences. The more you compare one child to another, the more exasperation you receive. When the certificate was good for two months, fewer than 10 percent of people redeemed it for a pastry. In the first scenario, people held off on taking the action because they figured they could do it later. With the shorter deadline, people were more aware that they could miss the window, so they took more immediate action. Hesitaters, it's time to set a deadline for when you're going to start dating. I suggest three weeks from now. That's enough time to do what you need to do first--the pre-dating work I've listed below--but not so long that you lose momentum. Step 2: Prep. Once you've set the deadline, start doing the pre-dating work. Download the apps. Assemble a few solid date outfits. He stopped just in the nick of time, realizing how much more pain and harm he would cause to his wife and children. He couldn't do that to them, but he also couldn't keep living like this. He needed help different from what he was receiving, but what and where would he find it? We live in a culture of trauma. It's always humming in the background, but most people are moving too fast to see it.

Be more productive and efficient. Shove more doing into our days. In this hurried and harried culture, we've lost our connection between our inner and outer worlds. Unresolved trauma closes us off from the internal experience of noticing what's happening inside our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls. Our inner world is our compass for navigating the external physical reality. This is your child's way of reminding you that whoever she is, is the person she longs to be. If who she is, is fine with her, why isn't it fine with you? She accepts that you are the person you long to be and, of course, she wants to know why her choice is any less valid than yours. On the other hand, if she senses your approval of her and what she has to offer, she basks in your reflection and feels no need to compete. Do you show her that she is loved for who she is? Do you accept her interests? Do you thank her for his kindnesses? Do you delight in her talents? Do you enjoy her personality? What is your attitude regarding the population in general? Consider going to an improv class to learn how to listen carefully and play well with others. Pay attention the next time you're having dinner with a friend: How much are you focusing inward (How am I coming across? And if you've been out of the dating game for a while: Take some flattering photos. I had a client who was terrified of online dating. She'd always say, I just don't have good photos for my profile.