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Thus began the era of speech. The mouth mutated as a natural outcome of using that part of the face so frequently in order to be understood that, eventually, it opened up from constant usage. This mutation solved the need for better interaction, but it was not a substitute for the rampant loss of memory. As the memory of your holiness dimmed, the light of your body dimmed to reflect that loss. As the light of your body dimmed, the vibration of your body lowered. The more options you have to choose from, the more chances you have to feel regret about your selection. This can even lead to feelings of depression. In this case, more is less--or at least less fulfilling. I've worked with all kinds of daters. I know that not everyone experiences the paradox of choice in dating. It depends on factors like race, age, gender, orientation, and location, which all affect the size of your dating pool. Remember, the point of a dating app is to go out on an actual date, not to spend all of your evenings swiping. Issue #5: When we see only a rough sketch of someone, we fill in the gaps with flattering details. We create an unrealistic fantasy of this person, which ultimately leaves us disappointed. In Clueless, one of my all-time favorite movies, Tai, the new girl, asks Cher, the most popular girl in school, what she thinks about their classmate Amber. What Is the New Moon and Full Moon Blended Wish Method? Whereas most astrologers read the flow of all things primarily through Sun signs, I use the Moon as my lens. This is the key difference between common astrology and my brand of astrology, which I call Lunalogy. Lunalogy is a method for attracting good fortune through the Moon, and it consists of three elements: Personal Moon Sign

Your personal Moon sign reflects your innate gravity--the power to attract things into your life. It is your Moon sign, not your Sun sign, that attracts all things that lead to happiness, such as career and romantic opportunities, true callings, sources of income, and soul mates. Because of the Moon's gravitational pull. My theory is that making the most out of your personal Moon sign is the key to finding good fortune and happiness. For more details on personal Moon signs, see this article (Technique 1: Take Full Advantage of the New Moon and Full Moon Occurring in Your Moon Sign). As your vibration lowered, your body began to weaken. As your body weakened, you had to find another way to sustain it. You solved this problem by using the mouth to feed the body. It all came down to the idea that, when you forgot the staying power of love in the human game, you had to find another means for staying. Although your delight in humanness continued, a new feeling emerged. Fear came from the realization that you couldn't manifest what you wanted the moment you wanted to have it. Since a few of your co-creators still had that skill, those of you who didn't became envious. Thinking that your ability to hold that power would improve if you overpowered those who still had theirs, you fought your so-called enemy. Thus began the era of war. At this point in your history, you had to talk to be understood, eat to stay healthy, and fight to stay superior. Cher says, She's a full-on Monet. It's like a painting, see. From far away, it's okay, but up close it's a big ol' mess. I call this error in judgment the Monet Effect. When we have only a rough perception of someone, our brain, hoping for a great outcome, fills in all the gaps optimistically.

People seem way more desirable than they actually are. It's only later, when they transform into real people standing in front of us, that we see the flaws. We can see this play out in the corporate world. When companies search for a new CEO, they can choose between promoting an internal candidate or hiring an external one. Research into these decisions found that companies who decide to hire externally have sky-high expectations of the candidates. Daily Moon Sign The Moon moves through each of the twelve zodiac signs every two and a half days, completing a full cycle in approximately 29. When you know which sign the Moon is in on any given day and take appropriate action (in how you dress, eat, live, act, see, and think), you are in sync with the rhythm of the Universe, which will bring you good fortune. If you make a habit of living according to the daily Moon sign, you will naturally become successful. The Blended Wish is a manifestation method that fully utilizes both your innate gravity (personal Moon sign) and the Moon's gravity (daily Moon sign). It is an extremely precise way to manifest your wishes and dreams using the gravity of the Moon at its peak every month, on the New Moon and the Full Moon. In this article, I explain this method in detail. Why Wishing on the Moon Works The New Moon, which occurs every month, is the day when the Moon and the Sun are in perfect alignment. Many people have a practice of journaling about their dreams and wishes on this day, but do you know why wishes come true when you write them down on the New Moon? This was not the paradise you envisioned when you first took form. As it became increasingly difficult to maintain your health in this altered state of being, eventually one God died. How amazing, you said! What just happened! One minute, the body functioned perfectly and the next minute it didn't.

You felt compassion for this entity but you also felt fear. If death had come to one, could it come to all? One of your own had forgotten how to stay in singular Godhood. Was this your fate as well? Because there is never a moment when spirit doesn't have a solution to the problem it faces, reproduction began. When you evaluate external candidates, you know only the broad details about them. They tell you about their wins. Internal candidates, you know more intimately; The Monet Effect helps explain why, when compared to internal candidates, external CEOs are often paid more but perform worse. The same thing happens with dating. Looking at a dating app profile is the equivalent of seeing someone from very far away. All you get are a few carefully selected photos and some basic information. You go out on the date, and maybe the pitch of their voice bothers you or they have bad table manners or you are not aligned on the time and place for dad jokes (them: always; Instead of those flaws seeming normal--because they are, and everyone has some--they leave you greatly disappointed. There goes the perfect person you built up in your mind. The Moon is the Earth's only satellite, a presence that connects the Earth to the Universe. Imagine an Earth help desk that acts as a liaison between those of us living on the Earth and the other planets in the solar system. The Moon is our designated help desk, delivering our wishes to the Universe. The Moon is not the only thing that works hard for you; Still, given that the Moon has been serving as the Earth's help desk for more than two hundred million years, there's no doubt that the smoothest way to send wishes to the Universe is via the Moon.

The Moon is the Earth's agent You know how various brands have authorized retailers that function as satellite agents for the brands? Through the local stores, we can order the item we want (make a wish), and then receive that item (wish comes true). Wishing on the Moon works because it follows the same process. The Moon is the Earth's agent, delivering wishes to the Universe. Several Gods, who remembered the nature of their essence, mutated into humans who could reproduce, while several others mutated into those who could plant the seed. Thus began the era of gender. This mutation was welcome. It solved the immediate problem of continued perpetuity. However, this new and daring era brought possibilities heretofore unheard of. Where once you had known the eternity of your birthright, survival seemed debatable. Where once you had prospered in harmony with all your co-creators, you now had difficulty maintaining peace. How do I find my autonomy? How do I manifest my desires? You knew it had to do with power, so efforts were made to re-establish that power. In the bathroom, you can't help but open Tinder. Time for the ol' swipe-and-wipe. You give up on the date you're on and start fantasizing about the next person on your screen, who seems perfect because of the Monet Effect. But as soon as you meet that match in person, you realize they have flaws, too, and the cycle continues. This creates a grass-is-always-greener reaction: You always think the next thing will be better than what you have.