There's no right or wrong here--there's only what's right for you. TREATING THE MIND-BODY CONNECTION And we can work with our minds and bodies simultaneously. That's the idea behind the therapies that focus on helping the body release trauma while rewiring the brain. Common therapies that treat the mind-body connection are: Some people keep this encompassing eyesight for as long as they are here, some lose it temporarily, and some release it, preferring to be ignorant rather than suffer disillusionment. Encourage your child to keep her perfect eyesight by feeding her thoughts that reinforce her desire to have it. She communicates from the pure heart of God in remembrance of self. If you speak to her with devotion from the moment she enters your life, she returns that reverence a thousand-fold to you. As she gazes into your eyes, she assumes that everything that was happening in her world before she got here is happening in her world here, too. Everywhere she looks, she sees sparkling light and swirling colors dancing around her own. Her cosmos soaks it up. She hopes to continue on this path her entire journey and her heart believes it is possible. She still remembers the promise she heard before she got here: that every emotional action she put out into the universe would return to her with the added power of physics. The first noise your infant makes is the sound of crying, but she is just testing her vocal cords for the fun of it. This one laughed at his jokes, but she wasn't funny. That one worked too hard. The next one didn't work hard enough. When I began to describe the idea of the benchmark, he nodded and interrupted me. I get it, he said.

I'm thirty-one, and I've probably already dated someone who would make a great wife. It clicked. I followed up with a homework assignment. Put together a spreadsheet of all the women you've gone out with in the last year. Make a column for their name, how you met them, how you felt when you were with them, and what values you shared. Eye movement desensitization reprocessing (EMDR) Emotional freedom technique (also known as tapping) Your body stores trauma, and while it would be nice if we could just tell it to let go, it usually takes a little more prodding. Enter somatic therapies, which focus on helping your nervous system to release the trauma it's stored from the mind and body. We experience trauma as a very intense visceral sensation in our bodies. Somatic experience is about sensing the places in the body where an activation takes place, whether it's from tightness, tension, too much or too little energy, or where something feels stuck. The beautiful thing about the human mind and body is that it's so resilient and so self-healing, all you do in somatic experiencing is sit with a client and have them sense into their bodies and into these sensations associated with trauma, explained Dr Sam Rader. As the client feels the sensation in their body, it's like a mirror for their brain. They start to come back to a healthier baseline. They start to discharge any excess charge and to unwind any excess tension. In that initial cry of establishment, she feels the power behind her adventure. She put all of her hopes and dreams into this new body, and she thinks she has found heaven on Earth. Aren't you excited when you face new adventures? Don't you look forward to sharing your discoveries? Aren't you eager to hear the ideas of the people you find?

This is how your baby feels. Any reassurance you offer only heightens her enjoyment. Your baby expresses herself in every new experience. If she is tired she sleeps; In spite of the fact that no words are shared, you have a pretty good idea of how she feels and what she wants. You can include other details, too, but I don't want a laundry list of their flaws or a ranking of their hotness. I'll do it. During our next session, Doug pulled up his laptop and showed me his work. Brielle, he said as the article loaded. She's the one. You mean like the one the one? Not the one I'm going to marry, but the benchmark. She was smart, funny, fun to be with, ambitious, and pretty. Ugh, why did I break up with her? Anyway, it's too late for that. They start to enliven the places where there was deadness. We're connected to our animal selves that know what to do with trauma. Peter Levine created somatic experiencing by watching wild animals. They are always in danger, yet we never witness a traumatic stress response in them. That's because there's a self-regulating, biological response that helps them release the traumatic experience.

When they're in grave danger and their nervous systems go into fight, flight, or freeze, or when the danger has passed and they know they're safe, they will release that burst of energy. They shake, twitch, and convulse that energy out of their body. Even though we may forget this, we're animals too. When we're threatened, the same stress hormones will flood our systems. When the threat passes, that tremendous energy outflow has to go somewhere. Your infant never thinks to herself, how terrible, I'm behaving badly. She just responds to her emotions and moves from one to another with ease and alacrity. Instant reaction is her modus operandi. This is the freedom you hope to emulate. Watch how her feelings run her life. Watch how she lets her emotions be whatever they are. She is showing you how to experience life fully. She is showing you how God expresses freely. Your child's genetic structure is a compilation of ideas. Each idea has been transposed into form for the purpose of expanding in the human journey through matter. Brielle is my benchmark. I'm going to commit to the next girl who I like as much or more than Brielle. Now it's your turn. To determine your dating window, count the number of years from when you started dating to when you'd like to enter a long-term relationship. Now, what's 37 percent of that number?

Add that to the age when you started dating. That's your 37 percent mark. If you're in your thirties, you've probably already passed it. Complete the assignment I gave Doug to determine your benchmark partner. Don't worry. It's too much for us to handle--partly because no one taught us what to do with it. We're biologically damming up the river. When this happens, we stop our nervous system from returning to its rest-and-digest sense of ease and safety. With somatic experiencing, we track what's going on in the nervous system through the story we tell in our bodies. When your therapist creates more safety for you, it allows the incomplete fight, flight, or freeze response to be completed. For some people, finding meaning in and making sense of their trauma is a key part of their resolution. But with somatic experiencing, it's not central. It's about working with the direct, felt, lived experience that you're having in your body, and you don't need to know or remember where your trauma came from. The body wants to right itself, to discharge and to come back to homeostasis and baseline, explained Dr Rader. Just by feeling into the body allows the brain and body to reorganize and heal. Each genetic trait represents a thought in your child's soul that he feels compelled to explore, or a thought in your child's soul that he feels compelled to accept. As this little bundle of love develops, he hopes to enjoy each and every selection. All that he represents, from the color of his hair to the shape of his body, is a choice he thinks will further his evolution. In addition to his characteristics, he decides on the presence or absence of health. In essence, he brings whatever he thinks is helpful toward the emotional growth he seeks.