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A healthy body is a body in balance: the balance between eustress and distress, the balance between the sympathetic fight-or-flight and parasympathetic rest-and-recharge systems, and the balance between resource depletion and replenishment. We must maintain that balance to be healthy--to achieve homeostasis. While stress is a normal part of life, most of us have created lives for ourselves in which we are constantly on the go. We are overstimulated by electronics and work. We multitask. We handle large amounts of emotional stress. We eat poorly. We don't sleep enough. We deprive our bodies of that balance, and this leads to inflammation and ultimately illness. Make sure that when you are creating your budget, you allot a sum of money for the essential components of your life, such as bills, expenses, any debts you have to pay, and for medical or personal emergencies. If you are planning a holiday, retirement, or getting a brand-new car, make sure that you have a separate savings account for that. Once you have accounted for everything, you can use what you have left for spending. When you take careful account of your money, you are going to be much wiser about where you spend it. Happiness Tip # : Engage with Negativity It's good that you are going to focus on the positive. But that does not mean that you simply ignore the negativity. Let's face it; So, don't wait for the negatives to pile up. Deal with them immediately. With all gifts of His spirit.

If they take our life, Wealth, name, child, and wife-- Let everything go: They have no profit so; The kingdom ours remaineth. There is a declaration of sure victory in these verses, one that speaks all the more to Luther's faith when we remember he was still caught in the midst of the battle. FED UP WITH THE WORLD: ACCUMULATING LOSS There were seasons of Luther's life that were consumed with the normal rhythms of ministry in a revolutionary time. He had his parishioners to care for, his children to play with, his students to teach, letters to write, sermons to preach. Learning how to maintain balance is a true art. Taking time to recharge the body with rest, yoga, meditation, and exercise is essential. Eating nourishing foods, slowing down our pace, and learning the beauty of taking our time are vital steps to counterbalancing all these depletive sources of stress in our lives. We live in a world where stress is worn as a badge of honor. We are proud of how well we perform on little sleep and how little we need to manage. We are proud of our go, go, go and play hard mentalities. Ultimately, however, the balance is shifted and we get sick. It is inevitable. It happened to Dr A and so many others, and it will happen to you--unless you change. Change is hard. Remember to create an armor against negativity.

When you acknowledge the negativity in your life, then know how to deal with it. Think of it like your immune system that identifies viruses and infections and is able to better deal with them in the future. When you face negative thinking, you understand it better and create a mental immune system. Happiness Tip # : Identify and Live Your Values Try and set aside some time to explore your values. You might be surprised by the fact that you might already have had some positive values in your life, but because of all the negativity, you were not able to hold on to them. Happiness Tip # : Set Achievable Goals Make your life productive. Start creating goals that you would like to achieve. Then break down those goals into smaller objectives. Then there were seasons when he was hit hard by an accumulation of trials. Maybe you've experienced seasons like this--those seasons when one sorrow is followed by another. Several years before his death, Luther's beloved Katie suffered a miscarriage that left her extremely ill--so ill, in fact, that she was unable even to walk for two months. Two years later, they would lose a precious member of their family: Martin and Katie's thirteen-year-old daughter, Magdalena, who became extremely ill. Luther stayed by her deathbed, comforting her and pleading in prayer. He reminded her of her Father in heaven, of where she was going. Even with her trusting response, he turned from her and said, The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. I love her very much. If this flesh is so strong, what must the spirit be? An onlooker described the scene: When his daughter was in the agony of death, he fell upon his knees before the bed and, weeping bitterly, prayed that God might save her if it be his will. For so many people, taking the time to rest and recharge is looked at as a sign of weakness.

We argue that that mentality has to change. We chose to take back our lives, and we wear our rest-and-recharge time as our badges of honor--because without that balance, the body cannot heal. The process will be slow, but each day, take one step. Try to find 20 minutes to deep breathe. Try to put your electronics away 15 minutes before bed. Try to go for a walk. Try to eliminate processed foods and meats, to start. Even with small steps, you will start to feel different--better. Small steps will lead to big steps. For example, let us say that you are planning to learn how to cook. Your end goal is to master cooking, but your individual objectives could be much smaller. You could plan your first objective to try preparing your first successful dish. Then you could move on to desserts, and so on. Happiness Tip # : Speak Up Do not always hold back your opinions. If something makes you feel uncomfortable or you do not agree with something, speak up. Feel free to express yourself. Reality is not a vacuum that you experience with your eyes like a computer, defining everything as a series of 1s and 0s. It is actually a complex construct that is made up of moments and experiences that impact the way you think and feel. Thus she gave up the ghost in the arms of her father.

Her mother was in the same room but was farther from the bed on account of her grief. Oh, the raw sorrow in this account. Comforting your child as she eases into death, fully aware, old enough to grasp what is happening to her. Comforting your wife as she weeps with loud sobs, trying to say goodbye to her daughter. And in all this, speaking some truth to yourself, trying to remember the Promise in the midst of tears. Magdalena's death was a heavy emotional blow. The high child-mortality rates of the time did not dull the pain of losing his daughter. Years later, Luther still wrote of mourning and missing her. Along with these personal trials, Luther's health continued to decline, and political troubles in Germany escalated. With this article, we give you the tools you need to live your life well, with energy and without illness. This is what we want for you. With the best in mind for you, be well. Nourish your body, your microbiome, and your soul. Take time to play and sleep. Eat abundantly and well.What an incredible organ the brain is, and like any muscle in the body, it has to be used to work efficiently. The act of learning something and storing it in the memory is quite an achievement for the brain, and vitally important for a healthy and successful life. If you don't lose the brain, it won't work well, and you will find it very hard to remember anything. In association with our other article, Limitless Learning, this one is a fantastic resource for improving your memory. It contains information on how memories are formed and what can interfere with the storage of memories and issues with recall. Make sure you are not sacrificing what you believe in for someone else's beliefs.