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Not surprisingly, the highly successful agents--as determined by their sales volumes--knew more about the various insurance products than the less successful agents. But more to the point, researchers found that the highly successful agents had much more complex and integrated knowledge structures--what we're calling mental representations--than the less successful agents. In particular, the better agents had much more highly developed if . Because their insurance knowledge was better organized, the best agents could figure out what to do more quickly and more accurately in any given situation, and this made them much more effective agents. Before experienced rock climbers begin a climb, they will look over the entire wall and visualize the path they are going to take, seeing themselves moving from hold to hold. This ability to create a detailed mental representation of a climb before embarking on it is something that only comes with experience. It had doggedly built and preserved a culture, quite in contrast to medical colleges of that era, which celebrated diversity and unconventionality. It was a community that nurtured creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, where sports, art, music and other eccentric pursuits thrived. I couldn't have found a more conducive place where football (or any sport for that matter), theatre and student politics were no longer distractions from my studies but virtues in which I could immerse myself. It was a time of rejoicing, growing up and healing. Not that the academic struggles had diminished by any means, and I continued to receive rebuke and criticism for my tardiness, poor attendance and abysmal performance in internal assessments. But somehow - perhaps through a combination of luck, pluck and ample help from wonderful friends - I managed to clear the main/professional exams in regular time. It's truly paradoxical that I went on to get three more professional qualifications after my MBBS, each one requiring years of toil and academic performances at regular intervals. What kept me going, despite the frustrating procrastination and chronic belatedness, was my fascination and passion for the subject of psychiatry, and even more for child psychiatry and different forms of therapy. It opened up a world that was full of mystery, wonder and discovery. It was during this period that it dawned on me that the struggles that I had had, through school and college, were real and not dissimilar to so many of the kids I was seeing and diagnosing with ADHD. And now things have gone too far. As one of Lizzie Simon's interviewees explained, I felt I was on a freight train. <a href=''>I</a> couldn't steer it. <a href=''>I</a> couldn't stop it. <br /><br /><a href=''>After</a> an evening carousing and singing at his local pub, he returns home and makes tea, feeling fine, still singing, whenSuddenly I am clapping my hands together in wide swings, smashing the palms together as hard as I can: slowly, hard and uncontrollably. The temporary high has escalated into something unspeakably horrific. As one of my patients put it, mania is like a rocket, roaring splendidly and unstoppably into space, then disintegrating in bursts of fire, smoke and debris, like the ill-fated space shuttle he had watched on TV as a child. To explore the experience of mania, we need to listen to these accounts carefully, avoiding vague equations of noisy or elated behaviour with mania as such. Several motifs seem ubiquitous here: the sense of connectedness with other people and with the world; Perhaps the most striking of these is the idea of a connection between things. This was right after I hit my initial goal weight, and so I was still weighing myself daily. On Friday, I recorded my weight before I left home. Then I ate, drank, and was merry for the next three days. On Monday, back at home, I got on my scale only to find I was up nine pounds since Friday. Does this mean that intermittent fasting had ruined my body and a weekend off plan means I was rapidly regaining weight thanks to a lowered metabolic rate? We ate at restaurants the whole weekend, including one that is famous for causing water retention: a Japanese steakhouse. I ate a lot of food. My fingers were puffy, and I could tell my system was full of that excess food. Did I get upset and decide that I needed to do something radical, like fast for days and days to make up for the weight gain? Again, the answer is no. Lose the medieval weapon collection too. Frigid Stuff The air conditioner and refrigerator are working against you if you want a hot love life. Single Stuff If you are stuck with a twin bed for now, at least invest in a guest pillow. Lose the photos of yourself alone in this corner.

Take a look around and see if you have surrounded yourself with single symbols--especially art. I can't tell you how many feng shui consultations for relationship-seeking single women I have done where they have decorated their entire homes with art depicting women alone. Games You don't want to be playing games in your relationship, do you? Uncleanliness Creating a loving energy is difficult when dust balls, fingernail clippings, and old Twinkie wrappers clutter your corner. Storage That space under the bed looks like the perfect place to tuck away holiday wrapping paper, skis, and suitcases, but if you are looking for a relationship without a lot of baggage, clean it out. Having the area under your bed stuffed with stuff is the monster that makes us have bad dreams as adults. More generally, mental representations can be used to plan a wide variety of areas, and the better the representation, the more effective the planning. Surgeons, for example, will often visualize an entire surgery before making the first incision. They use MRIs, CT scans, and other images to take a look inside the patient and identify potential trouble spots, then they devise a plan of attack. Developing such mental representations of a surgery is one of the most challenging--and most important--things that a surgeon can do, and more experienced surgeons generally create more sophisticated and more effective representations of these procedures. The representations not only guide the surgery, but they also serve to provide a warning when something unexpected and potentially dangerous happens in the surgery. When an actual surgery diverges from the surgeon's mental representation, he or she knows to slow down, rethink the options, and, if necessary, formulate a new plan in response to the new information. Relatively few of us climb rocks or perform surgeries, but almost everyone writes, and the process of writing offers us an excellent example of how mental representations can be used in planning. I myself have become quite familiar with this arena over the past couple of years as I've worked on Peak, and many of the people reading this article will have done some writing lately as well, whether it has been a personal letter or a business memo, a blog post or a article. There has been quite a bit of research into the representations people use when writing, and the research has demonstrated a profound difference between the methods used by expert writers and those used by novices. Consider, for example, the answer that a sixth-grader offered when asked about the strategy he used in writing an essay: I was not stupid, lazy or callous as I had often been called or labelled in the past, but found it genuinely challenging to be consistent and to do certain tasks that were expected of me. Such experiences of being chastised, excluded and pigeon-holed are ever so common for most kids and adults with ADHD, often leaving profound imprints in their psyche and their sense of self, or the lack of it. I can safely admit now that it has taken me years of introspection and healing to overcome the deep sense of inadequacy and self-doubt that I carried for decades. Shelja would say, half in jest, that for a person with ADHD to have a fulfilling life, they need a profession that they love and a life partner that gets them.

Fortunately, I have both. As we always say, to parents and teachers, at the end of each ADHD workshop - keep the faith. <a href=''>Here</a> are lightly edited excerpts of an interview. <a href=''>AMRITA:</a> Drawing on your professional experience at The Alternative Story and previously at iCall, what do you think are the primary mental health/illness concerns for young Indians? <a href=''>PARAS</a> SHARMA: My perspective on the mental health concerns that young Indians are facing has shifted quite a bit since I graduated about 10 years ago. <a href='[]=<a+href=http://'>About</a> 10 years ago, I would probably just parrot the same statistics that were mentioned in our text articles -- it's probably depression, anxiety, etc I don't think about it like that anymore, simply because I have worked in two spaces which are primarily community mental health . <a href=''>The</a> colours, images, symbols and codes evoked by Behrman matter less for what they are than for the fact of being linked together. <a href=''>In</a> a mania, everything seems somehow purposefully connected, as if a vast join-the-dots puzzle has been suddenly completed, to reveal a figure that no one had noticed until then. <a href=''>As</a> the American mental health advocate Calvin Dunn describes it in his autobiography, Losing My Mind,it seemed like everything meant something, every sound I heard and everything I saw, and it seemed like everything made sense and was connected in some way'. Gazing at a brook in the gardens of UCLA, the research psychiatrist and writer Kay Redfield Jamison was reminded of a scene from Tennyson's poetry. Overtaken by an immediate and inflaming sense of urgency', she rushed off to a articleshop to find a copy, and soon had more than twenty articles under her arms. <a href=''>The</a> initial image of the Lady of the Lake had spiralled off, connecting to other themes and titles, from Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur to Frazer's The Golden Bough and articles by Jung and Robert Graves. <a href=''>Everything</a> seemed related, and together would containsome essential key' to the universe as she `wove and wove' her manic web of associations. The manic person feels a part of this, wonderfully linked to the world rather than being its slave or its servant. The exhilaration that the sense of connectedness brings must be communicated, a detail that serves to distinguish true mania from states of elation in other cases. A schizophrenic subject may quietly enjoy a state of beatitude alone in their room, but the manic-depressive will not only experience it but feel the necessity to share it with the world. I hopped back on my regular IF pattern, and the excess weight was gone by Thursday. My story illustrates a rather large fluctuation that would probably cause panic for most people, but even a smaller fluctuation of a pound or two might stress you out. Don't let it! Again, remember the advice from article 18--only the overall trend matters.

Isn't breakfast the most important meal of the day (a. Before we answer this question with some science, let's examine the roots of the myth that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that not eating breakfast will cause you to have metabolic slowdown for all the livelong day. Everyone has heard this, and most of us not only believed it, we tried to follow the advice. Did you know that the foundation for this advice came from studies funded by the breakfast cereal companies? Here's just one example. A 2000 study that concluded with the statement people who eat cereal . Distractions If your television is in the Relationship corner (especially if it also happens to be your bedroom), it may be getting in between you and your mate. If your computer is there, you may be more interested in surfing the Net than boogie-boarding with a loved one. If your ex-boyfriend's guitar is there, you may find yourself hanging on to that old song, rather than finding a new one. If these things must stay, however, drape them, when not in use, with a nice fabric befitting the Relationship corner. The color cobalt blue is said to have EMF-negating properties, which may be a good idea for all those computer cords and screens. Be open to change. The type of mate you desire may not be the best person for you. Forget old ideas of love. They didn't work before, so why carry those into the future? Keep your eyes peeled for new and improved expressions of love. I have a whole bunch of ideas and write down till my supply of ideas is exhausted. Then I might try to think of more ideas up to the point where you can't get any more ideas that are worth putting down on paper and then I would end it. This approach is actually pretty typical, not just for sixth-graders but for many people who don't write for a living. The representation of the writing is simple and direct: there's a topic and there are various thoughts that the writer has on the topic, often loosely organized by relevance or importance, but sometimes by category or some other pattern.