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Sometimes, they'll have a bad day and feel distant or snappy because of it. But they'll do their best to make amends, and will not leave you questioning your connection to them. Up Next: The Things You Can Control Speaking of heavy topics, control (or the lack of it, to be more precise) is something that weighs on many people, especially when it comes to figuring out their future. In article 4, we'll home in on areas where we feel particularly powerless, things like money, real estate, and planning. The bigger the issue, the less control we have. Or so we're led to believe. But as someone who routinely futurecasts massive, global, seemingly uncontrollable events like conflict, pandemic, and economic collapse, I've seen the process applied to just about anything. You Have More Control Over the Future Than You Think Now that you know how to think like a futurist, it's time to find ways to apply the strategy more broadly to your life. In order to do that, I want to drill down deeper into one of the core maxims of futurecasting, the notion that the future is built by people. Embracing this fundamental truth, with arms wide open, is essential to moving forward in the futurecasting process. It is imperative that you refrain from making excuses for why this is not possible. We are already putting off so much because we tell ourselves we don't have time for it. The fact is: anyone can spend half an hour or less a day if they only want it. Just think about how much time you spend in front of your computer screen on the Internet, sitting in front of the television or using your cell phone every day. Simply cut off a few minutes from this time and you will have more than enough time for meditation. My thoughts keep wandering. What should I do? Especially when you have decided on a recumbent meditation position, it can happen to you, at least initially, that you slide into sleep during the course of the meditation.

The reason for this is simply that your biorhythm and your body are used to falling asleep lying down. So when you pull back and lie on a bed or soft pad in a quiet room, you're telling your body that it is now time to sleep. It's fully possible to have a huge argument with a friend, yet reconcile with a sincere apology and a cheeky grin the next day. Don't look for people who are happy all the time. Look for people who enjoy you and appreciate you for who you are. Not everyone in your life will be like this, but when you find one who is, never forget them. When everyone else feels like they need to take a piece out of you, it'll be your friend who backs you up and reminds you of your worth. Their love for you is sincere, and when you forget your positive qualities they'll do their darndest to help you remember them. Through this, they help you become gentler with your inner child through showing their own example. Again, cherish supportiveness over positivity; Rather, you want them to remind you how you should be speaking to yourself; I'm Worried a Friendship is Toxic, but I'm Not Sure. People's fear of the unknown, along with their sense of powerlessness over their future, prevents them from even contemplating how to change the future, let alone figuring out the steps needed to get there. They cling to the false belief that the future is fixed, when really nothing could be further from the truth. People are the escape hatch from this self-defeating mindset. People build the future. Your future is yours to build. The power is yours and yours alone. You need to own this truth and take action. Still don't believe me?

Let me give you an example from my own life of how human beings build the future. United States Patent #7673254, or What Steve Jobs and I Have in Common Your body has to get used to the fact that you actually have something completely different in mind. But that's not bad. If you take a little nap while you meditate, it can even be relaxing. Especially when you are meditating, eg For example, if you suffer from insomnia, meditation can even be an active tool for relaxation and transition to sleep. But you should make sure that this is an exceptional case and that you do not slip into sleep with every meditation without exception. While this may be a positive thing if you have general insomnia or fatigue, meditation should be more about making a general change in your life. So if you are having trouble falling asleep regularly while meditating, then consider changing to a sitting position . This means that the signal to your body that it is now time to sleep is absent. And if your goal is to eliminate a sleep disorder with the help of meditation, then simply practice several times a day, choosing the sitting position during the day and then meditating lying down in the evening to give your body the rest it needs to slip into sleep prepare. Can you meditate with music? How Can I Tell? If you ever feel unsure, the best thing you can do is put your developing assertiveness skills to good use, asking your friend if they have time to speak with you privately, then voicing your concerns without rancor. Remember, being assertive is about clearly voicing your needs; Your friend might be a bit upset or surprised to hear they've hurt you, so don't be harsh on them if they seem negative for a while. No one likes to think they've hurt someone they love. But what happens next? Well, if they come back offering their perspective in order to dispel misunderstandings, or a sincere apology to dispel hurt, then they likely aren't toxic; Likewise, it's okay for them to playfully or gently tease you, so long as they do it to make you laugh, and they stop teasing a sensitive spot once you've told them that it hurts.

What isn't okay is when they constantly belittle you or denigrate your interests and accomplishments. This is a clear sign of toxicity, and wrapping it under the pretense of being a compliment is simply patronizing. Smartphones have changed the world. I don't think anyone would argue that point. With the power of a computer in our hands, this electronic device has affected nearly everything we do. It's changed how we connect with loved ones and get from point A to point B. It's streamlined the way we date and shop and find out what's going on in the world. Go get your smartphone. Pick up this marvel of modern technology. Think back to the first time you ever touched one. It was like holding the future, right? I felt the same way--and I'm a futurist! There are many aids to meditation, which rely on the tool of music whether it be online videos or meditation CDs. This should and can be very helpful for relaxation. But due to the widespread use of these media, there are now people who think that music is a central part of meditation and that it would not work without it. That is of course not correct. In classical meditation, music or other aids are actually completely dispensed with in favor of a greater concentration on the inner processes. There are also many people who find a musical sound as part of meditation rather disturbing. However, meditation is as individual as the person who practices it. There is no right or wrong way to meditate.

And in terms of music, there are even people who can slip into a meditative state while listening to heavy heavy metal music. Use whatever helps you calm down and achieve a state of inner focus. If they continuously fail to keep their word to you, whether it's through failing to keep promised appointments or deciding to spread your secrets to everyone they know, that's another bad sign; Building on that, a good friend might not always have the time and energy to support you tangibly 24/7, but when they have the time they will always listen to your voice or read your words empathically, validate your feelings on the matter, and then either wish you well or offer help or advice. Likewise, if they think you've done something wrong, they'll voice their critique compassionately alongside practical suggestions on how to do better, taking your mindset into account. A toxic friend, however, will simply brush your issues off, treating them like nothing while refusing to offer any helpful perspective or encouragement. If they think you've done something wrong, they'll simply punish you and put you down through a personal attack. A toxic friend is like the negative voice in your head; If a toxic friend isn't willing to be more considerate toward you, it just might be that you aren't compatible, and it is time to part ways. When a person constantly compares you to others in your social circle, or constantly tries to change you (eg your beliefs, ideals, and so on), it's a clear sign that it's time to move on. If their toxic behavior is so deeply-ingrained that it's part of who they are, likewise do not try to change them either. Simply assert yourself, become your own priority, and reconnect with your hobbies as well as the rest of your friends, so that you may achieve renewed perspective. When you hold your phone, what do you think about? I've asked hundreds of people this question. Some tell me they think about the work they need to get done. Others wonder what's happening in their favorite social media app. A few people even talk about the embarrassment they feel over how cracked and dirty their screen is. But of all the times I've asked people what's going through their heads when they look at their phone, not a single one has ever answered, I think about the thousands of people it took to build it. I understand why. Who thinks about the people behind the devices we use every day?