This is too good; I don't deserve this. The more often we say these things and/or the more intense our emotions when we do say them, the more we push and send the energy and the person/event/thing away from us. Again, like attracts like. You do not and cannot embrace these things, resonate with them, and feel gratitude when you say statements like this. Action Step Notice your language and release your speech patterns that send things away. Do this for thirty days and see what happens in your life. Use your Travel Log to collect your old phrases so they can rest in peace. Create more positive and inviting language. Uniqueness of Anchor U Replication of Stimulus R Number of times N APPLICATION OF ANCHOR: State Elicitation Script Naturally Occurring states are the most reliable states to anchor. I am using a different kind of way into the states these days. I question now, What do you enjoy doing in your life? Nearly using the meta-model to dive into fantastic experiences. Past, vibrant, strongly correlated states are next best.

But it is new to me, and subtly different. Whatever the meaning of this semi-mystical nonsense I have been writing, it does describe a real experience, it does represent a real release from some unknown tension. But it represents it in an exaggerated form, I think -- more like a vision of perfection than a permanent psychological state. But still, there was that feeling of describing a fact, so perhaps it would be closer to the truth to say that a reorganization of the personality may for a moment be quite flawless; Already I feel, though only by a dim contrast, subtle disorder and dis-ease, a premonition of return to confusion and pain. Can it be that in therapy, and in life, the process is one of coming again and again through confusion to a momentary perfection of organization; Each time you face a terrifying, disorganizing fact, it leads, not to destruction, but to a new ease and enjoyment of life, and so confidence is built; The astonishing point about these paragraphs is that they were written after the second interview, and yet appear to describe the very inner sense of what is achieved in therapy. The writer has known other clients, too, who seem to have experienced the essence of therapy in one, two, or three interviews, even though the total reorganization is far from achieved. If this insight is at all common, it helps to explain why the client keeps returning in spite of the suffering he is causing himself. Express gratitude and use I'm delighted this showed up and I gladly accept. Blocking Movement We block abundance from moving toward us by saying and/or thinking This will never happen; I don't believe this can happen; I can't afford to buy/rent/lease this; I can't imagine this will ever happen; I'll never get ahead. The list goes on. Few people are aware when these words come out of their mouths. They have heard these things and said them so often they just disappear from their awareness and control.

Built states are the least preferable. Here's the older accessing states style: Do you recall a time when you were completely. Can you recall a given time? When you go back to that time now go back to that time, float down into your body and see what you've seen, hear what you've heard, and remember the emotions of being Stacking anchor states To stack anchors, multiple instances of states are elicited and anchored at the same location. The chosen condition for a standard stacked anchor can be the same or different. Collapse Anchor Get to customer relationships. Tell what you're about to do consumer: I'm going to do a process called Collapse Anchors (explain) in just a moment, and that will require me to touch you. How this reorganization came about, I don't quite know. There was, however, a sequence of events which may contain a clue. First, the utter confusion and disorganization. Then the necessity of going about my business. When the latter arose, I simply left the confusion as it stood. It was too much for me, quite hopeless to think of doing anything to restore order. So I simply turned away from it, and focused my attention on what had to be done. And it does look as if when I turned my back on that confusion, it simply organized itself, and much better than I could have managed deliberately. In fact, it looks as if I ought to be grateful for the necessity that demanded my attention. Otherwise I should probably have tried to push and shove the mess into some sort of shape, and made a botched job of it, no doubt.

Yet just becoming aware is simple. You decide to become aware. Then you make the commitment to release these phrases from your speech and thinking patterns. Remember, commitment is just gathering yourself together and sending yourself forward on a journey. The journey to abundance is the one we are focusing on. Again, the more intensely we say these statements, the more energy they represent. Think of them as creating a large wall with a KEEP OUT sign posted. The universe honors what we say and do, our vibrational field, even if we are not aware. What do you say that blocks energy, people, and things from flowing to you? Become aware. Agree on which Positive/Resource States are needed and agree on the collapse of the Negative State. Make it clear what States are involved directly. When you insist that the Positive States arrive in each before you request it in the system. In each of the states you anchor, make sure that the client is in a wholly associated, deep, harmonious state. Anchor all positive states in the same position, ie, a knuckle or any other location easily identifiable. Anchor once to the negative state. At the same time, fire anchors until they reach, and the integration is complete. Keep the positive anchor for 5 seconds and then release Test: Now how do you feel about that old condition? Future Pace: Imagine a time in the future when you might be in a similar situation, and what is going on? Classical conditioning is commonly referred to as anchoring in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Most people undergoing therapy have to attend to the routine of living when they leave the therapeutic session. And perhaps that shift in focus is a vital part of the therapeutic process. We do so love to think that all the important things go on under our watchful eyes! One is somehow reminded here of Angyal's contention that the conscious self often tends to take over the government of the total personality, a task for which it is not qualified. In the past couple of days, my mind has returned again and again to our interview, and odd thoughts and insights have flashed into consciousness. Sometimes they have been quite clear, and have remained so long enough to think about them and follow through on them quite a way. But then quite suddenly they are gone and I can't even remember what they were. They stay longest in the bath, and I wonder if that's because I am removed from paper and pencil, so that they are safe from being caught and objectified? I know they disappear like magic when I think of writing them down. There is one insight that crops up again and again, but I can't for the life of me think what it is -- I just know it's something I always mean to bring up at our next interview. Action Step For one week, focus on becoming aware of your language and thoughts that block the flow of your abundance. Note them in your Travel Log and commit to releasing these things from your flow. Create affirmations similar to these: My heart's desires freely flow to me. I'm enjoying my heart's desires. I am open to the flow of abundance into my life. I accept the abundance that is here now in my life. Begin to incorporate the affirmations in Appendix A in your life. Keeping Accounts Everyone is an accountant.