Again, a thirteen-year-old boy is referred for his explosive outbursts of aggression, and for his long-standing torturing (unspecified) of a girl in his class. He inquires about the therapist's first name, which just happens to be the same as that of the tortured girl classmate. From then on, he calls the therapist by this name alone. When he is at the height of his sociability, he plays tic-tac-toe with the therapist. Connecting with the ocean of abundance means you have money whenever you need it--money to buy and do whatever is necessary to live your life; This experience occurs when your heart is engaged, your values are fully honored, and you're breathing in an atmosphere of love as you enjoy your wealth. The ocean of abundance is such a different place, a quantum leap of energy from where most of us live our lives. Quantum leaps are levels of living significantly different from a small step or change. Your old way of living changes in the process of increasing the flow of abundance into your life. Ready for another leap? As you stand at the edge of the ocean watching the dance of the winds and the waters, you will realize that this water is connected to all of the other oceans and touches every landmass and ultimately all other peoples on our earth. And so it is with the flow of money. Our individual dollars touch and flow with all of the money around the world. When we are connected, there is abundance; While in the supported position, you can start to change the language about your pain and to soften the constant chatter of your nervous system. Many people who have chronic pain experience disc, nerve, and degenerative conditions. One of the benefits of this type of yoga is that it teaches you how to relax your nervous system while promoting your own natural state of healing and repair. These supported poses are all very adaptable, but it's important to make sure that you've touched base with your health care practitioner first. And if you want to experience restorative yoga in a class, make sure that your teacher is certified in restorative techniques and is aware of your medical conditions. Research from the NIH, Harvard, and the Cleveland Clinic has shown that yoga has been beneficial for improving quality of life for people experiencing cancer, asthma and breathing problems, and lower back pain.

Interestingly, yoga has also recently been shown to be extremely beneficial for carpal tunnel syndrome. Gentle Poses In restorative yoga, props such as bolsters, blankets, pillows, towels, and belts are used to support the body in positions to provide longer stretches without any effort. Most of these positions are without gravity and should not be painful. By dint of always going first, he wins nearly every game, and scornfully keeps a record of his victories. Most of the time, however, is spent seated at the window, his back to the therapist, counting the numbers of the various brands of automobiles which pass. When the hour ends, he throws his tally-sheet on the therapist's table and stalks out. After ten such sessions, the therapist tells him that she saves the hour for him, but that he need not come any more if he does not wish to. His reply is, Whaddya mean, not come any more? I'll come till the cows come home! Then, he misses two weeks in a row, and upon his return, announces, I didn't feel like coming, so I didn't. At the end of the semester, he too is doing very well. His teacher has become fond of him because he is so helpful and cooperative. He has stayed after school to help with the school newspaper. SOUND OF GRATITUDE The ocean waves make a particular sound--one that has a familiar feel. It is part of the sound of abundance. You can connect with this sound when you express gratitude. Gratitude can be expressed out into the world with words, such as Thank you, I love it, and sometimes with sounds, such as Mmm . Say your own words of gratitude silently, and resonate with the feelings and the sound. Listen to this sound of gratitude for five minutes five times a day and see what happens in your life.

Just go about your life sounding your gratitude. You can do this while walking, driving, at the airport, and even silently as you sit in meetings. Give thanks for everything just as it is and as it has been. Look for the gift that every experience has given you. The idea behind using props is that it allows you to work at your own comfort level. They support your body without fear of strain and pain, allowing your mind to let go of its need to protect. Because of that, it becomes much easier to relax your thoughts and calm your body. Most poses start with three to five minutes, but the key is to be able to trust your body as you release your mind and your muscles. It's so important that you don't push through pain--please take this out of your vocabulary. You can buy specific yoga props, but can also use everyday household items. Foam rollers, towels, blankets, balls, long belts, and walls are all good props. Creativity will be your friend as you begin to understand the premise behind supporting, relaxing, and easing your body and mind. Easy Resistance If you're familiar with yoga, you may imagine that poses are all about getting wrapped up like a pretzel and finding yourself drenched in sweat with trembling limbs. His teacher adds, He's improved so much. Why, I don't know what I'd do without him! Cases like these three are far from rare, although they seem to be more common in children over eleven years of age. The therapist has not been able to grasp the internal frame of reference of the child, because it was not in evidence. What was therapeutic about the experience? It seems to be stretching the concept of chance too much to say that in each case the period of therapy chanced to coincide with a period of spontaneous improvement.

These cases have occurred too frequently for this explanation to suffice. Perhaps the following hypothesis might be offered. If the child will not admit another person into his private world, perhaps it can be therapeutic if the therapist only accepts this, and does not try to intrude. Perhaps it is enough to experience that the therapist is willing to respect his privacy, in a genuine sense. Remember, all of your challenges have at their core a gift. Unwrap the gifts, put your arms around them, and embrace them and yourself. Let go of your past and let the ocean waves shape your money script. Step into your creative energy and begin writing a new money drama. Claim your connection to the Divine Spirit. Today begins a new cycle of energy, a new experience. Feel gratitude. The ocean moves and flows and the tides come in and shift while something else is always changing. Water flows to the ocean and changes from liquid to spray, moisture or vapor, and rises to the heavens. There is balance and the cycle begins anew. Restorative yoga uses very different poses, done with easy resistance and in a pain-free manner. The goal is to create balance in the body, including organs, circulation, blood, breathing, and your energy system. Never try to push into pain. The no pain, no gain theory is outdated and not useful now that we know more about pain neuroscience, and how the brain is alert to how we use our words and respond to pain in our system. Using phrases such as bumping into your pain or nudging into the pain while doing yoga poses allows the system to calm down. These restorative poses promote more efficient breathing and also gently stretch and release the abdominal, intercostal, and paraspinal muscles, reducing tension throughout the body.

Movement, breath, and calming thoughts are all equally important in this practice. I encourage you to record yourself so you can practice these poses at your leisure. Basic Rest Pose Good for: chronic pain, releasing tension, stress relief For a child, this may be sufficiently different from his usual dealings with adults as to constitute an outstanding experience. Here is somebody who lets me ignore him and he still thinks I'm O. He doesn't get mad. Most of the time, there is no way of knowing just how the child is reacting to the therapist's acceptance of his silence, but an occasional case is revealing. Here is an example from a play contact with a nine-year-old boy who has spent the entire hour painting in silence. Near the end, he asks the therapist about the time. Dick: How much time do I have left? Therapist: Seven minutes, Dick. Dick: I might as well go rock awhile. He closes his eyes and quietly rocks. May fortunate blessings be upon you as you begin a new cycle of creating abundance with an open heart flowing with peace and joy. You may ask, Is there more? Yes, with abundance there is always more. May many fortunate blessings Appendix A: Affirmations and Cross Crawl