Your job may not be one of your satisfying life-long activities. As I write this article, I'm still working at my consulting job and waking up at 4:30 am, at the latest, every day. That's Monday through Friday devoted to that job. For some people, it would be quite rewarding to help business owners reach their financial and time-related goals. For whatever reason, the work doesn't provide me with deep, emotional satisfaction. Is it a job with fabulous people in the office? Oh yeah, we've got great people at the job. Does it pay well? Somehow it was like if I would say the words, I forgive you, then I didn't have the right to have any limits or ask for things to be different. You won't get to a place of heartfelt forgiveness without being emotionally honest. When you say you forgive but you have not claimed your voice, not grieved your pain, and not owned the injustice, then you're only talking the talk but not walking the walk of recovery. I worked briefly with a woman who was not willing to stay in the therapy process or to ask her husband to look seriously at his behavior. They had been married for twenty-five years, and during all those years he blatantly acted out with other women, flaunting them in her face. She spent all those years in the act of cheap forgiveness. She didn't believe her husband's repetitive sexual acting out was addictive, but even more she didn't think he had any responsibility for his behavior. She frequently caught him in his lies and deceit, and she forgave him time after time after time. She thought, He really does love me; Her vision focused only on his woman of the moment. Grind your seeds to increase the absorption of omega-3 fatty acids in the blood. Have 1 teaspoon of ground chia seeds a few times per week.

Before we continue, we want to caution readers on portion sizes and how often we should eat nuts and seeds. We do not feel a person should be eating one teaspoon of chia seeds, walnuts, or flaxseed every day. All foods should be varied. We are giving general parameters. Do not eat all of these things every day because you don't need that much, and people are often frustrated with weight gain. Vary it up! What about other seeds? Pumpkin seeds are high in protein and fiber. I definitely earn enough to save and satisfy my current needs. If I stayed at the job long-term, would I make more money? Guaranteed. Do I want to do consulting for the rest of my life? Nope, not at all. Here's a trade-off question that will help you with your desired goals. Or do you want to provide for your home financially, while still blocking out time for these unique activities? Take a moment and consider what I just asked. Are you willing to work enough to put food on the table and provide shelter, while also spending your own unpaid time advancing in the craft you truly care about? Even if the work you do isn't your great, life-long ambition, is that okay with you? She was convinced that as long as the other women stayed away, she and her husband were just fine. He did love her;

FORGIVENESS AND RECOVERY Being able or willing to forgive is not the focus of recovery. If you have just become aware of the nature of your partner's behavior, you are still grieving significant losses. Forgiveness at this point would be very premature and most likely false--again, cheap forgiveness. The process of true forgiveness begins with acknowledging that a wrong has been done to you. Then you can grieve; You pursue your own recovery, set boundaries, and decide which behaviors in the relationship you can and cannot accept. Whether or not the relationship is sustained, the act of forgiving is about your own healing; They also are rich in L-tryptophan, which can help with moods and depression. They are also rich in most B-complex vitamins (not B12, however). Pomegranate seeds are also important seeds. Pomegranate has been shown in studies to decrease plaque formation in blood vessels (thus reducing heart disease). Sesame seeds are also high in fiber and calcium and are full of lignans, similar to flaxseeds. Sunflower seeds are rich in vitamin E and plant sterols, which appear to lower cholesterol. Cumin seeds, which have been used for centuries, have antiseptic properties. People often don't think about adding seeds to their diets. Add to breads, cereals, and cold soups. They can be added to smoothies too! Personally, I vote to keep myself out of poverty. On the other hand, lots of people are willing to suffer for several years in poverty while they make their great ambition work.

Robert Caro, the multi-Pulitzer Prize winning author, has spoken out several times in interviews about how, during his first article, The Power Broker, his wife sold the house without his knowledge to keep food on the table. They scraped by, for eight years, in poverty while he devoted his life to this first article about Robert Moses. This article went on to be his 1st Pulitzer Prize-winning article. While these are the stories we hear in interviews, podcasts, television shows, Youtube channels and articles like this one, please realize this is the exception! What if Robert Caro went on to publish this article and his writing sucked? He did have several years under his belt as an investigative journalist and he did spend eight years slaving away at this article. Is that a guarantee it'll be good, though? It could've been a great article, but MANY great articles are hardly ever read. Far too often when there is a separation or divorce the partner holds on to her resentments. I've met many women who, years later, are still consumed with resentments pertaining to their previous partner. This negativity in their life that comes with obsessive resentment darkens every other relationship, be it with their children, friends, coworkers, or new partners. Forgiveness is a moral right, not your moral obligation. Love does not obligate you. Ultimately, forgiveness is remembering and letting go. It is about being true to you. So don't put a timetable on this. Don't put any shoulds onto yourself. Forgiveness is made possible with your commitment to your own recovery practices. People often want to know how much to take and how often. At the end of the day, there is no cocktail recipe.

These nuts and seeds should be part of a whole-grain, plant-based diet. They should be remembered for their calcium, B vitamins, and fiber. They should be remembered as rich in alpha-linolenic acid and lignans. A Brief Note on Children While caution needs to be used with adults, we believe there is more room for flexibility with children. While we prefer they don't eat oils and animal products, they do need more caloric density than their adult counterparts. So, don't hold back on nuts, seeds, and avocado for your children; Just use the oil in moderation for children, and make up the caloric density with nuts and seeds. Then, what would have been the result of those eight years of poverty? These are some troubling thoughts. The longer I live, the more I hear about negative life moments. Marriages falling apart. Businesses failing. Diseases ruining lives. People committing suicide. Families continually in financial burden. Accidents causing death or crippling injuries. Do I really want to spend all my days honing my craft in piano, making just enough to get by, when so much could happen? It may offer you some peace of mind while you are in this journey to have a framework for forgiveness. Only in knowing what that means can you put it into a healing perspective.