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Therapist: You mean, talking won't help? Henry: Yes. What good will it do? Therapist: Sometimes people feel better about things after talking them over. The outer octagonal shape represents the progression from one area of your space and your life to another. The middle symbolizes the progression of colors, seasons, and life according to the eight primary trigrams from the Chinese article of Changes, the I Ching. You stand on the round circles and look to the center, reading the trigrams from this position. This is an approach unique to Professor Lin Yun's teachings, looking towards the center and the earth in all situations. Finally, the inner section is the circle of unity that surrounds and holds the constant movement of the opposites, the dance of yin and yang, yielding and being still, or taking action and remaining firm, which are the polarities of life. When you look at the article of Changes you will see that the trigrams have Chinese names and characters, and those names are also the Chinese names for the eight areas of the Ba-gua. Unity and harmony flow throughout. The article of Changes assists us in developing and strengthening one characteristic that is too weak or small, softens another that is too strong, and perhaps reduces still a third that is too prominent, while remaining balanced and flexible during all of these changes. To the Chinese, everything moves, even when things appear to be at rest, hence the meaning of the yin and yang at the center of the Ba-gua. Yet behind this movement and change, there is a point of reference that does not change, the idea that all of life is governed by an ultimately harmonious system rather than chaos. Reclining Bound-Angle Pose Good for: chronic pain, releasing tension, stress relief This pose is thought to be one of the most important of the restorative series. It allows for deep opening with safety and support. This pose is excellent to use before bed to release worrisome thoughts of the day, to ground and center, and to prepare your body for the restoration of sleep. You will experience a gentle opening of the hips and chest with a focus on breathing, while reducing stress and tension and decreasing the anxiety that accompanies chronic pain.

When lying in this pose, you may be reminded of being cradled in the womb. The setup for this pose is extensive, and many people use it as one long, 30-minute meditative pose. Contraindications: Pregnancy after the first trimester; Pillows can be used to support joints that are stiff and painful. It leads to difficulties. Henry: Yes, but what good does it do to feel better about things if they still go on? Therapist: Sometimes boys and girls can understand the way they really feel about things, and it helps them to know what they really want to do about their situations. Henry: Yes, but after I tell you about it, what if it's still going on? Therapist: I know you feel pretty hopeless, Henry. I can't change your parents. All I can do is to help you think through your own problems. Henry: Well. What good will it do to talk about it if they still keep on the same way? Therapist: You mean, what can you do if they don't change? Einstein presents the Western approach with his view--and I'm loosely paraphrasing--that our life is determined by whether we see the universe as friendly or as hostile. We live and move in very different ways when we see friendship and unity than we would if all of life appeared to us to be chaotic and dangerous. One's view of going with the flow often leads to imagining oneself as a cocreator with the prime mover. With the opposite view, that there is great danger, the automatic response is to withdraw or to fight. The Ba-gua reveals layers of patterns in your living and work space, and in your life, indicating a more harmonious pattern to create balance, move with the flow, and achieve results--your deepest heart's desires. RED ENVELOPES

In China there is an ancient custom associated with good luck, the exchange of new Red Envelopes with money in them. They are given for auspicious occasions, such as New Year's, a wedding, a birthday or anniversary celebration, a holiday, and to honor wisdom. Every time we in the Black Sect Tantric Buddhist tradition share information with someone, the Grand Master of this tradition, Professor Lin Yun, has asked us to exchange Red Envelopes, usually nine new ones. Here are the thoughts of two of Professor Lin Yun's disciples: Props: Pillows, blankets, and bolsters to prop up the torso, hips, and knees; Let's begin. A 36-inch foam roller works well if you don't have access to a yoga bolster. Bend your knees and place your feet on the floor, using your arms for support as you gently lie down. The bolster should support your sacrum through to your head. Adjust the height of the bolster or stack of blankets so that your back feels comfortable. You should have a stack of blankets that props up your upper back. Your head should not be too high or low--your forehead should be higher than your chin, your chin higher than your breastbone, and your breastbone higher than your pubic bone. Once positioned, your torso should be at a 45-degree angle to the floor. The weight of your legs should be completely supported. Henry: Yes. Therapist: I don't really know. But I hope that's something we can work out together, here, when you come to see me. Henry: Suppose it lasts 10 or 15 years and they keep on? Therapist: You just wonder how long you can bear it? Henry: Yes, oh yes.

Therapist: It all looks pretty black. Henry: (Nods. I don't understand why I should dream that. Therapist: You just wonder, Will anybody ever understand me? The following excerpt was written by Lynn Ho Tu, reprinted with permission from Yun Lin Temple News, Vol. Why the Red Envelope Ritual? In the Chinese folk culture and custom, the color red signifies positive power, courageous strength, and auspicious good luck. All of these qualities when combined provide a strong power to drive away negative and evil forces. Besides, the shape of the red envelope resembles an ancient shield that protects the body of a soldier from being harmed. When you receive transcendental knowledge and regardless of the form of receipt, whether it is feng shui advice, mystical, holistic healing or transcendental solutions, or divination, physiognomy, palmistry, meditation, and any other additional teachings of the Black Sect Tantric Buddhism lineage, you should give the person who transmitted such knowledge directly to you a number of red envelopes with some money within each. This offering of the red envelope symbolizes our respectful intention towards the sacred esoteric information. On the other hand, when you are giving away any transcendental information, you must clearly explain the red envelope ritual and request that the person you are helping to comply with the ritual. This process shows your deepest commitment in safe guarding the sacred knowledge you have with greatest caution. Dr Chang Chiu offers his own interpretation of Red Envelopes and feng As you relax, your feet may slide away from you. To use a belt to keep your feet in place, fasten it into a loop long enough to accommodate the distance from your hips to your feet while lying down. You may need to use two belts, together. Bring the belt over your head and position it around your hips. With the soles of your feet together, wrap the free side of the loop around your feet and be careful that the buckle does not press into your skin. Don't try to relax--allow the breath to move through you and the props to do the work.

Follow this with several normal breaths in whatever way feels natural. Let the air come to you. As you inhale, imagine that the breath is breathing you. Allow your intention to follow the inhalation and exhalation with gentle awareness. Henry: Uh-hm. Sometimes I think that something terrible will have to happen before they realize their mistakes. Therapist: As if only something awful would work? Henry: Uh-hm. Therapist: Yes? Henry: Dr Preston Bradley says God counts every tear. Therapist: And you wonder whether God is counting your tears? Henry: Yes, oh yes! This first contact has been presented in some detail in order to indicate Henry's feeling of hopelessness about altering his situation. It is interesting to note that although he stated his inability to see any use in it, he made eager use of the therapist's presence. From an earthy point of view, you pay lawyers, accountants, and doctors who provided services to help you solve your problems. Similarly, you should also compensate a feng shui consultant who employed his or her knowledge, precious experiences, time, and effort to answer your perplexing questions, whether they are related to health, career, or wealth. You do this by offering the consultant red envelopes with offerings in them. The purpose of the feng shui advice is to assist you, not because the feng shui consultant wants to get money out of you. Transcendentally speaking, offering red envelopes symbolizes your sincerity. Secret cures are sacred, and not to be disbursed at random.