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Good for you for getting out there. I bet you learned something, even if the date sucked. Learn to be your own cheerleader. Learn to use that compassionate tone with yourself. This was the key for Shea, our Hesitater from the beginning of the article. Build up muscle, stamina, agility, and flexibility slowly. Human beings are a part of nature. We know that's easy to forget in our modern, industrial, technology-driven world--but it's the truth. Our ancestors lived with this knowledge. We created our lives with the land, not just on it. We turned to Mother Nature for wisdom, healing, and strength. We are meant to be in nature, to experience and witness, and to let it heal our trauma wounds. In a UC Berkeley study, researchers found that one week after veterans and at-risk, inner-city youth who experience PTSD symptoms spent a week white-water rafting, on average participants reported a 29 percent reduction in their PTSD symptoms, a 21 percent decrease in general stress, a 10 percent improvement in social relationships, a 9 percent improvement in life satisfaction, and an 8 percent increase in happiness. The pain of our past experiences is just too much to bear, and so we close off our inner selves. But when we disconnect from the pain (as understandable as it is), we also lose the ability to feel the richness of life. Weren't you tolerant of their mistakes and enthusiastic to hear about their adventures? Didn't you appreciate all the details that they willingly shared with you? If you didn't have a meaningful relationship with your parents because you felt ignored, manipulated, or disrespected, did you pretend that your parents were different people than they actually were? Did you have an imaginary version of that relationship more to your liking? If you could relive the part of your life, what would you want your parents to do for you that they didn't do: listen to you more, hug you more, play sports with you more, go on trips with you more, honor your friends more, or maybe even leave you alone more?

What was left undone or done too much? How was that experience incomplete? How do you feel about that loss and what is it all about? Those feelings don't disappear simply because you pretend the past was different. Those feelings disappear as you give to your children--or to anyone for that matter--what you wish had been given to you. Through our work together, and his weekly sessions with a therapist, he learned to accept himself for who he is now instead of focusing on the person he hopes to be in the future. He's currently single and dating. Now it's your turn. Start today. If not now, when? I've downloaded at least one dating app I have at least five photos I could use for my profile I have two outfits I could wear on a date I've told at least two friends that I am starting to date I've stood in front of the mirror and said, I'm looking for love. To feel gratitude and awe for the majesty of Mother Nature and the Earth we call home means opening ourselves to feeling pain and heartache from the past. And therein lies our paths to recovery. When we turn to nature, walking consciously through her, paying attention to all the little details, we remind our inner selves that there's something much bigger than our traumas, bigger than even ourselves. Being with Mother Nature allows us to let small trickles of light into our worlds. Even if it's just for a moment, that's all it takes.

Once you allow a little awe, wonder, and amazement into your life, it grows even brighter. If you spend time outside, preferably away from traffic, noise, and concrete, you will find a gradual reawakening with yourself and the world around you. Mother Nature can help relieve stress, anxiety, and fear and help your body and mind move from the constant vigilance of danger into a more relaxed space. The more time in nature, the better, but just 20 minutes will do. Research found that 64 percent of participants reported improvement in life satisfaction by spending just 20. In fact, your children offer you the opportunity to recreate the sharing you missed before. Be the caring parent you wish your parents had been with you. The past ceases to be important as you make now the gift with value. The infant believes that her body is the universe. As she gains awareness of the illusion all around her, she continues to believe that her inner senses are keeping her well-informed. She has just left a world where emotion was the source of all her delight, and she expects to have the same experience here. Her body is making all the necessary adjustments to guarantee that her journey is all that she hopes it will be in this new and exciting dimension. She has embarked on this journey to find as many pleasurable sensations as she can. As she matures, she investigates all of them as they make themselves known. You help her to savor the joy of being human by helping her to love her body for the gift it truly is. I'm a dater (or at the very least, I think of myself as a dater! I'm committed to going on at least one date per week I'm practicing talking to myself compassionately--the way I'd speak to a small child or best friend If I hit a roadblock and lose momentum, I commit to trying again instead of indulging my Hesitater ways. STOP TALKING TO YOUR EX

One last thing--I've found that many of my Hesitater clients struggle to commit to dating in earnest because they're hung up on an ex. But this advice holds true for all daters: Stop talking to your ex. We can think of keeping in touch with an ex (in a romantic or potentially romantic way) as keeping a door open. You want the option to change your mind about the relationship. That instinct, like so many others explored in this article, is wrong. Healing from Mother Nature is ancient wisdom that all indigenous people have known and practiced throughout time. Dr Carl Totton explained it this way: All the indigenous medicine men and women around the world, all the shamans, one hundred percent of people that I've studied with, before they do any healing, whether it's mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical, they align themselves to the earth, to nature. They will turn to the south, and they'll say a prayer or blessing, then they'll turn to the west and the north and the east. They'll get down on their hands and knees. They'll touch the earth, look up at the sky. They have aligned themselves emotionally, energetically, spiritually with the protective factors of the earth herself. There's nothing more powerful than that. If you only try one remedy, make it this one. It costs nothing but gives you so much. Just going outside and sitting under a tree or on a rock, or lying in the grass and taking slow, deep breaths, or walking barefoot and feeling the earth will awaken a deep emotional and energetic healing within you. Her soul believes that the one she has will serve her journey well. If she appreciates all that it can do and all that it can feel, she finds the beauty of every function. Her first investigation involves the miracle of sound. As she tests her vocal cords, she stretches them to the limit of her capacity because this is what she hopes to do with every gift she has. As the power of that emanation registers on her ear drums, the power of other sensations clamor for attention, too.

She sees each one as a miracle to be explored. Until she takes them for granted, she loves their newness, explores them to the fullest, and adores the body that holds them. For a while, your infant maintains the sight of God; This vision lasts for however long she delights in what she sees. Gradually, she interprets beyond this light to what is visible in matter. Keeping our ex around makes it harder, not easier, to move on. Research bears this out. As part of an experiment, Harvard psychologists Daniel Gilbert and Jane Ebert created several two-day photography workshops for students. Students shot photos around campus and developed their film with the help of an instructor. At the end of the workshop, the instructor told the students they could choose one of their developed photos for a special art exhibition in London. One group of students were told they had to choose a photo to send that day and couldn't change their minds later. Another group was told to choose a picture now, but that someone would phone in the next few days to see if they wanted to change their selection. When the instructors asked students in the second group if they wanted to change their photos, very few of them did. But when the researchers surveyed the students, the group that couldn't change their minds about their pictures was much more satisfied than the group that could. Why would those students be any less satisfied, especially since most of them stuck to their original selections? These practices will slow your nervous system, cleansing you of pain and negativity. This is not something you can ever receive from a gadget or inside a steel building. Mother Nature heals, but we have to let her in. At his psychotherapy practice, Dr Carl Totton takes an integrative approach with every patient, customizing and individualizing their treatments and the daily techniques and tools he recommends. But there is one practice that he teaches to every patient: meditation.