Whether these challenges show up in the first few months, the first few years, or decades later, their purpose is to seed the insight needed. Nothing in the illusion can stop a soul's evolution; What is your contribution to your child's genetic structure? Well, you had the storehouse of selections he believed would make his dreams come true. Delight in the idea that your child thought evolution looked easy through your particular gene pool. I'm not telling you to marry the next person you go out with, nor am I implying that it's too late if you're past the 37 percent mark. I'm merely suggesting that you likely already have enough data to generate a reasonable, well-informed benchmark. You do not need more research. The next time you meet someone whom you like as much or more than that benchmark, commit to them. GENDER INEQUALITY AND RELATIONSHIP TIMELINES I am a feminist. I believe men and women are and should be equal. However, that does not mean we are the same. We're separated by real biological differences in our reproductive systems. Women's fertility declines in our thirties. Somatic experiencing is often used to help people treat Big T traumas such as sexual or physical abuse, and PTSD, whether or not they were experienced during childhood or adulthood. It tends to be effective for those who have trauma stuck in the body where the nervous system has been hijacked and is operating in danger mode 24/7. Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) Remembering Big T traumas can be too horrific and retraumatizing for the body and mind to recall. Eye movement desensitization reprocessing (EMDR) takes the traumatic memories stored in the amygdala and helps us reprocess them so they no longer trigger an intense fear response or PTSD symptoms.

EMDR works on a wide range of Big T and Little t traumas. A trained therapist will stand in front of you, hold up a finger, and ask you to track their side-to-side motion with your eyes. This movement lights up the right and left parts of your brain. Simultaneously, the therapist may also snap in your ears for an auditory stimulation or alternately tap on acupressure points on your body. You will start by calling up the traumatic memory, going to the worst part of the moment. How did your child gather genes together in the early stages of planning? He did it the same way that you gather ideas together for your new beginnings now. He reviewed his choices; He respects each and every one of them until he senses that someone else doubts them. After he senses that doubt, he may or may not join it. His decision-making process before he got here is the same process he lives after he gets here, and the same process you live today. He came from the wisdom of eternity when he decided to rebirth--just as you come from the wisdom of your past when you make decisions now. As you welcome his wisdom, your wisdom grows. As your wisdom grows, your relationship with him becomes more meaningful to both of you. As a parent, you have the opportunity to help him enjoy his selections. Men can have kids until their late sixties and beyond. To my beloved female readers: If you want to have kids, and you hope to carry them yourself, it's important to incorporate that goal when you consider your dating window. While you don't need a partner to have a kid, this may affect the age by which you'd like to find someone. Although it's expensive, you may want to consider egg freezing. While it's certainly not a guarantee that you can have kids later, it may buy you some time.

I froze embryos, fertilized by my partner's sperm, the month I turned thirty-one because we weren't ready to have kids and wanted to put the decision on ice. Pun intended. As unfair as it is, you will likely hit that 37 percent mark before men your own age. I really wish it weren't this way. But I'd rather you recognize the situation and plan for it, rather than being caught off guard later in life and wishing you'd made different choices. You speak to what you remember, and as you do this, the therapist moves their finger in front of your eyes and you follow it side to side. At some point, the therapist will pause you so you can take a deep breath and then slowly exhale before moving on to the next stage. The technique doesn't require any intervention from the therapist, explained Dr Sam Rader. We don't give any interpretations. We don't try to move the process along in any way, so the client's internal healing resources show up. As soon as they start reprocessing this trauma, it becomes integrated very naturally. If the memories become too painful, the therapist will remind you that you're in the here and now while continuing to do the side-to-side eye movement. As the memories dislodge, the therapist reminds you that no matter what you're remembering, you will be okay. They're helping you to awaken a different connection in your body and mind to the memory, so instead of feeling intense fear and fright, you begin to look at the trauma from a distance as something that happened. Through this process, you may see what the trauma has taught you and the people who may have shown up to help you along this journey. If you don't, he may enjoy them anyway, but why make his journey more difficult? Why not be supportive? Why not assure him that he is all that he needs to be for the journey he has in mind? The infant hasn't yet heard that he can't develop, change, and grow. Therefore, he is a miracle of finesse before your very eyes.

He shows you the explosiveness of God as he changes eye color, hair color, size, shape, and intellect on a day-to-day basis. You call this maturing so no one is surprised to see it happen. If the mass consciousness accepted that change was common at any age, change would be embraced throughout one's life. Your baby is now eating, sleeping, laughing, loving, and above all, revealing her adorable countenance, as well as her insatiable curiosity to all those around her. Before she forms her first opinions about her body, intelligence, talents, and even her health, she is noticing yours. This brings me back to Steven, who was still asking himself: Could I be 5 percent happier with someone else? A few months after Gabby gave Steven her ultimatum, she confronted him once more. He admitted he'd made no steps toward buying a ring. She told him it was over. Enter moving boxes, breakup sex, new profile pictures on social media. Steven sat alone in his half-empty apartment. No couch, no TV, no dresser. Just a bed, some chairs, and his painstakingly researched ultralight camping gear. At that point, I didn't expect to hear from Steven again. Based on my experience with other Stevens, I figured he'd meet new women--people he'd get excited about and then leave when he didn't feel 100 percent certain about them. Thought Field Therapy/Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping When you were growing up, did someone teach you how to engage your nervous system? Did they show you how to take a difficult experience and move it through your mind and body? If you're like most people, it's an emphatic no. But you can learn to instantly release the trapped energy and difficult emotions stored in your mind and body simply by tapping on acupressure points on your body.

This is what Dr Carl Totton used to help a student who was struggling to process and integrate an intense experience. Dr Totton was working as a psychologist in a high school when one morning, a 16-year-old boy was sent to see him. The teenager had been sitting in the back of his English class, hyperventilating, shaking, and sobbing hysterically. He told me over the weekend he was working as a box boy in a supermarket. They got robbed, and someone put a gun to his head. If she feels happy in your opinions, she feels content. If she dislikes your opinions, she worries that something is wrong. When she worries that something is wrong, she begins to doubt herself. She expresses that doubt by revealing to you her most precious side immediately: her unconditional love for you regardless of her unease and regardless of how you feel. Her lively mind is constantly reassuring her that she is the love of God. Naturally, she trusts that you are, too. Even if she senses that you don't believe it, she still does. And she believes it in spite of your irritations, frustrations, and fears, and in spite of your opinions. She offers you her guidance over and over without the slightest hesitation. Watch her carefully. Then, about a year later, he called me. I met someone, he told me. Someone I want to spend the rest of my life with. I was surprised but thrilled. Tell me more.