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Approach the loudest person. Approach the person surrounded by the most people. Correct answer: trick question. All the answers are wrong, as you do not have nearly enough information. In the absence of context, all five answers represent unfounded assumptions about who the decision maker is, and are not nunchi-based judgments. In some cases, the answer will be A) Give your printed sales materials to everyone you see--but this will depend on the business culture. In many parts of the world, you don't make brazen requests to people you have just met; If we must speak of karma, let us recognize that it is instant; Karma is not horizontal, stretching over time and spanning lives; To change our world, we do not have to pay off our past. We have no past. God knows no debt, and as godly beings we cannot owe. To change our world, we must approach it from a fresh perspective. We can look through the eyes of fear, which shows us a world of guilt, owingness, and punishment; The choice is ours, and we can change it at any given moment. If we must speak of God, then let us know the God of only love. The altars of the Lord of Wrath and a God of Grace stand before us. Personal grooming practices such as washing one's hair, bathing, and brushing one's teeth are important at this age, especially where social impressions are concerned. However, as one girl reports: I never became interested in how I looked. I did such a poor and fast job brushing my hair, one day I found that all underneath it was one giant knot so bad, it had to be cut out with a razor blade.

As I mentioned in article 1, during this period of development when hyperactivity tapers off, bipolar characteristics tend to become more obvious. Mood swings become more dominant and extreme. Deeper depressions are more likely to occur during this stage, as are extreme rages. Destruction of self or destruction of objects also becomes more likely. Unprotected sex, alcohol, drugs, reckless driving, cutting school, defying rules, breaking laws--all of these are behaviors to which these children are prone. Shaun reports that his manias often coincided with his drinking binges and rages, which were then followed by depressive episodes. Once Shaun even tried to commit suicide by taking an overdose of his mother's tranquilizers. Of course, you probably googled the company and their team while in the taxi, but if you still don't recognize anyone at the cocktail event, take a few more minutes to stand around and sip your drink, or stand by a place with a lot of foot traffic. Eye-measure the room. Even if your time is limited--especially if your time is limited--you have to have a plan before you start talking to people. If you don't know who the decision maker is, you don't have to give yourself brain fever trying to guess, based on limited clues such as clothing and voice. Instead, look for the helpers. In business, and in life in general, you need to find the most helpful person, not necessarily the highest-ranking person. At corporate events such as a promotional cocktail party, there will usually be a person pouring wine, either professional bartenders or lowly interns--people that a no-nunchi person might dismiss as being not important enough to bother with. But you are not a no-nunchi person; You know that if someone has been asked to serve drinks, it's also their job to be polite and helpful. Ask that person point-blank who the decision maker is and how best to approach them. Either one will give us its gifts as we bow down to it. Where do you choose to worship? The Invincible Summer

Albert Camus declared, In the midst of winter I discovered within me an invincible summer. Adversity is the soil in which seeds of greatness are grown. Every great person has achieved mastery not in spite of their challenges, but because of them. Difficulties are not boulders to crush us, but stones to build a stairway to the stars. As I was walking with a medical doctor on his property in northern California, he picked a few leaves from a bush and offered me one. Would you like some poison oak? Why would I want some poison oak? After years of enduring ridicule, of being misunderstood by family members, friends, physicians, and educators, these adolescents often seek relief in whatever form they can find. Although autistic spectrum disorders and ADHD share the same sets of symptoms, not all symptoms appear at the same time or at the same degree of severity, which again makes diagnosis difficult. Likewise, not all individuals will exhibit all of the symptoms, again propagating misdiagnosis and mistakes in treatment. What is also clear from these examples, though, is the pain, loneliness, and misunderstanding that these children feel. They have great difficulty understanding communication and thereby have a tremendous obstacle to overcome in socializing. And as if these difficulties alone were not enough, these children are often misunderstood by the very adults seeking to help them--their parents, doctors, and teachers. Consequently, as the faces of these disorders change between one developmental stage and the next, what begins on the part of parents as an earnest quest for help for their children often ends in despair, conflict, and even tragedy. The answers are there; With early and proper diagnosis, parents can understand and appreciate their child as he moves from stage to stage into adulthood. Careers and Relationships They might not know, but they may at least introduce you to their boss, and so on, till you reach someone who can make that introduction with no further intermediaries. I'm sure you've heard people say that you should never do business with anyone who is rude to waitstaff. This is not only kind;

More often than not, the seemingly insignificant staff are the ones who are omniscient. Think about the one person in your office who seems to know everything that's going on and is allowed to interrupt the CEO with impunity: very often, it's the front-desk receptionist or the office manager. A nunchi ninja knows that you need these people on your side. Nunchi and Relationships In seventh grade at my school in Seoul, the social studies textarticle opened with a quote from Aristotle: Man is by nature a political animal. I remember this vividly because the text was accompanied by a photograph of ants, and I hate ants. The article went on to explain that, despite living in groups, ants don't have to be political to survive, because they operate solely on instinct. I used to be so allergic to the plant that I would break out in awful rashes if I even came near the stuff, he explained. Once I was hospitalized for it. To my astonishment, he placed the leaf in his mouth and started munching on it. Now I eat a leaf every day to build my resistance to it. It hasn't bothered me in years. The principles of homeopathy and vaccination demonstrate that ingesting small doses of poisons actually strengthens our resistance to them. This is how the experience of hardship can become our friend. In the popular video game, hungry ghosts chase Pac Man around a maze, seeking to gobble him up if he is caught off guard. If, however, Pac Man is prepared for them (by eating power nuggets along the way) Pac Man eats the ghosts and gains points and stamina. Then the remaining ghosts have to run from Pac Man. Adults with ADHD and Asperger's Syndrome If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. Most of you are reading this article in the hope of discovering answers to help your children.

But what about your spouse, or even you? Do you find yourself trapped in repetitive patterns of behavior, regardless of circumstance, that are destructive to your relationships or careers? Unfortunately, as with children, both ADHD and Asperger's syndrome cause tremendous pain and suffering in adults who are misdiagnosed or never diagnosed at all. Imagine the numbers of adults who have grown up without the benefits of medications and treatment. Teens at the mercy of mood swings, anxiety disorders, and oppositional behavior turn into adults whose struggles to maintain a sense of normalcy in their daily routines don't go away. Adults, too, self-medicate with drugs or alcohol, develop addictions to gambling, suffer from eating disorders, or simply find life too painful and commit suicide. Regardless of whether you agree with our premise about ADHD and the autistic spectrum, one thing is certain: These conditions are inseparable from the devastation they cause. The fact that a Korean school textarticle would begin in this way is a testament to how much Korean culture values seeing oneself as part of a larger organism. Korea's Confucian roots, which still run through the country's surface, are based on the belief that every member serve a role that interlocks with everyone else. Deviating from your role disrupts the whole and, if everyone were to do it, society would disintegrate. That said, Confucianism is impractical in modern capitalist life, which is why much of it has fallen by the wayside in Korea. But it is interesting how closely old Korean society was aligned with the ancient Greek philosophers, specifically the belief that humans live in a group because they cannot survive outside it. Again, from Aristotle: the complete community. The good life. Isn't that what we all want? I studied philosophy as an undergraduate, in pursuit of an answer to the question of where the good life was to be found. It turned out to be sort of a Wizard of Oz situation--the answer was in my own backyard, in my own upbringing: the good life comes about in large part through nunchi, and the observation of others. Amazingly, the ancient Buddhist tradition contains a legend that remarkably resembles the modern Pac Man principle. The story is told that when a band of demons came to eat the Buddha's flesh, they were unable to destroy him. Instead, as they came into his presence, they became enlightened and were transformed to become his disciples.