These are all ways to notice that you are experiencing resistance. Resistance is natural. It is by compassionately and directly inquiring why it is there that we can begin to work with it, instead of battling it and setting up unhelpful polarities that create more resistance. Working with Resistance There are a few ways to work with resistance. The first is to work with it whenever you notice it come up. For example, say you are working with your knee and your knee reveals that it is holding a lot of anger from your divorce. You ask what it needs, and there is no reply. Or you feel some sort of shift but that there is something still there that you cannot get answers about. You may also notice a sense of stubbornness, lack the ability to even focus on your knee, or do not hear any answers (or perhaps a This is stupid). What are your reasons for wanting to treat DID? How do you keep the client's best interest in mind? Give specific examples. List as many ways as you can think of that DID has been helpful to your client's survival. What do you see your client doing to function effectively? How can you encourage your client to continue to develop those skills? What skills or behaviors does your client need that he or she is currently lacking? For Concerned Persons Are you able to appreciate what the DID person in your life has done to survive? What can you say and do to show your support?

His journey in life is none of my business. It might seem strange, but Marissa realized that her brief encounter with Will was a gift. He was the perfect person to help heal her abandonment issues, and in ways that we don't know, she was perfect for him, too. We could easily just leave it at Marissa met a real jerk, but what would that say about the Universe? It just randomly sent Marissa a thoughtless guy? Just to make her life miserable? Could there be a reason? If this is an all-knowing, all-loving Universe--always moving us toward healing--then there must be a good reason Will was sent to Marissa. Since she was so ready to use this man and the moment in her life to go deeper into her abandonment issues, in many ways the wrong guy was the perfect guy for her healing. People in intimate relationships usually have the same issues, but in reverse. Meditating will help you know how to control your mind and your focus despite distractions and this is a good way to practice and achieve mindfulness even in your daily life. DO SOME MINDFULNESS EXERCISES There are also some mindfulness exercises you can try to achieve the state of being mindful. These exercises can help you focus your attention on the present and take your mind off past thoughts and future thoughts and worries. These exercises can also aid your meditation and master it. Mindfulness Exercises for Beginners: Breathing Exercise. This refers to using breathing to practice mindfulness and meditation. The breathing exercise will help you improve your focus and your concentration. This is the most basic exercise for mindfulness.

How much is scented alcohol and water per ounce? A lot less than cologne that makes a woman stop in her tracks and look at me like that woman did in the commercial. But what if we don't buy the right jeans, wear the right makeup, have the right waist size, or belong to the right tribe? We experience pain. And sadly, many harm themselves in an effort to forget about the pain others caused. The narrative is broken. When we buy lies over truth, we're settling for what seems to be the new reality. Not because it is reality but because the fiction feels like reality. Counterfeits can seem so real. It's not that we're dense; Our comparisons, if they really existed at all in times when our survival was our primary focus, were few. Today, they're endless. And today we see only what the others want us to see, the images they want to show us. Taking pictures of the work, the toiling, the frustration, the persistent and consistent effort doesn't get `likes', so people are rewarded when they show only the result of said work, and we look at what they have, where they are, what they've accomplished, and shit on our lives for our perceived deficiencies. Be careful. Your story is the only story you have. Your history is the only foundation you have to build upon. You cannot change what was, you can only craft what will be. Take pride in where you've come from even if it's a horrible place, because turning that horrible place into something grand is truly something to be proud of. Myths That Make Men Mediocre

Rather, you likely want genuine connection with other people but don't feel confident that they want it with you. So if you ask yourself, Am I receiving molecules that make me happy? Then what do you do? How do you change old belief patterns to get more of what you want? You need to be aware of yourself in the moment and ask yourself to make one small change at a time. You might wonder how you can be mindful of yourself in every moment. It probably seems huge and overwhelming. Let's make it a bit easier. When you are feeling content, happy, eager, and joyful, you won't have much call to be mindful of yourself unless you want to boost that happiness by noticing it and feeling grateful. Your main call for being mindful in the moment is when you are having a reaction to something that causes feelings within you that you don't want to send to others or receive more of in return. Proximity: You should not stand too close while talking to another person because their private space is being harmed and they feel uncomfortable. It also looks as if you do not possess any social and moral values. The appropriate distances of striking a conversation have been described in the previous articles, based on the type of relationship you share with the other person. Blinking: It is a normal action to blink your eyes. However, people consider over blinking being a symbol of nervousness and anxiety. Fake smile: it is easy to decipher a real smile and a fake smile. Real smile involves the entirety of your facial muscles and not only your mouth. When you are happy and smile, your eyes glow too. Common types of fake smile are the tight-lipped smile and half-smile. Building a good rapport through body language

Perhaps one needs it only once. The moral lesson illness teaches is that there are undesired and undeserved pains that must be lived through, that beneath the facade of bland optimism regarding the natural order of things, there is a deeper apprehension of a dark, hurtful stream of negative events and troubles. Change, caprice, and chaos, experienced in the body, challenge what order we are led to believe--need to believe--exists. Disability and death force us to reconsider our lives and our world. The possibility for human transformation, immanent or transcendent, sometimes begins with this disconcerting vision. Literalists about behavior and its sources may thus acquire a more textured, figurative, self-reflective vision of the world. The rational calculus that is supposed to make supply and demand the hard-headed wisdom of economic man will seem to mystify what is at stake in self-knowledge for man the afflicted. For the seriously ill, insight can be the result of an often grim, though occasionally luminous, lived wisdom of the body in pain and the mind troubled. For family members and practitioners, moral insight can emerge from the felt experience of sympathy and empathy. It is this particular sense that I take to be the inner moral meaning of chronic illness and care. You can also do this work separately. This means that you may wish to focus on your resistance for a period of time, because you either know it is a big issue for you or you are simply ready to bring some focus and healing to the topic overall. We all have this push-pull to moving forward and wanting to stay who and what we are. Working with resistance generally, as well as separately, can really allow you to understand all the parts of you that may not wish to engage in inner work. When you are doing the work with the body deva, or any of the work in the following articles on inner children, past lives, and ancestral healing, you may realize that in some way you are resisting. While, certainly, information sometimes just doesn't come up, the energy of resistance feels like stubbornness, a blocked or hiding sensation. You may also find that this work isn't going anywhere--not because you haven't made a valiant effort, but because there is a layer of confusion or some type of feeling of obstruction. You may also find that resistance presents as impatience, a thought that you should be able to heal everything you carry within on the first try, or a belief that you have no inner work left to do. By approaching these beliefs as resistance, they can be moved past and further successful work can be done. There are a few ways to work with this.