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Let's also think about what kind of person Mark is. Mark is like most people. He doesn't have a lot of genuine trust or faith in the goodness of humanity, as discussed in article 3. Mark would like to trust people more, but he's had bad experiences, and can't even trust himself to commit to his goals. Mark also wanted to grow up and be a doctor, but finances were tight, and he enjoyed school a little too much, as he got kicked out and settled for a less paying medical job. He was never informed about the harsh lessons of article 4 and 5, where, if he wanted to pursue extraordinary goals, he needed to be an extraordinary individual first. And now, Mark feels alone, with seemingly no one in his environment to turn to. After years of failure, due to poor resources, life becomes pretty demoralizing for Mark. Will his acting-out behavior affect your health? Have the family finances been impacted? How has the money been acquired, and how much has been spent to engage in the behavior? Are there any legal issues, such as the possibility of other children or legally binding arrangements with others? Did he engage in any behaviors with friends, family members, or other individuals known to you? Most sex addiction experts believe disclosure is beneficial to the addict, the partner, and the coupleship. Truth telling is an important component in restoring trust. For the partner, this type of disclosure has the potential to: For the addict, it: For both, it begins the opportunity to: In addition, persistent elevation of cortisol can lead to insulin resistance, which can cause chronic disease states, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Chronic stress can lead to higher levels of anxiety, increased depression, and insomnia.

Other functions, such as cognition, memory, and reproduction, are also adversely affected. Do you get sick more often when you are stressed? Is your memory worse when you are stressed? Remember that cortisol is about the balance between inflammation and anti-inflammation. In chronic stress, that balance is disrupted, and even with high levels of cortisol, the body becomes resistant and the balance with anti-inflammation is lost. Cortisol plays a role in aging as well. First, let's discuss how aging affects the body. Aging is defined as the process of growing old, and this involves every cell in our bodies. He's come to the grim conclusion that foolish behavior is everywhere, and it's even celebrated by most of the world. Mark realizes that it's actually going against the grain to seek wisdom. It's going against the norm to rebel against rebellious behavior. There's plenty of people like Mark who at this point, would've simply given up. The challenge is too great to fight and prosper in life, so they choose to settle for what's easily within their reach. But a few people, including Mark, decided to go to a resource that's booming with knowledge. The Rise of Unlimited Knowledge and Wisdom All hope can't be lost! Why do we see so many people thriving and making a good life for themselves? We see that our environment around us sucks, but obviously, these impactful people we see on television or the news or in articles did something to get where they are at. I was pushed into telling my partner by my counselor. I went to treatment only because I knew this time she would really leave me.

I didn't really get what it meant to be an addict. When questioned in treatment, I was honest about what I had been doing. But I didn't want to tell her because I knew she would be mad and I would disappoint her. I knew deep down she was the best person ever in my life. I knew she loved me when I couldn't and hadn't been able to love myself. I didn't want her to see the terrible person I was. But I put my trust in those counselors, and today I believe it was important to put the information into the light--it is what allowed us to move forward. I'm sitting in front of the woman I married and she can't look at me. Chronologic age is the number of years we are alive, but a person's biological age may be different, depending on different insults to their systems. That is why we see so-called age-related illnesses at different ages in different people. All cells in the body are continually dividing. It is a necessary function of life. All cells have genetic material (genes) in them that assign the cells their jobs. The genetic material defines who we are and how we think. Our genes are carried in our chromosomes. Chromosomes have caps on the ends called telomeres, whose job is to protect genetic material and promote chromosomal stability. Each time a cell divides, chromosomes are split, but the telomeres shorten because they cannot replicate with each splitting. Telomere shortening has been correlated with the aging of cells. What did they do? So, now Mark, like many of us, turns to the Internet.

Interacting with the Internet includes its many critical comment sections and forums, but most of us have wised up to the fact that there's a lot of negativity and hatred. There's a lot of blame going around on any topic imaginable. If you aren't careful about who you follow on social media, your article can be rife with this banter. Then you start to believe in the hatred of supreme powers and you become yet another keyboard warrior. But, as the Internet caught on more and more, good people found ways to promote themselves. Genuinely helpful people saw a platform that can be broadcasted to almost anybody, and they figured out a way to share great insights. What's even better is that it's actually, somewhat working. Dr Jordan Peterson is a psychologist who has created a firestorm of popularity. She seems so fragile, and I tell her all of these things about myself. I felt worse than an animal that lives underground. I felt I didn't deserve her. I so didn't want her to leave me but knew she might. I had to do this for us to have a chance. The impact of planned and mediated disclosures vary, but again, if working with skilled sex addiction and partner trained therapists, partners will find a mediated disclosure was needed to go forward with healing. THE DRIBBLING EFFECT Even when you participate in a mediated disclosure, and you think you've been told the whole story, many partners experience what I call the dribbling effect. You think you have been told everything, and then with time more and more information gradually reveals itself. As we sat in a therapist's office and he told me what had been going on throughout our entire marriage, I kept asking him if that was all, had he told me everything. Ultimately, without telomeres, our cells stop dividing. Without cell division, the body cannot repair and is prone to illness and dysfunction.

This expedites biologic aging. Chronic stress is associated with shorter telomere length, which can then cause cells to stop dividing, and, ultimately, is associated with increasing biological age. In other words, chronic stress may be associated with premature aging and the onset of age-related illness. This is an area of great interest right now. Consider what age-related illnesses can do to us. With age, lung capacity is reduced, digestive enzymes in our guts decrease, brain size can shrink, and the cushions between the disks in our spines can grow smaller, causing us to actually lose height. Functionally, as we age, cognitive function diminishes. Vision weakens, as well as other senses, such as smell and hearing. He started back in 2013, uploading his lectures online. He had been a clinical psychologist and professor at universities, like Harvard and Toronto, for decades. As he started to learn about the popularity of Youtube, he wondered if he could be able to engage with an audience outside the classroom. Sure enough, his teachings on Slaying the Dragon Within Us, and other religious deep-dives, caught on. He saw as many as 50,000 people watch his lectures in the early years. This really impressed him, because, instead of just his couple hundred students in the university, he's now teaching tens of thousands on Youtube. As his popularity on Youtube was starting to break out, there was a proposed law that included numerous social justice solutions. One of those items included gender pronouns and what people who are between genders or non-binary need to be called. The law provided a list of 70+ pronouns that citizens of Canada would be given to use in order to call these non-binary people something appropriate. Citizens in Canada would be required to use these pronouns to acknowledge these people. He swore that was it. He was crying, asking me not to leave.