ADDITIONAL PRACTICE FOR THE OLD Before ending the session - say mentally 'I am forgiving all the people who have hurt me and insulted me. They are ignorant people. God show them the right path. have forgiven them, which has made me receptive to the divine energy. are the people who want to help and support you, to guide you on your personal journey, ensuring you are moving forward in the right direction, the direction you want to head in. you need now are the tools to work it', to master the art of building your effective and strategic network. <a href='[]=<a+href=></a>'>This</a> is what we'll get into in part III. <a href='[]=<a+href=></a>'>Madeline</a> Stone,9 of the most inspiring rags-to-riches stories in business', Business Insider, 25 October 2015. Cobb, Workplace bullying: a global overview', Management Issues, 8 July 2011. <a href='[]=<a+href=></a>'>So</a> there you have it. <a href='[]=<a+href=></a>'>Now</a> you know the secret to success: your 12 key people and personalities. <a href='[]=<a+href=></a>'>Your</a> Promoters, Pit Crew, Teachers and Butt-kickers will push and pull you towards your goals, stretch and challenge you, encourage you to reach out beyond the status quo, help you achieve what you never thought possible. <a href='[]=<a+href=></a>'>Hopefully</a> your network already includes individuals who fill many of the roles you identified in articles 5 and 6. <a href='[]=<a+href=></a>'>But</a> it's highly likely that working through part II has identified gaps and some realaha' insights into who you need to find to make up your network puzzle of you. you can, but unfortunately my answer does not count. You need to have a level of confidence that will see you to the point of starting. As I have said, it is not about finishing but about starting. You just need enough confidence to start taking action towards achieving the goal, because your confidence will grow when each of these actions and activities is completed. I like to use the analogy of the iceberg: it's what's under the surface that causes most damage, whether that's your subconscious, your beliefs or your level of confidence.

How many people do you know who you believe have everything together, and yet when you really get to know them they have just as many doubts as you do? All of us have fears. It could be fear of failure, fear of success or fear of change. The only way to overcome your fear is through action. I love the quote . Watch when your mind carries you away and bring it back to your hands. Let it go . Bring your attention to your neck and face. Is your neck forward, back, held or balanced? Scan your facial features: chin, jaw, lips, tongue, nose, forehead, scalp. What expression are you wearing on your face? you look like a gargoyle? do this for twenty seconds. Finally, for twenty seconds, bring your focus to your whole body from your feet, up through your body, to the top of your head; Let it go . Then, tomorrow morning, when we go for our horseback ride, I'll show you another secret about storms, something most folks never figure `cause they're too busy looking the other way: Storms have a way of leaving the places they pass through refreshed and revitalized. Yep, he finished his last thought as they settled in for their storm watch, A good storm makes everything new! So, what do you say? Do you think you're up for this kind of special adventure? From the bright look in her eyes he could see that Chelsea wasn't just up for this high adventure;

There are three key lessons we should take from this story. First, before we can learn to free ourselves from our own fearful reactions to unwanted events, we must realize just how worthless fear actually is--especially when we turn to it to protect us from what are essentially bad dreams wrought from the darkened works of our own imagination! When it comes to these stormy moments in life, what we resist always persists. In truth, it is our not wanting to be in a psychological storm that produces the very storm of unwanted feelings that we don't want! One of the things that makes uncertain times so hard to bear is the flood of fearful feelings that seems to travel with them, like hard rains we are sure will soon fall from a distant, dark cloud on the horizon. I have no idea, I said, I guess I need to work that out. Next, who is your audience? What do they want, what are their problems? This question was so basic, and yet I had no clue. I guess I need to think about that, too, I said. Once you have figured out who your audience is, you have to define which platforms they use. Mm-hm, I said as I wrote this down in my notearticle. Then what are you going to tell them? What is the gap of information they might have? This was going to be hard, I now realized. Some simulate waves breaking on the shore, while others generate a gentle whirring sound. In hotels, I always request a floor fan so I can sleep without hearing slamming doors or my neighbors' romantic epiphanies. Invest in light-blocking shades. If you're a late-night television devotee, don't allow the television set into your bedroom. Turn your alarm clock away from you so you won't be distracted by its light--or, if you're tossing and turning, its relentless countdown (only three more hours before the alarm, two more hours, one more hour .

Dismayingly, a National Sleep Foundation survey of American couples found that a quarter complained their partner interfered with a good night's rest. Talk about too close for comfort! The most common gripe was snoring. was tossing and turning, blanket stealing, teeth gnashing, and monopolizing the mattress. Get this: when one person moves in bed, there's a 75 percent chance that the partner will be disturbed. The change in terms prompts a reflexive, defensive stance. This process is counterproductive to the aim of accountability and justice. When people feel as if the sentence they face is unjust and that they are being mistreated, they will not engage honestly with whatever mistreatment they themselves might have inflicted upon others. If the punishment does not suit the crime, there is an innate disavowal of the whole system. There is more lost here than just the defendant's sense of fairness. we forgo an honest engagement in which accountability is accepted and a just consequence results, we lose a central tenet of justice. Punishment is intended in part to right a wrong, to reconcile an injury. A core principle of justice is that accountability and responsibility ought to be accepted. Victims' families speak of the hurt they feel in the absence of any kind of apology. How much more so when the act itself, and responsibility for it and for its implications, is not even acknowledged? I (Dr Cloud) talked to someone the other day whose negative feelings were escalating. To hear her tell it, there was not one caring person in the whole world, and even if there were, she was so bad that this person couldn't possibly love her. I stopped her and asked her to look at her thinking. As she began to see how destructive and negative it was, she began to return to the real picture--she was sad over the loss of a friend. She simply needed someone to help structure her thinking that was becoming increasingly negative.

You might find it helpful to keep track of your involuntary negative thoughts during the week and then challenge them. Self-talk is an important form of containment. Develop Action Plans As you and your support team think about the things that you are dealing with, develop some action steps. These steps might include building more support, reading certain articles or articles, doing some homework assignments, studying a portion of the Bible, or confronting someone. Now I feel God's energy and blessings flowing through me. But for ordinary mortals, how healthy a person is depends primarily on what he or she eats. Yoga and other health systems can work better when the food requirements of the body are met. Body tissues need continual replacement of nutrients; Also the nutrients depend on one another to carry out their function properly. They are not effective in the absence of specific other nutrients. For example, iron can be absorbed only in the presence of Vitamin C. And as this vitamin cannot be stored in the body, unless it is taken regularly, one might get iron deficient ailments inspite of taking food rich in this mineral. Hence all the categories of food must be included in one's diet. Food deficiency can lead to wide and varied problems including some peculiar ones, as can be seen from the following. Do you need to cut from your network someone who functions as one of the 12 Shadow Archetypes? Do you need to find a Cheerleader, Professor, Mentor or Balancer? In the next part, we'll explore how to go about filling these gaps. We'll explore the tools you need to start to really work your strategic and smart network. Coasting through networking events and virtual connections will not transport you from here to success.