ALWAYS get the email address of every customer who has ever bought from you or asked about your service. ALWAYS be prepared to promote yourself and your business--whether you are at the grocery store, in line at the department store, or anywhere else. Perhaps you overhear someone complain about not being able to sleep, or that they have no energy. Any conversation that you hear where someone is talking about a problem that your business can solve, be ready to talk to that person, hand them your business card, and let them know you have a solution for their problem. Take advantage of every up-to-date tool that is available. Treat your business like a million-dollar business and it will respond like one! I'll say it again, because it's so important: Treat your business like it's a million-dollar business. Angeliska sat back and asked, What do you want to focus on today? I don't know, said Amanda. Her questions were so all pervasive that it seemed impossible to focus on one. What's going on in your world? Her eyes were large, glittering with eye shadow. Her smile was genuine and welcoming. Amanda exhaled and began to speak. She talked about work, love, and fear. Angeliska laid out nine cards, then added six more as they spoke. The session felt like an hour with a brilliant therapist. A fact that made her admirable and deeply annoying in equal measure! Her potential and intelligence were immediately apparent, and she is very much living up to them as CEO of consulting firm Emergent, as the co-chair on the United Nations Youth G20 Summit, as a board member for the Port Adelaide AFL club and as an expert who helps organisations engage and get the most out of their next-generation talent.

We spoke to Holly about the need to build confidence in those we work with by building on achievable wins and creating a bias to success. This requires an ability to translate intent and instructions into practicality and actions. She talked to us about the need to translate our whats and whys into hows. It's a thought that was echoed by Jason Forrest, the CEO and chief culture officer of FPG in Fort Worth, Texas. Jason is an award-winning leadership and sales coach who is an expert at creating high-performance, high-profit, and Best Place to Work' cultures. <a href=''>Jason</a> suggested,We need to break things down for people, make things bite-sized, digestible and executable. What this all means for us in developing the Forever Skill of translation is that we need to shift our focus from that of broadcasting information out to one of lifting understanding up. Translation, therefore, might be thought of as shifting from the context of source information, or from our own points of view, to helping those we are communicating with to experience our intended meaning. One favorite part of this tributary is the nearly five-mile stretch called Clear Fork Gorge where hills covered with mature conifers and hardwoods rise three hundred feet from a valley one thousand feet wide. Placed on the National Registry of Natural Landmarks by the National Park Service, the gorge can be viewed from below in a canoe or above from a ridge where the forested slope plummets steeply to the stream; This part of the forest is off-limits to hiking, so there are no footpaths descending the steep hillside. If quiet is the place where one can listen fifteen minutes and not hear a human-created sound, then there are quiet places on the Mohican River and in the surrounding forest. One trail offering varied terrain and forest ecosystems follows the north side of the river from the state park headquarters and passes near the Clear Fork Gorge State Nature Preserve before terminating at Pleasant Hill Dam. One of the more challenging hiking trails--and consequently less traveled--begins at the fire tower and traverses four miles through part of the state forest to the modern covered bridge at State Route 97. From there to Charles Mill Lake, the trail follows the river through the Mohican State Park and reveals spectacular vistas, large trees, rocky outcroppings, and two waterfalls (Big and Little Lyons Falls) but also many more hikers and picnickers, as this is most visitors' favorite part. While the park boasts only about eight miles of well-used trails, the forest contains about fifty miles of less-visited paths dedicated to snowmobiling and horseback riding but which hikers can also use to take them into back country with varied forest ecologies, cliffs and gorges only slightly less spectacular than those in the park, and openings that reveal rolling countryside and farmland. Along parts of the trail, one can imagine the awe as well as fear that pioneers must have felt when riding or walking through those deep woods. One of the longer bridle trails passes an old church now boarded up and standing near the tiny Sand Ridge Cemetery, established in 1803 and containing many weathered headstones with indecipherable names and dates. I know for a fact that Donald Trump only talks to people that have been cleared as being serious players and have the $300,000 to join. As a member of his West Palm Beach Golf Club, and as someone he mentored, sometimes daily for over six years, I learned a lot about business.

You have to know that key players are invested. What is better than you personally calling every single customer to let them know about your great new product or service? Letting technology do it for you! Information CDs, DVDs, newsletters, websites, direct mailing information, and informational text messaging can all be utilized to reach your target market. How many people can you personally talk to without becoming exhausted? How many marriages are broken up because of fifteen-hour days, no vacation, and no fun time? How much of your children's lives have you missed working overtime, trying to get that raise? If I am only working four hours a day, but getting ten times the same results that you are working fourteen-hour days, seven days a week, then I am working smarter than you. When Amanda later replayed the audio recording, she could hear Angeliska pointing and referring to cards, but during the hour, it had felt as if Angeliska were just listening. As if Amanda had a supercool older sister who wore gold eye shadow and genuinely heard Amanda. Amanda struggles with the past, said Angeliska (the Six of Swords--a woman and child being rowed across turbulent water in a boat filled with swords, which Angeliska said could represent emotional baggage). She needs to purge her metaphorical rowboat and move on. Amanda, said Angeliska, is afraid of joy. She needs to get quiet with herself. She has an incredible group of women around her (Three of Cups--an illustration of three beautiful women in togas raising goblets, perhaps filled with fizzy water instead of wine). She needs to get naked more (the Two of Cups, showing two lovers) and recognize the love she has (the Ten of Cups, depicting a couple and their children under a rainbow). And in the center: the Seven of Wands, a warrior playing whack-a-mole. Angeliska pointed out that Amanda is in a constant state of preparing for battle. Whether it's person to person, person to people, people to people or even person to machine in the future some time, translation is a skill that is crucial. Being able to say something in such a way that someone else can not just hear it, but act on it, has always been powerful.

It always will be. Simplify the complex. Curate the information that matters. Use the appropriate language. Think in terms of education not information distribution. Make your ideas accessible, achievable and actionable. In some ways, this might be considered the most problematic of the three clusters of Forever Skills, as the very concept of control has rather a lot of baggage associated with it. You may even be feeling a little uncomfortable right now and less than excited to read on. Veteran back country hikers who know the forest well have identified evidence of native and pioneer dwellings. Local naturalists call it a little piece of Canada because glaciers, pushing the soil southward, stopped at the Mohican hills, where observers now can spot cerulean warblers and other songbirds usually seen farther north. On the Black Fork of the Mohican, Charles Mill Lake--1,350 acres in size, with thirty-four miles of shoreline--appears natural but is not. Constructed in 1938, the Charles Mill Dam, one of fourteen built along the Muskingum Watershed by the US Army Corps of Engineers, turned three rather deep natural lakes (about fifty to one hundred feet) into one large body of water only about eight feet in depth. Nevertheless, with its resident populations of eagles, ospreys, egrets, and herons and visited by migrating sandhill cranes and white pelicans, the lake looks beautiful in any season. Natural history is omnipresent in this area, although few people know it. The greatest natural disaster in Ohio history was the flood of 1913, caused by four days of torrential rain over land that had been robbed of its forest cover throughout the nineteenth century, which left about 450 people dead and two hundred fifty thousand homeless. Downtown Dayton, the hardest hit municipality, lay covered by twenty feet of water. In response, the Ohio General Assembly created four flood-control districts, of which the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District, organized in 1933, served eastern Ohio--about 20 percent of the state's total area, or nearly eight thousand square miles. The districts are governed by boards of directors chosen by judges in the counties included in the region, but day-to-day operations are carried out by seven board-appointed executives who are mostly not known by the people living in the district. My group and I talk to more than one million leads a day. Everyone is taught to speak to at least 10 people a day.

How can you make the income that those who came into this business 10 to 20 years before you when you are reaching such a small demographic? While we were sleeping, I developed my retail system when I found myself repeating the same sales pitch, or information spiel, 10 to 20 times a day. It felt like I was in the factory again! That wasn't going to work. Since I was saying the same thing over and over, why not just make a recording? The people calling in could be screened, making sure that no energy was wasted on people not serious about buying. That is working smarter. Every time you make a sale, give that person a sample along with information on another item or service you sell. When the tiger is there, said Angeliska, you can deal with it. But always worrying, Is there a tiger? That isn't useful. Amanda said, Wow. Her brain said, Is there a tiger? Worrying is praying for things you don't want to happen, said Angeliska. Whoa, said Amanda. Her brain said, Is there a tiger? Because I'm ready, if so. To retrain yourself out of that mind-set is going to be a big thing, I think, said Angeliska. Depending on your political or philosophical views, the word `control' might conjure up authoritarian or militaristic imagery, planned economic systems and government overreach and bureaucracy. Alternatively, one might consider control to be contrary to natural law or an unfair impingement on our spirituality.