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If you still have fears around being assertive, start small, where it is easiest; The next key skill is learning. That's right, Susan agreed. At first, it was scary to even contemplate a different kind of future, because the corporate salary has given us everything. Everything but purpose, that is. Once I flipped the script and made purpose the focus, a floodgate of possibilities opened up. Within a few weeks, Susan's future had started to come into sharper focus. She knew that she wanted to use her experience leading major corporations to help others find their own pathways to success. She didn't want to start a company of her own per se, but she did want to help others launch and grow successful businesses. Above all, she wanted to help the next generation of female business leaders find their way in the world. Now that Susan had a clear handle on the story of her future, she was ready to start workshopping it with other people. That brought her solidly into Step 2 of the process: identifying the future forces that must be harnessed to bring the future to life. It is best to make the resolution to perform one activity each day with special care. Be it the food, the creation of a file at work or a conversation with your partner. You will very quickly find that your quality of life, your concentration and also your performance improve considerably. The fantasy journey The Fant a siereise is one of the most relaxing and pleasant meditation exercises, because you can travel in your thoughts to any place where you feel particularly comfortable. This exercise is particularly suitable for beginners because meditation generally associates it with a positive and desired feeling. You can choose any location for your trip. It doesn't have to be a real place either.

You can - as the name suggests - let your imagination run wild and go anywhere that you find comfortable. For the now following guided exercise, however, a scenario at a sea should be chosen. It is easy, these days, to check out a article from a library, or to find free courses for any subject online. As your fears around success, rejection, or growth become more manageable, you'll find it easier to pursue your dreams through making use of the public resources that are widely available to us. When doing so, remember these four simple guidelines: Stay hydrated. Most of your brain is water, and it can't think so well if you haven't had any in awhile. A cool glass of water might be all you need to get your head around a difficult problem. Be sure to get consistent sleep. Also, no visual electronic devices 40 minutes before bed. This includes devices used for learning. They give off light waves that disrupt sleep consistency when used too soon before bed, and we are proven to be terrible at learning when sleep consistency is ruined. Susan had never been a management consultant before, so she started exploring the various forces that would propel her to success. She read articles and articles and pored through case studies of people who had made similar career changes. And she continued to use her existing network and newly found experts to reach out to people she respected in her field. As she shared the story of her future with more people, she was encouraged by the positive reaction. A few colleagues even wanted to hire her on the spot, so good was her reputation. But she knew she had more work to do to make her newly imagined future a reality. All the meetings and conversations eventually led me to a mentor, Susan continued. We've been working for the last couple of months on the formulation of a transition plan.

This person made a similar transition herself, so with her guidance and support, I've been thinking along the lines of a consultancy firm that will only work with companies that I respect and that are committed to equality in the workplace. That certainly plays well with the future of work and the evolution of the gig economy, I said. The guided fantasy journey You resume a posture that is comfortable for you and close your eyes. Keep breathing steadily and relaxed. In your mind you imagine a place by the sea. Imagine yourself lying on a white, long sandy beach. You can feel the sand under your buttocks. You can also feel the sand with your feet and your hands. Grab some of that sand in your hand. Feel it and then let it trickle through your fingers. The sea in front of you extends to the horizon. So, do something else during that time so you can learn nicely the next day. If you usually text before bed, try writing letters by hand instead, then send a photo of them via phone the next day. I guarantee your friend will be touched. If you normally game before bed, a Choose Your Own Adventure article can help wean you off. If you like watching videos, then doodling from your imagination can help stave the urge off. The average adult needs about 7 hours of sleep a day, but consistency has been proven to be just as important as duration, if not more so, meaning trying to repay sleep-debt through staying in bed all weekend actually does more harm than good due to ruining your day-to-day consistency. Don't cram. Learning is always much more fun when done in short spurts, and gets duller and duller as the hours drag on.

Keep your personal learning sessions short (eg 20-40 minutes per session, with 5 to 10-minute breaks between sessions) and consistent (no massive jumps in length or frequency) so that they stay engaging. Linking back to sleep, it's rarely worth cram-studying past your bedtime. Plus, it's the kind of work you can do anywhere. Susan shouted. Patrick and I are already considering other cities to explore. This work had taken Susan to the third and final phase of the process, the backcast, or determining the specific steps needed to bring her imagined future to life: the halfway, the partway, and the Monday. As Susan explained, the halfway phase of her backcast plan would involve building up credibility and expertise in the consultancy space by writing articles for outlets like Medium, becoming active on social media, and giving talks at conferences and other industry events. To reach that goal, she'd first need to develop a point of view and body of work that she could use to promote herself. That would be the partway component of her backcast. Then there was the Monday, or the thing she could get started on right away to set her future in motion. I have a pile of research waiting for me at home, and I need to put together a list of conferences I'll try to speak at once I'm ready. It's all a work in progress, Susan admitted, but now that I've given notice at the firm, I'm ready to hit the ground running. Watch the waves sway. You can also hear the sound of the waves reaching the beach, sloshing almost to your feet and then flowing back again. Pull up on you a few gulls their circles . Warm sunshine falls from the sky and warms your face. Feel the warmth penetrate your skin. Smell the salty scent of the sea, feel the taste on your lips. Enjoy this trip as long as you feel comfortable. Concentrate and experience colors, shapes, smells and feelings intensely and in detail.

Let your imagination run wild and paint this scene in detail. Make yourself aware: The fantasy journey is not an escape from reality, but a concentration-based meditation exercise that will enable you to experience the real world even more consciously and intensely in the future. Rather, get up earlier the next day instead. Take notes. Do this however you want, but the general rule is to keep it short; Keep to these suggestions and you will empower yourself with knowledge in fields that matter to you, adding depth to your ability to shake off fear and rejection. With that in mind, it's time to cover. Imagine a boulder set at the top of a great hill. It sits there, doing nothing. Then, it gets given a little push. It starts to roll, faster and faster, until it is nearly unstoppable. Is this because of the boulder, or because of the hill? Definitely, she answered. And a little nervous. I'm happy I involved Patrick from the beginning. I don't know if I can make this future happen on my own. None of us can, I said. Spouses, partners, friends, colleagues, the broader community--they all should be part of the decision process. I tell my students all the time, `Life is a team sport. We're going to have to make some sacrifices financially, Susan said as lunch wound down.