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Is this not to prevent students from hurting themselves? When I ask a student to adopt a certain position or to create an alignment or correct their posture, this is NOT because of safety. I ask them to follow my specific cues as well as they can because I want them to get the maximum benefit out of the pose. I am demanding due to the rewards I know are available from doing the pose with good positioning and awareness. But not listening to me or not being able to apply what I say does not make the pose dangerous. There are plenty of things that are part of our children's lives which we as parents have little or no regard for. These trends or fads continually change. For years it was Barbie dolls for girls and Pokomon for boys. During other periods of time it might be war toys and soldiers. For some parents this does not present a problem at all. Their children can have whatever is in fashion at any time. No questions asked! There are no objective arguments or academic research that supports parents either way. You will have to do what you see fit and follow that intuition. It is a good idea to start this process at an early age when the choice is no more challenging than to choose between a box of LEGO or a Barbie doll. If you feel Freak Out coming, find focus by asking yourself: What have you got to rip into and stop procrastinating about? How are you going to visualise your progress? Now put an asterisk (*) next to three that, if you got them sorted, would free up a heap of time and headspace. Imagine yourself not having to deal with that thing anymore (`Hawww!

Now write down your action plan for what you are going to get sorted and by when. Then make it a priority. Goals that rock Use the following to jot down the goals you'd like to achieve in each of these areas. Put simply, if they need copious explanation, they need better refining. And your brain never had a chance to say no. You get to be totally in control, and you get to say the truth even when the lies seem so loud. Try doing this for weeks, or maybe even months. See what happens. Affirmations are for everyone, because positive thinking is for everyone. Body love is for everyone. Self-esteem is for everyone. And that includes you. Here is the BIGGEST MYTH in all of Fat Girl mythdom: Fat girls never find love. On this, I call bullshit, my dear friends. So yes, I am demanding, but that is because doing the pose in a specific way can totally transform your body and mind. Doing it with arches collapsed in your feet, knees falling out and a rounded back almost blocks any benefits potentially gained from the pose. But it is not dangerous. All this means is that you are unnecessarily making the body work harder than it needs to. By doing a pose in a certain way, you can encourage the right muscles to work and other muscles to switch off.

This creates energy efficiency that allows you to sustain the pose and get the maximum benefits. I have heard lots of teachers say, Never do this or never do that. This is dangerous or that is dangerous. The reality is hardly anything is dangerous. If it is, a student will instinctively stop. Just ten years will pass before those decisions will be far more difficult and the consequences will be lasting. The important part is that the children grow up in a family where they learn to take themselves and each other seriously. There is no doubt that children will react when they are being told No! They might be disappointed, sad and angry. This has to be taken seriously. We must never criticize, use irony or ridicule their emotional reactions. From their point of view their reactions are both necessary and relevant. Most children have the ability to cry in eight to ten different ways and it is important to be able to tell the difference. Tears as a result of conflicts with parents are often an expression of their frustration (a mixture of sadness, unfulfilled expectations and anger. There is no reason for you to get upset or feel guilty. Get more specific and write down when you will tackle your goals across each of the four quarters ahead. Find your focus points in these 90-day chunks: STEP INTO STAND OUT To prepare to Stand Out, ask yourself: What does being present mean to you?

What's your special sauce? Or what's your freak flag you're going to fly in the coming months? What parts of your personality are you going to amp up, step into and own? The people who matter Use the following table to write down specific people who you want to connect more with in the outlined areas. The bulliest shit there is. Fat girls find ALL KINDS of love! They find community love. Instant love. Friend love. Kitten love. Family love. Puppy love. Partner love. Lover love. Most yoga teachers love to talk about what is dangerous because it makes them feel authoritative and educated when the truth is this is a theory they have read and are now sharing with others without any real research or investigation of their own. A student once asked me, I was told a headstand after shoulderstand is dangerous and should never be done (it may be the other way around - it was a long time ago). Out of respect, this student didn't ask the teacher why it was dangerous, so she asked me. My reaction was to question as to how it is dangerous? What is the logical argument?

This comment was made to the whole class. By saying such a statement, the teacher didn't consider any ability or experience levels in the class. She made an absolute statement that a headstand after shoulderstand or vice versa is dangerous. What if my wife Laura who reads and sleeps on her head or I am in your class? Is it dangerous for us? There is even less of a reason to feel that you have failed as a parent. Children's frustrations are an issue that parents ought not get involved with. They should neither comfort nor try to bring the frustrations to an end. It might be appropriate with an empathetic and acknowledging comment, such as: I did not realize that you wanted it that much! I hope you feel better soon. This is exactly what is so challenging and troubles many parents. By acknowledging how much the child wants something they feel they have already given in and think they are obliged to say Yes! This is not the case at all. You do not have to comply with the child's wish just because you have asked them--What would you like for dinner? You do not have to give them what they want, just because you ask them. Who do you trust with your stuff? Whose opinion actually matters to you? Fast-forward 12 months Shoot yourself forward to 12 months from now and picture what you've achieved and where you are at in your life. In what ways did you #standout this year?