However, if something does arise, you'll have the framework and tools to deal with it calmly and confidently, working like a team to bring baby into the world calmly and in the best way possible. I should also mention that if you're planning a home birth, birth partners you'll also have the job of inflating and filling the birth pool (if you have one). This can be a job in itself and I would thoroughly recommend doing a practice run first (ensure you have a sterile, unopened liner kept aside for the real day if doing so! You want to know for sure in advance that the hose adaptor fits the tap to avoid any last-minute dashes to a hardware store whilst Mum is in labour - which, in case it needs clarifying, is definitely not going to aid anyone's relaxation! If you're planning a birth-centre or hospital birth you don't have to worry about the pool - that will be sorted by the midwives if you have requested to use one, and one is available. The downside here is that you now have the added job of arranging the transfer in. You might be driving and therefore needing to make a plan regarding parking and potentially dropping Mum at the entrance beforehand. Alternatively, perhaps you have a friend or family member who can drive you in and drop you at the entrance together, or you might take a taxi to avoid having to find a parking space. Whatever you choose to do, I would recommend making a plan for your journey in advance so it's not something you have to stress about on the day. Minimal stress, maximum relaxation - that's what we're aiming for here! And taught me how to stay married and support my family. And how to pray at night before bed. And how to appreciate the rain with all my heart, putting all the indoor plants outside to have a drink. I love how you'd shop at the funky health food stores (that are now all the rage). And make lumpy carob-chip, oatmeal cookies that tasted better than the smooth kind. I love how you were gracious when I dropped the Tisch from my name. And how you acted goofy around Mark when you met him, like he was Robert Redford. I love how your little nose gets tan in the sun. And how you called me Freckle Nose. And how you helped me to love myself, knowing that whatever I did, my mom loved me.

Sometimes, Burns said, when you get on the phone with someone, they think they have a story worked out, but you'll see that it's not resolved. Once they find a good story, Burns and her team take on the role of directors. They work with the storytellers in rehearsal, helping them figure out the major narrative stepping-stones to the climax and resolution, and might suggest some subtle feedback on delivery, like pausing here or slowing down there. Burns's intent is to make the stories resonate as strongly as possible with the audience members. But there's a secondary effect. After working with The Moth for more than fifteen years, Burns has seen that the process of crafting a story helps the storytellers connect the events of their life in new ways, gaining insight into their experiences and learning lessons that had previously eluded them. At a 2005 Moth event in New York, Jeffery Rudell told a story about coming out to his parents when he was a freshman in college. He expected them to be accepting, so he was shocked when they responded by burning his possessions and cutting off all communication with him. For six years, he continued reaching out, regularly calling and writing letters, but they never responded. Eventually, he decided to make one last effort to reconnect with them. The soul must have the opportunity to evolve and take quantum leaps in creativity. To live in the same body forever would be like getting stuck with the same automobile for eternity. At some point, the old must give rise to the new.AT A CERTAIN POINT in life as a human being, it is likely that you have had some direct experience with fear. Whether it is called tension, stress, anxiety, worry, dread, panic, terror, or by some other name, who hasn't noticed fear in some form? The purpose of FearFlip is to support your experience, understanding, and appreciation of fear, as a cherished asset to facilitate your personal growth that leads you to freedom. Fear is here to point you back to your natural state, so that you may experience unshakable love, deep peace, and the outflow of abiding joy that results naturally. FearFlip is an expression of the essence of my experience. This article does not encourage you to fake it until you make it. It does not require you to engage in positive thinking by somehow denying anything that you do not find to be positive. It does not ask you to subscribe to something commercial or trendy at the expense of finding the truth.

So, to summarise, these are the things Mum might do in this first stage of labour: Birth partners: The final stretch Now that your body has started pushing down, you know you have entered the second stage of labour. You'll know because you can feel it - a powerful, involuntary pushing sensation from within that you wouldn't be able to stop, even if you wanted to! During this second stage, again, mums you have little to do but focus on your breathing and remain relaxed. At this stage you will be using your down-breathing technique: take a big, quick breath in through the nose to fill the lungs, then exhale through your mouth with focus and intent, channelling your breath down through your body and feeling your uterus muscles responding. You do not need to push, although your muscles will be pushing powerfully. Rather, you should concentrate on breathing through the powerful surges in a focused way, essentially breathing your baby out. This might sound impossible to some, especially as we only ever see women on the TV being coached to push (often forcefully), but it really is possible and ensures a gentle birth for your body and your baby. Cause that's what you do best . I hope you can love yourself as much as others love you. Because the world is a much better place with you in it! Those are a few of the things I love about you, but not all. Words are never enough, ever. Although Linda didn't have much more time to be with her mother, this poem helped her tell her mother what she wanted and needed her to know. You, too, can make a list of the things you love about your mother. It only takes a few short minutes to send a big message of appreciation and love. A friend of mine made her mother business cards with remnants from her scraparticleing supplies. On the computer, she typed her mom's name and phone number, and for the job description, she wrote Best mother in the universe.

He flew home, unannounced, and showed up at his mother's office. Even then, she refused to see or talk to him. Two weeks later, he received a black funeral wreath at his office in New York with a note that said, In memory of our son. As Jeffery prepared this story for The Moth, he initially thought it would be about anger and pain. How could his parents, who had taught him the importance of love and kindness, treat him with such hatred and disgust? I had the whole anger theme primed and ready to go, he said. But there was a problem: I didn't particularly feel angry at my parents. After his family ostracized him, Jeffery had sought comfort from gay friends who assured him that their parents had also reacted poorly to their coming out--at least initially--but that they'd eventually grown more accepting and it was likely his parents would, too. All Jeffery needed was patience--and hope. He took their advice and for years held on to the hope that he and his parents would one day reconcile. Instead, it invites you to be unflinchingly honest with yourself at the most intimate level. It points you back to something within you that is, by its very nature, non-commercial and timeless. It invites you to discover your own experience of the Truth that sets you free. It encourages you to come into contact with your inner essence. Working with fear requires courage. If you are really willing to work with your fear, for example, by honestly acknowledging fear in the moment you experience it, then this article will be most helpful to you. I trust that FearFlip has come to you in perfect timing. When you are ready to stop suffering, and when you are willing to be open to what fear offers, it will serve you. The most incredible life, a life free of suffering, is ready for you. It is within you already.

Take time to read some positive birth stories and you'll feel more confident that this can and will happen! Most importantly, remember to just keep on breathing! Another helpful thing to remember at this stage, which the breathing will help with, is to remain as relaxed as possible and allow everything to soften and open on a muscular level. Sometimes opening visualisations can be helpful - for example a rose bud blossoming and opening. Visualisations can be a powerful tool for some but do nothing for others. It really is personal preference whether you choose to use visualisations or not. But, either way, if you are relaxed and allowing everything to soften and open, it will make for a quicker and easier down stage and birth. In order to allow all your muscles to soften and relax, you need to be relaxed in your mind. Remind yourself that you've done all the hard work now and you're so close to meeting your baby. Welcome the sensation of your baby descending, knowing that you are mere moments from holding him or her in your arms. She printed the cards, and decorated each one uniquely with embellishments, stickers, and papers. Her mother loved the gift, and even more, she loved the thought and care behind it. As Mother's Day was approaching, we decided that we would each make our favorite dish that Mom used to make for us when we were growing up. We held a Mother's Day brunch for her with all four generations of our family, and served the goodies of our childhood. We also decided to create a family cookarticle. We hoped to pass along these family recipes with our memories to our children and from them to their children. Each of us sisters created a article that included a recipe and a memory for the article. We all promised to add to the article at every family gathering. We add new recipes and new memories as we make them. Mom loved the buffet, and loved sharing the memories.