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That's why you're here to begin with. If you're anything like the thousands of people we've worked with who are anxious, depressed, and frustrated by how they feel on a daily basis, you just want to feel better. You want to stop feeling pulled in ten different directions at once and regain a sense of control over your life. You want the calm and confidence that comes from knowing you are equipped to handle whatever comes your way. Therapist: It seems very different to you, Jimmy? Jimmy: Yes. It's in the school, isn't it? Fred: Yes, it's in the school, but this is a different kind of a room. You'll find out, Jimmy. Jimmy: I will? Therapist: Jimmy still thinks this is kind of peculiar. Jimmy: Yes, I do. It's strange, and you are a strange woman. Therapist: Everything seems so different, and me too? She can see all of this becoming a reality. She knows that patience is the key to success and she is living proof. She had the patience to wait and never stopped believing in herself that she would get to where she is. Learning to Wait Sometimes we have to wait. It isn't always fun, and it is almost never easy.

If you want to start that new business, but you have job and family demands, and no extra time or energy to get started on your plan, at least have a plan or a dream to make a plan. You will get to it when you are ready. Do a self-check periodically along the way to make sure that you are keeping your dream or goal in sight. When you make your plan to reach your goal or goals, know that some steps will take longer than others. You want to know the way out of the stress maze so that you can stop coping and start living. That's what we're here for. A New Approach Chances are, you didn't just wake up one day to find your life and well-being spinning out of control. And chances are, too, that you've sought out and made a real go of other methods for regaining balance and feeling more engaged and fulfilled. So why are you here, reading yet another article? Why are you still seeking a solution? The answer to that is that traditional stress-reduction methods only provide temporary relief. These methods don't last because they take a singular approach. Relaxation is great, and even healthy, but it's a one-note song. Jimmy: Uh-huh. Fred: Yes, she is a strange woman, Jimmy. Jimmy: You're a nice teacher. Fred: She is a nice teacher. Therapist: You both like me. Jimmy: Where should I put this paint brush?

Therapist: Anywhere you like, it's up to you. Jimmy: My God, this is strange! Therapist: It's queer not to be told what to do? Jimmy: It sure is. You may need to save or raise income in order to open your business. You may need to take care of some emotional habits before you can change dietary habits if you would like to gain or lose weight. You may need to change layers of old behaviors, thoughts and feelings before you can reach all of the levels of your perfect life. It's a process. Enjoy all of the steps along the way, and rest when you need to. It wouldn't be much fun to finally reach your goal but be so exhausted from being so stressed out the whole time you got there that you couldn't enjoy your success. Take a deep breath. Look around you. Make sure you are living while you are waiting and working for the things that you want. Taking Things One Step at a Time It won't eliminate your stress any more than declining one piece of pie after dinner made anyone thin. Meditation, biofeedback, breathing exercises, going fishing or for a run: all of these things are useful to decompress, but they are not a permanent fix. They address the symptom, not the root cause, so their effects are fleeting. A massage might feel wonderful physically, for instance, and even soothe your mind, but the calm you've enjoyed vaporizes as soon as an e-mail from a disgruntled client or coworker hits your in-box. Stress is notIdeally, you don't want to wait until a simple cause-and-effect equation; Just as with any lifestyle change, we need a multidimensional approach to manage it better.

Our goal in creating meQuilibrium was to create a whole-life approach to fix the problem from the inside out--for good. Not by eradicating your stress but by teaching you the secrets for living with it in balance. That's what makes this program different from anything you've tried before. By merging our combined expertise and research, we created an empirically validated system that will hit your stress matrix from every angle, dissolving its hold on you. Fred: You'll find that there are very few rules in here. You can even throw those rubber knives around. Not where they might knock over the paints, though. Therapist: Some rules seem O. It is evident from this excerpt that in his previous contacts, Fred must have grasped many of the essential features of the therapy hour. Its permissiveness, its difference from other experiences, the existence of limits, were understood. Although they had not been specifically verbalized to him, he had sensed them clearly enough to be able to explain them to a newcomer. A child may sense that something is going on in the therapy hour even when he gives no overt indication to the therapist. A further example may be seen in the case of Martha, an eleven-year-old referred for quarrelsomeness, crying spells, and chronic thumbsucking. Her first four therapy contacts were filled mainly with disparaging remarks about the therapy situation, the play materials, the therapist's clothing, her mother, her teacher, the school, and her classmates. Making positive changes in life may be easier for some and more challenging for others. Just do your best in the choices that you make every day and that will help lead you to a better life. Some days you will make better choices, and some days you may fall back into old patterns of thinking and behaving. Living life is a process. Be your best friend. How would you talk to a best friend who fell off the diet wagon?

What would you say to a friend that has been struggling with emotions who has a minor set-back? Remember to write down your goals and dreams, add steps to your calendar and refer to your calendar and your list of goals and wishes as often as you need to. Sometimes we get so stuck in a rut, we forget about the positive changes we have planned, started or already accomplished. If you have some set-backs, do your best to not fall into the trap of thinking of all of the time you wasted not doing the right thing. The meQuilibrium Story In 2009, Jan Bruce was at the helm of the leading wellness publication in the country. An accomplished media entrepreneur with an established track record in identifying emerging health trends, she was at the height of her career, in a glamorous, high-profile position that many would have envied. All this, plus a loving husband and two children at home--it would have been easy to assume Jan had it all. Yet despite the successes, Jan felt fried. Just like Heather, whom you met earlier, she was on 24/7 with little to no respite, and things began to spin out of control. She wasn't the only one. Surrounded by the brightest and most successful executives in media and in the largest companies in the health and wellness industries, Jan saw how they--people who had the knowledge and resources needed to incorporate good diet, fitness, downtime, work/life balance, and rejuvenation into their lives--were also struggling to make these things happen. Everywhere she looked, smart, savvy people were frustrated, overwhelmed, and burned out. Jan was an expert on wellness and healthy living, yet she still couldn't seem to fix the problem in her own life. It was the therapist's judgment that there was no acceptance whatever of the therapeutic relationship. Yet when her father asked her what play therapy was like, she replied, Well, it's kind of relaxing. It's like going to the toilet. Apparently the term catharsis is no mere flight of fancy. Are There Risks? One of the questions frequently asked concerning the permissiveness in client-centered play therapy is, Isn't there danger of the child's doing these socially taboo things outside of therapy, where he may run into serious trouble?