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Many clients may also have what I call the look to speak rule and make eye contact minimal or no. Many say the eyes are a spirit portal-they can tell us a lot about a person just by looking in. Since, for example, we can't control the size of our eyes, specialists in body language can deduce much of a person's condition from eye-related factors. Many psychologists assume they are likely to tell a lie when a person looks up to his or her right. On the other side, looking up to the left is said to suggest sincerity. According to Professor Wiseman and his research team, who checked if eyes can expose lies, the experts are wrong, however. The claimed correlation between lying and eye movements is a crucial element of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), which uses psychological techniques to improve people's lives. An important aspect of NLP includes teaching people how to relate their eye movements to their emotions. According to the theory, when right-wing people look up to their right, they are likely to envision an occurrence that is constructed or imagined. By comparison, they are possible to believe what is perceived as a remembered memory while looking to their left. So far as clinical experience is concerned, some clinicians state that their clinical experience supports this hypothesis, but others look upon it with considerable skepticism and indicate that in the light of their experience any such reliance upon the capacity of the individual is of very doubtful validity. In this situation, unsatisfactory from a scientific point of view, it may be worth our while to examine the scattered evidence, from fields outside of psychotherapy, which has relevance to the hypothesis. There is a certain amount of objective evidence, and some experiential evidence, from other fields. In the well-known study of autocratic, democratic, and laissez faire groups conducted by Lippitt and others (118), it was found that in the democratic group where the leader's role was one of interest and permissiveness, the group took responsibility upon itself, and in quantity and quality of production, in morale, and in absence of hostility, it exceeded the records of the other groups. In the laissez faire group, where there was no consistent structure, and no leader interest, and in the autocratic group where behavior was controlled by the leader's wishes, the outcomes were not so favorable. While this study is based on small numbers, and is perhaps lessened in value by the fact that the leaders were genuine in their democratic functions and role-playing in other groups, it is nevertheless worthy of consideration. In a study made many years ago by Herbert Williams (223), a classroom group of the worst-offending juvenile delinquents in a large school system was brought together. As might be expected, these boys were retarded in intelligence (average I. There was no special equipment save for a large table on which a variety of readers and textarticles for various ages were placed. There were but two rules: a boy must keep busy doing something, and no boy was permitted to annoy or bother others.

These people rarely call out for help since those around them denied their earlier experiences. They live with lots of old things, including their denied memories. For such people, streamlining is a major challenge; Now take a deep breath and allow these challenging energies to flow through and out of you. Some people are flamboyant with their combination of money and sexual energy, and their spending patterns are just as flamboyant. They have lots of showy things but have not accumulated enough money to last for six lean months, let alone money that is growing for their future. What future? The time to enjoy it is now! Action Step Imagine what your life would be like if you simply realized and acknowledged your sexual energy when it rises. Because of that, as liars create their version of the truth, they tend to look right. The theory was tested by watching participants as they told the truth or lied and tracking their eye movements. Then the second group of volunteers was asked to watch the videos and try to watch eye movements to detect the lies. How do you read People's Eye Direction and Actions? Do you know how to read them when you first meet people? Their feelings, emotions? There's an old saying, The eyes are soul windows -a familiar sound? We are saying that's not true! We can read a lot about people, particularly deep emotions, based on their eye actions. I want to break down different eye habits and clues in this article.

Here is a situation of genuine permissiveness within broad and realistic limits, with responsibility clearly placed upon the individual. Encouragement and suggestions were given only after an activity had been self-initiated. Thus if a boy had worked along artistic lines, he might be given assistance in getting into a special art class; The group remained together four months, though some were not in the group for the whole period. During the four months the measured educational achievement increased 11. The total increase in educational age was 12. This was in a group in which reading and other educational disabilities abounded. In a very different area, a study of food habits was made during the war, under the supervision of Kurt Lewin (112). It was found that when groups were urged by a lecturer to make use of little-used meats -- hearts, kidneys, brains -- few (10 per cent) actually carried out the suggestion in practice. In other groups the problem of war scarcities was discussed with the group members and simple information about the meats given to them, following which the group members were asked to make their own decisions about serving the meats in question. Imagine just experiencing the sensations without judgment or embarrassment. Imagine taking action only if it is friendly toward you and everyone else. Imagine if your sexual energy was welcomed by everyone involved, and especially by you. Imagine enjoying the flow of your own energy cycle, however it shows up. And resonate with the vibration of such abundance. Embrace Them Embrace your emotions! Claim the energy they represent when they show up and flow with them. Breathe deeply three to five times, be silent, and give your emotions some space. Be with and experience what is happening in your body.

Do you know how to read in their eyes the minds of people? Can you just say what a person feels when he makes eye contact? Let's put your eye-reading skills to the test. Verify Your Skills If you think you've got what it takes to learn the hidden meaning behind your eyes, then it's time to test your skills. Here in our Human Behavior Research Laboratory, we enjoy conducting new experiments on human behavior, and we want to see just from the eyes how good you are when reading emotions. Eye-blocking It also occurs when people simply don't like what they see. You will see this when somebody feels threatened by something or is repulsed by what they hear or see. It is a sign of an adverse reaction. These decisions, it was found through a follow-up study, tended to be kept, and 52 per cent actually served one or more of these meats. Self-initiated and responsible action proved far more effective than guided action. A study by Coch and French (41) comes to the same conclusion regarding industrial workers. With conditions of pay held constant, some groups of workers were shifted to a new task and carefully instructed in the way to handle it and in ways of increasing efficiency on the new task. Other groups were shifted to the new task, and permitted to discuss, plan, and carry out their own way of handling the new problem. In the latter groups productivity increased more rapidly, increased to a higher level, held a higher level, and morale was definitely higher than in the groups which had been instructed. A study of supervision in an insurance company was made by the Survey Research Center (206). When units in which productivity and morale were high were compared with those in which they were low, significant differences were discovered in the methods and personalities of the supervisors. In the units with high productivity, supervisors and group leaders tended to be interested primarily in the workers as people, and interest in production was secondary. Supervisors encouraged group participation and discussion and group decisions in matters affecting their work.

It is a wave of energy that will pass through you if you go with it. Allow the Divine Spirit to transform your emotions with your breath. Calming yourself and your troubled emotional current comes through connecting with your deep abundant breath, your quick connection to the Divine Spirit, rather than catching and holding your breath. Remember, love is more powerful than any other energy or experience. Once you have embraced your emotions, feel free to express them to others with comfort and ease. Don't worry about overwhelming someone or making them feel uncomfortable; Simply use I feel . Remember, emotions are like ocean waves that can't truly be held back. Allow them to flow rather than getting stuck resisting or controlling your experience. Where Emotions Are Lodged You can also see eye-blocking in the form of eye rubbing or a lot of blinking. Eye-blocking is an energetic show of dismay, disappointment, or disagreement. In reality, this is an ingrained behavior -- children born blind often cover their eyes when they hear bad news. Pupilometer Our pupils are dilated when we see something exciting or when we are in low light. If we are enthusiastic, our students are dilated to take in more of our fun surroundings. Sometimes, students stay enlarged during courtship. Eye Movement and NLP Eye Movements and NLP Eye movements as markers of complex cognitive processes are among the most well-known if controversial, NLP findings, and possibly one of the most valuable ones. Automatic, involuntary eye movements or eye accessing signals, according to the NLP, frequently follow particular thought processes and signify the exposure and use of different representational structures.