How we see ourselves is the starting place for how we operate in the world. But we are often so busy or disconnected that we don't take the time to truly learn or understand how we view ourselves. Whether we have a positive, neutral or negative view of ourselves, it still determines how we see and interact with our world. If you have a positive self-image, you probably like who you are when you wake up in the morning. This positive approach to yourself spills over into your view of the world and you generally expect good things to happen. Empathy Requires Boundaries Empathy is actually harder to do because it requires you to keep your boundaries. You remain one step out of the drama. You are tuned in to the other person with deep compassion while endeavoring to understand his or her feelings. Staying that one step away allows you to be compassionate without being drawn in to play a part in the drama. This is exactly what therapists train for years to do. It is also why being empathetic with people you deeply love and are emotionally enmeshed with is extremely difficult. Narcissists expect and demand sympathetic responses from their loved ones. They want you to feel what they are feeling. They want their pain to be your pain. I will have my first child at 25. I will be married and have a house at 40! Of course it's always good to have goals and make plans as far as your life goes. That's not the point though. The issue is when people don't live up to their own expectations some start to scramble.

What do I mean by this? Well first off life is all about relationships and decisions! That's pretty much it. Any situation if it's buying a car, getting a job, cooking breakfast, even getting dressed in the morning! Everything in your life, it boils down to the two things you and the relationship between that other thing, and then the decision that you choose to make. I've got to go ask Jan in accounting a question on a particular invoice. And while you're there, you find yourself talking about topics such as the previous night's episode of American Idol. Then 30 minutes of unproductive time pass. Another reason I don't like to-do lists is because many have no time limit. Those 12 to 15 items you laid out don't tell you in parentheses how much time it takes to complete each item. Running Lists--Papp's Priority List Instead of doing a to-do list, I like to have a running list that contains everything you think about doing or want to accomplish. It usually has anywhere from 20 to 30 items. Put everything you need to get done on your running list. And here's a tip: when you think it, ink it. You could have made your life better. And as a result, other people's lives would be better too. When you do the right thing others will be inspired to do the same. When you develop yourself, you can provide value. The free see life for what it is.

To do as you want and to be what you are, you must do and be without guilt. A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both. Pressure To Be Successful We pursue goals that have nothing to do with what we want. And I willingly participated, which is something for me to own, and I do. All kinds of dysfunctional behaviors masquerade as love, and we grab onto them with high hopes. No one is more confused than we are when we end up feeling stressed out, manipulated, and possibly abused. Part of learning how to properly love ourselves and others is learning to be discriminating, to watch for red flags, and to become able to identify exactly who and what we are facing. It may not always be love in other people. Sometimes it's addiction, sometimes it's lust, and sometimes it's possessive fear. We can still be loving underneath, but in a calm and present way: steady, curious, and watchful. We must be cognizant of our responsibility to protect ourselves from harm. Perhaps the way to think about this is to imagine that at the end of our drawbridge there are two gates, an in gate and an out gate. We can keep our drawbridge down, but close either gate when necessary, or close either one partway. Diets that induce a healthy microbiome, such as avoiding all sugars and eating a variety of fiber-rich, whole, and fermented foods, are a more viable path to changing the composition of the microbiome, but this method can take many years to accomplish the goal. Although the human microbiome first developed 50,000 years ago, our understanding of it remains quite primitive. Plus, given all the dietary and environmental factors involved, it would be nearly impossible for humans to re-create the optimal microbiome with a pill or potion. If you're interested in altering your own microbiome as part of your MS treatment plan, as I have, the best option available today is to undergo a fecal microbial transplant from a healthy donor. My Experience with Fecal Microbial Transplant

Fecal microbial transplant (FMT) is a procedure in which feces from a healthy donor is processed and tested and then inserted via catheter into another person's colon. The transplanted material normally contains 50 trillion colony-forming units (CFUs) per dose with over 1,000 different species per healthy donor. By contrast, a commercially available oral probiotic pill usually contains only millions or billions of CFUs, representing only a dozen or so different species. Fecal transplant treatments are administered after a GI lavage such as a colonic or a purging enema to release as many bacteria from the colon as possible. It can be administered once daily for a sequence of days. The infinity sign that floats like a crown or halo above the woman's head symbolizes the ongoing renewal of the life force when these opposing forces come into the right relationship. Strength Tarot card Practicing the Pause Most spiritual traditions, including alchemy, understand that the human tendency to act out--to react to a situation impulsively or emotionally from instinctual survival drives without the mediation of the conscious mind--is a major cause of suffering. From a modern scientific point of view, the Pause is the first step taken to interrupt this reactivity, reorganizing the circuitry of your nervous system and shifting entrenched neurological patterns. From an alchemical perspective, it is the first step in reversing the light--sometimes referred to as stopping--and it is the catalytic agent of inner alchemy. By using the will to momentarily interrupt an instinctually driven habitual or reactive behavior, you re-establish the right relationship between your MPFC and your limbic system. In bringing the compassionate hand of your will to calm and quiet the wild animal of your limbic system and brain stem, you create a space between the external stimulus and your gut-level reaction, and you make room for a new possibility to come to life. The Secret of the Golden Flower reminds us, A breath-pause means a year according to human time and a hundred years measured by the long night of reincarnation. In the space of a moment, the infinite rests. With a neutral self-image, not being self-aware or in tune may be the cause. Perhaps you haven't stopped to think about how you see yourself and how it affects your presence in the world. Or perhaps you are content with where you are no matter the imperfections or great aspects you bear. Both positive and neutral self-images can help you positively interact with the world and those in it. God invites us to have a healthy, truthful view of ourselves that understands our strengths and weaknesses and finds his peace with them.

He welcomes us looking to him to help us increase the things in us that honor him and decrease the things that pull us away. But what about negative self-image? Perhaps you might find yourself struggling with it like my client Belinda. After a session one day, Belinda wrote to me in an email explaining her struggle So for me, its feeling like I am not good enough no matter what I do. To forgive the narcissist, you'll have to be able to step out of the drama and see the experience with some objective perspective and understanding. It is also hard to reach forgiveness when the narcissist's selfish behaviors are still causing you pain. Janice thought that she was being empathetic to Jason's explanations about not being able to send all of her support payments on time. His checks were coming later and later in the month until one month she didn't get a check. After talking with her therapist, she realized that she actually felt sorry for him and not empathy. She had not been paying enough attention to her own needs. She notified the district attorney and had the payments made through the court. Later she found out he didn't send the last check because he had used the money for his honeymoon in Hawaii. Her sympathy had allowed her to be hurt again. Empathy Is Nonjudgmental I wanted to get up early and go to the gym, but the relationship between me and my bed was so good and comfy, add a lil rain and that made my decision! That was an unproductive one, but hey blame it on the rain (milli vanilli you youngsters google to get the pun) lol and also the fact that its a hump day (excuse to be lazy)! Back to the issue at hand! So now when I say people tend to scramble, it's like they can't accept that life had a different path or journey for them. Instead of just adapting to the cards they may have been dealt with at the time they scramble and shuffle trying to catch up.