If we look out for the dictionary meaning of the word consistent, it says, The ability to remain the same in behaviors, attitude, or qualities. or acting or done in the same way over time, especially so as to be fair or accurate. If we talk in simple terms, we can say that Consistency is doing a little bit every day. But once we move forward to the word every day, you lose most of the people. Not even five percent of the people in this world stick to consistency and perform the activities and daily routines set on their goals as should be done. Within a small passage of time, they start losing focus, and that everyday work changes to once a week and then to once a month, and then the goals and activities are stalled for an indefinite period for a lifetime. I was surprised to hear that Karen had already committed me to the team. When I turned to look at Karen,, she stretched her grin widely, and with a childlike voice said, Pleeeaaaaaaaaaaassssssseeeeeee? Unexpectedly, I giggled out loud at the silly face Karen had made as she slowly pronounced the word please. Joy, silliness, and happiness were not emotions I was accustomed to. You laughed, so that means you're gonna join, right? Karen said, as she jumped up and down, reaching out and holding on to my forearm as she bopped into the air. Being touched playfully was also not something I was used to. As a futurist, how do you think about your future? By continually working on the conscious and subconscious mind, one develops the habit of taking action on the planned goal and activities without fail. Though it may be smaller, these small numbers of activities lead to enormous, more significant level goals over time. As daily actions, make our mind tuned and swayed towards the goals. It generates a feeling that progress is occurring in a particular area, leading to a stronger will and passion towards the goal. Our small daily activities change into a focused and targeted plan by increasing the pace and performance. Once we start looking at the value and grit in our targeted goal, it becomes unstoppable.

On the path of consistency, a person will overcome all obstacles and hurdles coming their way, working on the goal, day by day, that has stuck as a process to his subconscious. He can see the fruits of success by adhering to the consistent habit developed. Being consistent will keep you hydrated and motivated all the time on all the tasks, easy or challenging, that comes on the way; You will start enjoying the journey towards the attainment of the final goal. For the first moment in a long time, I found myself going with the flow in a downward stream. Laughing caught me by surprise and landed me in an emotional spot that felt light -- and better yet, full of possibilities. I noticed that the ambulance corps members all seemed so uncool. Every person I saw there would have been considered a geek, or a nerd. No one there was particularly beautiful, had a great body, or appeared stuck-up. Georgia was incredibly inviting, and what struck me most about her was how present she was able to make me feel. Neither Karen nor Georgia could have known it, but they had each, in their own way, aroused my interest in living life in a new way. I wasn't sure how things were going to turn out, but for the moment, anyway, I didn't care. You realize that even at the point of death you still have control. When I was on that flight, when I was sure I was going to die, just before I lost consciousness, I knew what to do. I pushed out the fear and the panic and, if I'm being honest, the annoyance. If I was going to die, I was going to take control. Colossal objectives can be achieved this way, and any deterrent is defeated. Once a person decides to be steady and consistent, he will soon take the lead and be far away from the vast majority of people who have begun before him who now have forgotten the goal post or are just not consistent enough to reach the goal post ever. Ability and quality matter, but consistency beats both ability and quality. By way of consistency, one remains propelled and defeats any hindrance coming on the way to accomplish enormous goals.

Thus, consistency can be considered a skill that one can develop and inculcate through continuous hard work and constant habit formation. Colonel Sanders knocked more than a thousand doors till the time he got his first order. At age 65, he was with a broken car and a 100-dollar bill from social security. Georgia, perhaps sensing vacillation in me, put her hand gently upon my shoulder, patted me lightly, and said, Don't worry about anything, Lisa . The following day I found Casey waiting outside my house early in the morning. As we walked side by side, and as Casey chatted ferociously about the cute boys who had been at the meeting the night before, all I could focus on was remaining calm. Casey could never have known how foreign I felt in my own skin. Afraid of saying the wrong thing, I remained the listener on our way to our next stop, Karen's house. It seemed they met regularly for these morning walks. I have a picture on my bathroom mirror, a picture of my kids. An image of something that I purely love the most in life. You just need that image, something to focus on, he said, pointing at his temple. I was struck by the strength of my friend and the stark bleakness of the situation. Thank you for telling me this was all I could get out. He used his mother's special recipe and went all out leaving no option for failure. He kept banging the doors till he got his first order, and the rest is history. How many times in life have we thought of something and lost the resolve in two, three, or ten tries? We lose concentration and change our focus and time devotion to a revised goal, leaving in between the previous work, that actually is important, but due to non-accomplishment we leave it in between. Everybody in this world, rich or poor, has a special kind of bank account. This account is an account where everybody gets 86400 seconds added to the account daily.

It depends on the individual--whether he uses it or doesn't use it at all. The people who use it wisely, taking it from the account judiciously, try different gain options. I could hear my mind talking to itself, warning it not to lie, or act arrogant as I had in the past. I could feel its anticipation rise within me at the promise of new friendships. My mind did its best to balance fear and hope, with just the right touch of detachment. In order for these new friendships to survive, I would need to stay above my fears and unhitched to desperation. As if I were learning to walk for the first time, I told myself not to fall. I was grateful that Casey was so talkative, and Karen was so aggressive. Between them both, I was able to remain the observer for many weeks ahead. My ideas about the world I was living in were changing fast. The summer before, I had decided to remain a hermit for life. People who don't use it and let the daily deposit of 86400-second waste without doing anything and misusing it, cannot advance in life. They are lost and can never utilize the guarantee and are always dependent on others' giveaways and residues as they have never seen the power of the deposits God has given to them. Learn and master the time management skills so that you can utilize your deposit for the best possible returns and make your time more and more valuable. Every second of the account consumed in a wasteful manner is a loss of life and effort. Time lost is like money lost, even more than that. You can make good the gone money, but the time once gone is gone; You might get double the work done later, but you could have done that without that as well. One should be very careful about spending time and having proper allocation so that no time is wasted executing unthoughtful and unplanned moves in life. Just a few months later, I was not only making friends, but I was now a member of a competing youth squad team.

Like layers of an onion, my notions about others, the world, and even about myself, up and morphed. I couldn't see it, but I felt as if I were not alone. As I did my best to ease into these new days, it was as if I had an invisible cheerleader rooting for me inside me somewhere. It was as if there were an older, much wiser part of me coaching me through those delicate days of newness. I'd often hear a voice in my head talking me through anxious moments. The voice told me to relax, be easy, and to loosen up. The voice urged me not to try to be someone or something I was not. And although I did not yet know who I was, the voice gently encouraged me to simply continue going with the flow. Even if you're going to die, you can decide what you see in your mind. But this was just the beginning of my conversations about death and dark futures. Only a short time after my dinner with Richard, I met up with a former student of mine who revealed her own fixation on death. Julia Rose West is a successful Silicon Valley futurist. She was a student of mine years ago, so I'm abundantly proud of her success and, yes, a little biased too. Time is the most precious and valuable element of life. Anybody who has mastered the art of controlling and managing the time is the person who has won half the battle. If one knows how to successfully transact the day by appropriately allotting the seconds, minutes, and hours, this person understands and becomes aware of what time one should allocate to a prescribed task and allocate a proper time slot for all work and parts of life accordingly. All personal and professional work require adequate timelines. In this technology-enabled world, it has become complicated to manage all the tasks within a defined period of twenty-four hours. It's only possible if one has mastered the art of time management and productivity and knows how to use each second judiciously at its best. Time has the unique trait of valuing and giving back to the person who appreciates and cares for it.