You may take on the same mood, the same behaviors, or the same thoughts as someone else. Essentially, NLP is all about learning. T he learning that you go through throughout your life will help you to navigate through everything. You can make yourself learn how to rewrite your thoughts. You can choose to learn new thought patterns. Discovering Your Human Algorithm should give you a process to follow to solve problems and discover yourself. As you read, you will likely feel the influence of the 6As throughout the article and I'm proud of that. However, the closer I arrived at publishing the article, I felt that the 6As didn't capture the essence of the article. Essence is like a scent we take with us everywhere we go and to everyone we meet. is like a scent we take away from everywhere we have been and from everyone we meet. This essence, our 21st century Human Algorithm, will determine our individual and combined future. We are social animals. It is in our DNA to be social. Our approach to improving life on earth has to incorporate an individual and collective approach to solving problems and living life with meaning and purpose. My qualifications I'm surprised by how much I enjoy it. I lost 20 pounds and have never gained it back. As test panelist Jane Wilchak urged: Just go for a walk; Don't exercise if you don't want to, but everyone can go for a walk. THE NEXT STEP

If you already walk or jog regularly and you have the energy and time to do more, rather than trying to build more endurance, from the standpoint of your health you would benefit more by building muscle strength. Although walking and running are effective for losing weight and preventing diabetes, they don't build much muscle mass. For that, you need resistance exercise. Resistance exercise requires you to exert force against resistance--the kind of exercise you do when you lift weights. It's the best way to build muscle mass. You can ensure that the patterns that you do follow are those that are effective for you and that is what matters. Maps, the Mind, and NLP As we have established at this point, the way that we understand the world determines everything. It determines how we interact with the world around us. It determines our emotions, our behaviors, and our tendencies. It controls everything that we are and everything that we do, all because the mental maps are there to guide us through it. These mental maps are exceedingly powerful, and to be able to control them is to, essentially, take control over the mind. W ithin this article, we are going to consider this in-depth. We are going to look at the ways in which you can control the minds of other people, or of yourself. We are going to consider the fact that, at the end of the day, we are controlled by those mental maps that we live. One of my early readers told me that he thought this article read more like an autobiography than a self-help article. I am working on a separate autobiography. Perhaps unconsciously the autobiography has cross fertilized Discovering Your Human Algorithm. Another reader thought I should include more of my personal stories in the article. With my How to Algorithm podcast, I explore how people creatively craft lives on 21st earth.

I will let you judge whether this article is too much or too little of an autobiography. Having undergone two kidney transplants has also give me some direct experience into life and the next. For me, the development of Discovering Your Human Algorithm derives from my life experiences, so I feel it is important to give some context. As a lifelong athlete, I played soccer in Europe as a teenager then soccer in college. I regularly compete in international triathlon competitions. Remember that your muscles are your main consumers of glucose, and the target of most of the insulin your body produces. The more muscle you have, the better your insulin will work. Whereas walking or running restores insulin sensitivity for a couple of days, increasing your muscle mass has a permanent effect. Muscle removes glucose from your bloodstream even while you sleep, and the more muscle you have, the more glucose it removes. And recent research has found that resistance exercise adds to the insulin-sensitizing effects of walking. When you were younger--under age 30--it didn't take much exercise to build up your muscles. Indeed, a 30-year-old can look buff even without regular exercise. But once you turn 40, it's as if someone flipped a switch. Your muscle mass spontaneously starts dwindling away. If you don't exercise, you lose about 8 percent of your muscle mass every decade after age 40. We are going to determine the way that we see what we are doing and how we are able to fit within reality itself through the use of what are our mental maps. These are our navigators; They are the ways in which we are capable of doing so much throughout our lives. They define the world around us and help us to understand everything that we are surrounded with, without worrying about the conscious effort that would have to go into it. After all, why should you have to stop, see a snake, and then consciously debate whether or not the snake could be dangerous?

By the time that you have pondered the potential for danger or whether the snake is likely to be venomous, you could have already been bitten. For this reason, it is better to sometimes act first and think later when it comes down to questions of survival. T his makes use of generalizations, which we are going to be considering heavily throughout this article. We are going to be looking at how those generalizations and those perceptions become the maps that we can use to navigate the world. We are then going to look at the relationship between mental maps that are created and using NLP, either on yourself or on someone else. Training and competing has given me numerous fundamental life lessons which is why I include it as a pillar of Discovering Your Human Algorithm. As a traveler, I have visited over 25 countries (a rookie by many standards) and learned four languages along the way. I have used anticipated regret to experience life and avoid regret. Every Adventure gives us an opportunity to experience something new but most importantly every Adventure leads to Discovering Your Human Algorithm. As a learner, I earned a doctorate at the age when many people have had successful careers. I regularly learn new things such as writing a article because learning begets reflection, observation, and application. Everything we learn adds to our set of rules and just as importantly exceptions by which we can create our own optimized shortcuts (heuristics). Learning or Academics opens up you to Discovering Your Human Algorithm. As an artist, I've acted in Hollywood (for some Art and Hollywood together is an oxymoron) as a B-level actor (not good and not great), and I currently have numerous podcasts under the Dr Z label. Creating something new awakens our spirit and gives us meaning and purpose. good news is that resistance exercise can prevent age-related loss of muscle mass. people, especially women, shy away from muscle-strengthening exercise because they think it will make them appear muscle-bound. worry; This is particularly true of women, because they don't have as much of the muscle-building hormone testosterone in their systems as men do. Instead, muscle-strengthening exercise gives your muscles definition--it restores their natural shape and keeps them from looking flabby.

You may think that because you're already toughening up your legs by walking or running, you won't benefit much by trying to strengthen them further with resistance exercise. To some extent, that's true; However, recall the other kind of muscle fiber: the type 2, or fast-twitch, fibers. When you walk or run, you exercise mainly your slow-twitch fibers. Your fast-twitch fibers don't get much of a workout. As you read through this article, you will be guided through the way that people see the world. You will develop a better understanding of the ways in which other people are likely to interact with the world, and better understand even the ways in which you interact with yourself and the world around you. O ur Perceptions of Reality In the world, we are constantly inundated by experiences in the form of sensory data. version of reality, from your position, no matter what that position is, is vastly different than that of someone standing next to you. does not matter what it is, where you are, or who you are; This is because your perspective is endlessly being shaped, sculpted, and molded into something new; you keep that in mind, you know that, at the end of the day, you will be better able to understand the reasons that you look at the world; our senses are constantly taking in data. you may not be paying attention to it, there is a lot of data that you are constantly logging on the cusp of your awareness. Whether your paint, dance, create YouTube videos, crochet, or tend to a garden engaging in Art encourages Discovery Your Human Algorithm. As an advocate, I have lobbied at the local, state, and federal levels on education and health care issues and I currently serve as a Trustee for the World Transplant Games Federation (wtgf. Helping others fundamentally underpins who we are. After all, we didn't birth ourselves. Our Mother, obviously, but also a team of people was there when you began.