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If you look for similarities between your day-to-day experiences and the problems you're working on, you may find unexpected connections. Even works of fiction, movies you watch, or conversations you have may contain patterns that can be helpful in solving your creative problems. You just need to be mindful to watch for them and take good notes when you notice them. The nightmares and skeletons are waiting for me to close my eyes. Tonight, the shadows of this strange room bring a new urge -- a craving so powerful I can't ignore it. I want to see something, feel something, of Miranda's. Something she loved. Like shoes and dresses and earrings. Like the things I brought home from shopping trips and held up to the camera to share with my virtual, imaginary friends. Only, the things Miranda loved would be different. Finally, at two o'clock in the morning, when the rest of the house is asleep, I creep out to the garage. In the top of the second box I find a brown beat-up backpack. It feels smooth and worn under my fingers. Some think the intensity of late-life intimacy stems in part from death's proximity. If not now, when? Our intimate relationships call on us to know ourselves and to share ourselves with our partners; Fortunately, the cognitive and emotional maturity developed over a lifetime has equipped most of us to handle these challenges. That may be why so many late-life lovers comment that love, like wine, improves with age. Setting a retirement date is no longer a question of age; Thanks to healthier lifestyles and breakthroughs in medical technology, our life expectancy has increased significantly during the past half century.

While it's good news that you can expect to live longer in retirement and have a better quality of life, it also means we need to make sense of the next 25 years or more, which could represent as much as one-third of your life. THE OPTION TO RETIRE Retirement has increasingly become a life phase that men can begin while healthy and active. Tick those that you feel you may have experienced yourself in the past when you have attended social events. What can I wear that will make me feel slimmer, taller, more professional, etc? How will I cope if I get lost on the way and arrive late? How will I cope if everyone stares at me when I first walk in? How will I cope if they don't like me? How will I cope if I am left on my own with no one to talk to? How will I cope if I am expected to talk about myself. How will I cope if I don't know anyone there? How will I cope if I don't like anyone there? How will I cope if someone says something rude to me? One of her deepest fears is that she was somehow responsible for the abuse. Gwen has always attracted men, but she has always had trouble letting anyone be close. Over the years she has made a number of efforts to establish close relationships, but they were ultimately unsuccessful. The truth is that since the abuse she has been suspicious of all men. When she met Tony, she was attracted to him because he was warm and emotional. At the same time, she saw in him an opportunity to escape from an impossible family situation. She also felt, at some level, that it was okay to use him, just as she had been used by a man.

For his part, Tony was surprised that she paid any attention to him. In his large and close-knit family, his marriage was seen as proof that Tony was the member of the family to look out for. He was going places. I didn't care whether they were party tricks. I want to learn to memorize the first five hundred digits of pi, I said. That's going to be really difficult. You will need an entire system of symbols, from 1 to 100. It will take time to construct one, he replied. He explained how, years ago, preparing for the Swedish championships, he had designed his own system, from 1 to 1,000. Andre, March 20 I hated programming! No amount of bulletproof living could change that. Carl, March 21 Relatives and neighbors recalled that he scoured the countryside for articles and read every volume he got his hands on. Lincoln was confined to an extremely small world in terms of geography and diversity, yet took tremendous advantage of the one resource he did have--articles about the world. Literature allowed him to transcend his surroundings. If you only expose yourself to what you know and are comfortable with, growth and insight into other options are stagnant. Try to increase your exposure to occupations and cultures that are different from your own. Watch or listen to media that carry political views that vary from those you hold, for example. Research, ask someone for help, and experience something new.

The opportunity I had to spend time living with my grandparents (the World War II generation), as well as spending time with Mama Jackson--my African-American second mom and mentor--and her family exposed me to different ideas and views. Living on both the East Coast and in the western United States has expanded my mind. I have learned that no one group of people has all the knowledge and insight. What do you find surprising about what you're experiencing? Surprise can be an indicator of an entrenched belief that needs to be challenged. You should pay attention to surprises throughout your day because they may mark pathways to insight that are as of yet unexplored. Surprise reactions can also illuminate areas of curiosity for potential further study. What do you like about what you're experiencing and why? Exploring your personal preferences can be a great way to understand your habits or creative tendencies. You should aspire to stay actively aware of your preferences. What do you dislike about what you're experiencing? Sometimes your reaction against something will yield helpful insights, especially if it reveals assumptions you're holding on to about the way things have to be. Your willingness to process your opposition to something--rather than simply ignoring it when it disagrees with your current view of the world--increases your capacity to synthesize ideas out of seemingly unrelated stimuli. Miranda loved this backpack and, if I knew how, I'd give it to her again. I quietly take it back to my bedroom and stuff it into the dark back corner of my closet. It's my first ofrenda. Torrey Grey (Beautystarz15), a popular teen beauty vlogger, is the subject of a new video that features her in a less-than-positive light in the minutes before her sister, Miranda Grey, was tragically hit by a speeding car. Miranda later died at the hospital from her injuries. The video shows the two girls involved in a heated argument, with Grey yelling at her younger sister to Grow up when Miranda refuses to film the footage for Grey's latest haul video. Guru gossip sites have responded with rants trashing the Colorado native.

Be the person they know and want to be. There is a big gray cat face between me and the computer screen. He's still looking at me, I complain. This was not the case for the majority of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers. In 1900 the average age of retirement was 74, but roughly two-thirds of men age 65 and older never exited the labor force. Working mostly in farming or nonagricultural manual labor, men worked until their death or retired because of ill health or disability. Forecasted in the lyrics of Bob Dylan's 1964 title song The Times They Are a-Changin,' we now view retirement as a norm, an expectation, and a right. Corporations responded by introducing early retirement incentive programs (ERIPs) to help downsize their older work force, and new opportunities to choose early retirement (or voluntary redundancy5) became available and enviable. But the age-old expectation for us men to remain productive throughout our lives does not end when we retire. So long as each retired man maintains a high level of activity and is busy, his status as retired is no problem. He continues to need to do things to be a man, and this expectation is a moral imperative. David Ekerdt, a sociologist who studies retirement, commented, Just as there is a work ethic that holds industriousness and self-reliance as virtues, so, too, there is a `busy ethic' for retirement that honors an active life. Better yet, participating in voter registration efforts, volunteering with your town's Department of Public Works effort to create a nature trail, or working in behalf of a food pantry affirms our industriousness and masculinity, legitimizes our other leisure time, and lets us explore untapped skills and interests. How will I cope if I try to speak but my mouth goes dry and I don't know what to say? How will I cope if it is really boring? How will I cope if they are talking about something I don't understand or know anything about? How can I join in? How will I cope if I am expected to dance? How will I cope if they can tell that I am shy or anxious? How will I cope if I don't get a second date?