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Some of the most fun in writing this article is giving you the tools to develop your empathic skills. As you eat fewer sweets and high-glycemic carbs, your body will use up some of that stored sugar in your fat cells, shrinking them. Eventually, you will have more muscle, less fat, and balanced insulin levels. It's reducing carbs while making sure to consume enough protein and healthy fats to balance our hormones, build muscle, support brain function, and maintain our energy. It's also making sure that at least half of our plate is filled with brightly colored vegetables. Of course, you have to eat both fat and protein in moderation. If you overconsume either one, you'll gain weight. But a healthy balance of carbs, fats, and protein is ultimately your best recipe for health. This way, your body uses up its stored sugar, your cells reactivate their insulin receptors, and you finally have nice, balanced insulin levels. As a result, you will restore harmony to your hormonal symphony. Shanti was a web designer in her late 20s who came to see me with irregular periods, debilitating PMS symptoms, and weight gain that was frustrating her to no end. Keep the arms in a straight line and the body erect, eyes resting on a point about six feet in front of your feet. Begin walking with the left foot and walk in such a way that the foot sinks into the floor, first the heel and then the toes. Count your inhalations and exhalations as you walk slowly around the room. Walk calmly and steadily, with poise and dignity. Practice walking and breathing this way for at least 5 minutes after each sitting period or do this as a separate exercise for 15-20 minutes. It helps you relax, trust, live at ease, and be happier. Compassion should dominate our thoughts, words, and actions. Stand with your legs slightly bent in a squat, almost like sitting in a chair. Place your palms or fingers on your lower back and breathe in and out slowly and calmly.

This releases the lower back muscles, lower part of the diaphragm, and cleanses and energizes the kidneys. There are unique and valuable instructions in this article that will help you hone your gift and feel more confident and comfortable with your ability to be supportive to yourself and others. Your ability to learn what it means to be an empath so that you can identify the best ways to work with that special gift is part of the skill involved. All of this would not be fully possible without the essential formula to emotional mastery that I have outlined for you in this article. It is one of many ways for you to become more connected and adept at your emotional intelligence and is a very simple tool that, if practiced regularly, will help you have control over your feelings, have confidence in your skills, and be fearless in your intuitive knowing and empathic gifts. Moving forward, I hope that as you accept your empathic gifts, you will bring some of these tools to the table to create more abundance and healing in your life and into the lives of those around you. This gift is helpful in all areas of your life--and as you grow and practice your masterful emotional adeptness and empathy, you will gain so much more confidence as you share the results with the people in your life. We all know someone who thinks the world of themselves. To hear them talk they are the best, the only one who understands how things should really go. They're the know-it-all at work or the one who never passes a mirror without at least stealing a glance of themselves. They know what they deserve, and they know what you don't deserve, and they want to make sure that everyone knows it, too. I don't eat that much, and I exercise every day, she told me. Yet I keep gaining weight! It's making me crazy! Shanti was also frustrated by a persistent case of acne and by hair that had started to grow on her face and breasts. It's so embarrassing! she told me. I hope you can make it stop! I noticed that the weight Shanti was complaining about seemed to have concentrated around her waist, so that it was almost as wide as her hips. Together with the other symptoms she described, this was the classic profile of polycystic ovarian syndrome, a condition usually set off by insulin resistance and marked by high levels of testosterone.

Of course, I had to test Shanti's hormone levels to be sure, and the results confirmed my suspicions. Yin breathing is like a slow ocean wave. Start first with your mouth open. Allow the breath to slow. There is no need to overdo this. The point is to remain aware of each breath. When you can make the ocean sound continuously, try this with your mouth closed. Standing, let your head come forward until your chin is on your chest. Relax your jaw, opening your mouth and taking a few deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Gradually roll down through each segment of your spine, knees bent, lengthening the spine. After a few breaths, press down through your feet and curl back to standing. What they won't tell you is that if you're not a member of their cheering section, there are going to be problems. They could be someone at work, a family member, your spouse, or your child. It might even be you. These are people who are called all sorts of things behind their backs, things like egotistical, arrogant, cold, thin-skinned, the list goes on, and in their way, they are all valid labels because they all describe just one sort of person: the narcissist. That's not to say that all narcissism is necessarily bad or that all narcissists are evil. good about yourself because you accomplished something great and enjoying the accolades of others that go along with that accomplishment is perfectly fine. an award, scoring a promotion at work, getting published, inventing the next big thing, and having a talented child can all be a great and positive ego-boost. You feel good about yourself, your efforts, the way things turned out, and people congratulate you. You're on top of the world and ready to move on to your next big thing.

Problems, however, begin to arise when, as the old saying goes, you start believing your own press, when the accomplishment is no longer seen as the result of hard work, when you start forgetting the contributions of others to your success, when you start believing that your accomplishment, your greatness, comes from some special quality intrinsic within you and you alone. Shanti's readings showed insulin resistance, while her sex hormone levels indicated high levels of testosterone and an imbalanced ratio of luteinizing hormone to follicle-stimulating hormone, two hormones crucial to regulating the menstrual cycle. I'm always excited when people come to me with this particular problem because I know I can help them quickly. I suggested to Shanti that she take a medical food like Ultrameal 360, or chromium, while following my 28-day plan; this would balance her blood sugar and help restore healthy insulin sensitivity. Once her insulin levels were balanced, her other hormone levels would fall into place and her symptoms would clear right up. Shanti didn't like the idea of giving up desserts, white rice, and her morning oatmeal with brown sugar, but she loved the idea of losing weight, having easy periods, clearing her skin, and losing the unwanted hair growth. So she threw herself into the 28-day plan with enthusiasm--and was rewarded with quick results. After a month, her symptoms had eased considerably and within three months, they were all gone. You'll probably need to follow this plan for life, I told her on her last visit. Otherwise, the insulin resistance will return, triggering your symptoms all over again. Make sure your knees are bent at the bottom of the movement and straight when you are totally upright. Now turn your head to look over your right shoulder and slowly curl down to that side and then curl up, with the head, neck, and shoulders the last parts to come up. Repeat to the left. Do the whole series again, for a total of three cycles. To work with fatigue, sit and settle into your everyday breath. After it has slowed down and smoothed out, pause after an exhalation. Rest in the stillness. After a few seconds, you will feel a kind of ripple, which is the swell of your next inhalation. Don't take the inhalation immediately but instead allow it to gather for a few more seconds.

Continue lengthening your exhalation retentions for 10-15 breaths. The worse that gets, the worse those problems get. That's the kind of narcissism we're going to discuss here, the problematic kind, but first, let's get some definitions clear. Self-Love: The Essence of Narcissism The story of Narcissism begins with the Greek myth of Narcissus, an amazingly beautiful young hunter who, one day, was walking by a river and decided to stop for a drink. Kneeling over the water, he saw his reflection for the first time. Struck by the sheer beauty he saw in his own reflection, Narcissus became so entranced and filled with desire that all he could do was stare at himself. Finally, unable to realize his desire, he died of sorrow at the riverbank. It is said that he is kneeling at the banks of the River Styx, still admiring his reflection. The story of Narcissus is a tale of self-love taken to the extreme, but it still doesn't rise to the level of malignant narcissism. Going forward, when we mention narcissism, we are talking about malignant narcissism. But as long as you eat the right balance of proteins, carbs, and healthy fats, you can look forward to regular periods and a smooth transition into menopause. experience is a typical example of how many seemingly unrelated symptoms--acne, weight gain, hair growth, irregular periods, and PMS symptoms--can all stem from the same hormonal imbalance. It's also a beautiful illustration of the power of diet, supplements, and lifestyle to balance hormones and restore health. Thyroid regulates your metabolism, which has a huge impact on your weight, your energy levels, and your moods. When stress hormones go out of balance, your thyroid is often affected, too, which in turn triggers PMS, menstrual and perimenopausal symptoms, and other health issues. Thyroid-induced symptoms include weight gain, constipation, hair loss, sluggishness, fatigue, depression, and mood swings. One of the first things to try is balancing your stress hormones and your insulin levels. If that doesn't work, your health-care practitioner may also recommend thyroid-supportive supplements, herbal and nutritional remedies, or medication. All of this will have a beneficial effect on your sex hormones.