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Diane discovered the modern therapies that worked best for her, and that's all any of us can do. EMDR may be the right choice for you now, or maybe it's cognitive thought therapy. Two years from now, this may change, and that's okay. Patience and persistence, paired with greater inner awareness, have helped Diane slowly release her trauma and reengage with her life on healthier and happier terms. Were you drawn to any modern therapies? Don't worry if she's receiving the necessary nourishment. She instinctively welcomes the food that has it. Trust her wisdom so that you can trust yours. If you accept that your child understands when she is hungry and when she is not, and what she welcomes and what she doesn't, you exist together in dietary nirvana. Introduce whatever you want into her diet, but let her decide whether or not she likes it. Her taste buds are her own. She isn't confused about her likes and dislikes. If you ignore her obvious preferences in this very basic function, you encourage mistrust in other areas of guidance. Are you worried that she will choose junk food? Well, you are in charge of her menu for quite a while. Now she realizes that her lack of experience complicates her search for a good match: I missed out on experimentation. I don't know my likes and dislikes. And now it feels a lot harder to find a partner without that information. Hesitaters who delay getting out there also miss the opportunity to improve their dating skills. I'm constantly surprised by how many of my clients think they should naturally know how to date.

Dating is hard! And it takes time to master, just like anything else. I tell my clients they need to get in their reps. A rep is a single movement (or repetition) of an exercise. At the gym, you get stronger by doing multiple reps. Did any of them seem interesting? It can be helpful to start by exploring therapies that intrigue you or that seem like they could be a good fit. Conversely, if you've walked your road to recovery for some time, then perhaps it's time to try a new approach. Were there any that you haven't attempted? Aim to identify at least one modern therapy that you want to learn more about. That doesn't mean you will go full-throttle on it--unless you feel all in, and if that's the case, go for it. Researching to explore more about a modern therapy can be a powerful next step in this journey. From there, you can learn what practitioners may be working in your area. Bonus: if you identified the source for your trauma in Part I, then see if you can match effective treatments by using this article as a guide. We can choose to see trauma either as empowering or disempowering. What she hasn't tasted she can't want. What she hasn't seen she can't choose. Even if junk food is introduced outside the home, she eventually returns to healthy alternatives if they are available. Many choices exist in most countries. If she is given well balanced meals she will choose for personal health.

As soon as you assume that your child does not understand her needs, you encourage rebellion. To comprehend her behavior is to understand yours. Some foods are welcome and some are not. If a person tried to force you to eat something you didn't like, wouldn't you rebel? Offer your child the same freedom of choice you wish to receive. In dating, you get stronger by going on more dates. When you wait to date, and sit at home thinking about how you're not ready yet, someone like you is going on a first date. They're practicing their storytelling abilities, their listening skills, and their French-kissing technique. They're getting in their reps. Jing still feels like a beginner, she told me. I'm making rookie mistakes when I'm supposed to be ready for the game of my life. The fact is, everyone has to make those rookie mistakes at first. You're going to make them no matter when you start dating, so you might as well start making them now. Dating is a bit like stand-up comedy (though hopefully with less heckling from strangers). They're both an audience-based art. The meaning we make of it, the perspective we bring, will either be life giving or life draining. No matter what the trauma has been, no matter how difficult or how long it's been there, with some support we have the ability in us to transform our experience, not of what happened, but of future life. As a sergeant first class Special Forces Green Beret, Andrew had been in life-and-death situations during multiple deployments. There was never a problem--until his last one. That's when the extreme fatigue, loss of libido, behavioral issues, and deep, dark depression began.

Andrew had always wanted to be a special forces operator. As a top performer, he was at the tip of the spear, part of a small, elite group. On the home front, he was married to the woman of his dreams, and they had five children (today it's seven). Andrew was living his dream life. Still, every morning he woke up feeling not just a little down, but like his family had been murdered. After your child feels blessed to select the food she likes, she challenges you for the right to eat that food any way she pleases; To solve this dilemma, ask yourself: Am I emotionally invested in giving my child manners that will please my family and friends? And if she doesn't perform with the manners I think appropriate, am I afraid that my family and friends will disapprove of me? A child who loves you wants to emulate you. As you praise her emulation, her emulation grows; If mealtimes become a struggle because of disapproval and nagging, why would your child think of you as a person who valued manners? Her goal is to find ease, not stress. If you create stress, you are not being helpful. It's no use to tell her that certain manners are correct because, chances are, she won't care about that for years. She just wants to enjoy her food and your company, and she uses her instincts to guide her toward that goal. Comics often say that if they're at home coming up with jokes, that's just writing. It's not until they're in front of a crowd that they're truly performing stand-up. Stand-up comics know that no one brings the house down the first time they step up to the mic; That's one of the reasons up-and-coming comedians work so hard to get stage time. Before her breakout Netflix comedy special, Baby Cobra, Ali Wong went to multiple open mics every night, practicing her set over and over in small clubs.

It's the same with dating. You need to practice asking interesting questions, expressing yourself in a compelling way, and going in for a first kiss. Those are your reps. And you can't work on any of these skills if you're sitting around by yourself, preparing. The only way to get better at it is to actually date. He knew it was bad, so he reached out to the military medical system, and they immediately put him in psychotherapy and prescribed him medication. If anything, it made Andrew's symptoms worse. He started experiencing anxiety and panic attacks. He struggled with speech and other cognitive functioning, and then the physiological problems began, including losing his balance. Doctors diagnosed him with new psychological conditions. They told him that he had seen so much combat that his mind had compartmentalized all of these operations--but there were too many for his mind to contain. His mind's filing cabinet couldn't close, and everything was spilling out. Andrew understood the rationale and acknowledged that for some people that's likely the case. But he didn't feel he was one of them. He wasn't hung up on any experiences. If you complain about her eating habits in front of friends and family, or even in front of total strangers by accusing her of not eating correctly or not eating the right food, you insinuate that she doesn't know how to self-nourish. Your complaints won't end her habits; She trusts that you know what to eat to satisfy your appetite. Therefore, she will try to prove to you that she knows what to eat to satisfy hers. To prove her point, she eats even more of what you criticize.