In much of our consulting work with leaders and organisations around the world, we will typically conduct what we call an un-SWOT'. <a href=''>Of</a> course, the SWOT analysis is not our invention. <a href=''>In</a> fact, it has been one of the most commonly used strategic tools in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries -- applied to businesses and to individuals. <a href='[]=<a+href=http://></a>'>However,</a> our belief is that it is often incomplete and can actually facilitate a greater lack of strategy and self-awareness. <a href=''>Let</a> us explain. <a href=''>A</a> traditional SWOT analysis has participants identify their Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. <a href=''>Sounds</a> simple enough, and oftentimes it is. <a href=''>However,</a> in our observation, Strengths are usually category-generic (ie in a room filled with carpenters, being good with a hammer is essentially worthless), our Weaknesses are often assets in disguise, Opportunities that are easily identifiable will typically lead us into a highly competitive market that others have seen too, and Threats are probably best viewed as a chance to rise and lift our game. <a href=''>One</a> thousand to three thousand acres are required to have a fixture. <a href=''>In</a> eastern Ohio, some of the land is absentee-owned, often by factories or mining companies that have ceased operations. <a href=''>Hunt</a> club members put up and maintain the jumps and keep the wooded trails clear. <a href=''>Strong</a> opposition to hunting in England on humanitarian grounds took the form of disturbing the scent, sabotaging the jumps, and spooking horses. <a href=''>The</a> efforts of the Blair government to end foxhunting brought out people of all classes both in favor of and against hunting. <a href=''>On</a> September 11, 2002, over four hundred thousand people marched peacefully in London not only for hunting but also against what they saw as a threat to their way of life, calling the event Liberty and Livelihood and themselves the Countryside Alliance as opposed to the Urban Alliance that worked to eliminate hunting. <a href=''>Foxhunters</a> continued to test and even defy the law that banned all hunting with dogs. <a href=''>Some</a> used eagles instead of hounds, and some hunt as they always had, knowing that police are not inclined to follow groups of riders far into the countryside. <a href=''>Animosity</a> toward hunting, however, stems as much from class differences as from objection to cruelty: It's the whole class thing, an Englishwoman explained to me several years ago. <a href=''>I</a> oppose all class distinctions. <a href=''>My</a> mother and I go to a nail salon near my home in Arizona. <a href=''>It's</a> a beautiful establishment, but almost always empty. <br /><br /><a href=''>The</a> new owner went out of her way to make us feel welcome. <a href=''>She</a> offered us wine, gourmet coffee, and expensive bottled water. <a href=''>Freshly</a> cut flowers were beautifully spread throughout every area. <a href=''>Yet</a> the owner could not understand why the place was still empty. <a href=''>It's</a> summer, it always slows down, they answered us, when we asked where all the customers were. <a href=''>Both</a> of the nail techs had kids to feed, mortgage payments, and parents they were taking care of. <a href=''>They</a> were anxious about the drop in income and talking about getting night jobs. <a href=''>They</a> didn't understand that they could easily double and triple their incomes by following the principles outlined in the success blueprint. <a href=''>She</a> sat in a heated pool, arms out on the cool tile, and her face turned red and her heartbeat slowed. <a href=''>A</a> woman--older than her, black hair piled in a beautiful topknot--gestured to Jardine (since they didn't speak the same language) that it was time to revive herself in the ice bath. <a href=''>So</a> Jardine went, her face contorted as she submerged her body into the chill, and her blood pumped like a drumbeat. <a href=''>She</a> breathed fast, so alive. <a href=''>Then</a> the woman grinned--wearing bright red lipstick in the pool, superglam--and waved to Jardine to come back to the hot pool. <a href=''>And</a> so she did. <a href=''>Amanda</a> was once eleven years old in roller skates, racing her sisters down the street. <a href=''>She</a> moved fast, taking for granted her strength and invincibility. <a href=''>She</a> skated backward, hair whirling, a boom box playing Madonna and INXS. <a href=''>She</a> fell and rose again; <a href=''>In</a> other words, every Strength casts a shadow and every Weakness has an upside. <a href=''>In</a> the process of conducting ourun-SWOT' we will have participants rank their strengths and weaknesses using a scale denoting their relative efficacy.

We'll then have them explore the shadows cast and upsides available and then rank the influence they might exhibit. The result we find on many occasions is that our Strengths may indeed be Net Weaknesses, while our Weaknesses might be Net Opportunities. Self-control is understanding both sides of the equation and knowing what can undermine or propel us. The point is that most of us rarely take the time to truly understand who we really are, the capabilities we have within us or the fabric of our characters. In Plato's Apology', he quotes a speech Socrates gave at his trial:The unexamined life is not worth living. Framed another way, An examined life is far more worth living. <a href=''>Mark</a> Mathews is a champion big wave surfer. <a href=''>Just</a> to give you some sense of what a madman Mark is, the waves he surfs are measured metaphorically against the height of apartment buildings. <a href=''>The</a> much less vocal opposition in the United States comes from those in groups like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) who not only oppose hunting but also raising animals for food, using them for work, and even keeping them as pets; <a href=''>PETA's</a> philosophy has nothing to do with class differences. <a href=''>Most</a> Americans are unaware of foxhunting except where people live in proximity to a fixture. <a href=''>Class</a> distinctions are no more evident than in any other sport--such as skiing, tennis, golf, or mountain climbing--in which participants must have sufficient income. <a href=''>I</a> have ridden with five organized hunts, and I never experienced class-consciousness; <a href=''>Some</a> devoted foxhunters finance their hobby by driving rust-bucket cars and living in modest houses so they can afford to board a horse. <a href=''>It's</a> true that most hunts require several wealthy members in order to provide land to ride over and the wherewithal to support the pack, but I have always found these people gracious and happy to share what they have. <a href=''>I</a> am sure there is class-consciousness in the more prestigious Virginia hunts, but I am guessing no more so than in the other sports I mentioned. <a href=''>Like</a> polo, foxhunting in the United States is for anyone who can ride and afford to own or rent a horse. <a href=''>Far</a> more snobbish in my opinion are people I have been acquainted with who compete in the horse show circuit for points; <a href=''>What</a> are you doing to advertise yourself? <a href=''>They</a> looked at me blankly. <br /><br /><a href=''>You</a> should start with the client base you have now. <a href=''>We've</a> been coming to you for two years and not once have you offered us something if we referred someone to you. <a href=''>You</a> should have cards that you give out to every single person you work on, offering them a free pedicure if they refer five friends. <a href=''>You</a> should have some kind of card that lets your clients know that if they come in to see you once every two weeks for a month, that you'll give them one small extra treatment. <a href=''>I</a> told them, Develop an information card on each of your customers that tells you what they prefer. <a href=''>Make</a> detailed notes reminding you of important details about your client. <a href=''>Their</a> birthday, the names of their kids, whatever they've shared with you so the person bonds with you and is more likely to always ask for you and refer their friends too. <a href=''>I</a> continued, If you know that summers are slow, offer your clients a five-dollar-off Summer Special, or first-time client special. <a href=''>The</a> streets at night were her disco, her playground, until her mother called Amanda and her sisters home. <a href='[]=<a+href=http://></a>'>Somehow,</a> over the years, we became the ones who nursed whiskey and watched others dance. <a href='[]=<a+href=http://></a>'>We</a> raised our eyebrows at goofballs; <a href='[]=<a+href=http://></a>'>We</a> became inhibited, afraid of letting go. <a href=''>We</a> almost forgot how to play for the joy of playing. <a href=''>We</a> avoided any chance of becoming objects of ridicule. <a href=''>When</a> she first got sober, Amanda realized that she no longer knew how to have fun. <a href=''>She</a> remembered how much she loved roller skating. <a href=''>When</a> her children asked her--for the hundredth time--to join them at the roller rink, she surprised them by saying yes. <a href=''>The</a> skates were strange on her feet. <a href=''>Mark</a> shared the story of crashing into a coral reef andsmashing his leg'. On waking up, he was told, The good news is we managed to save your leg. <br /><br /><a href=''>The</a> bad news is, you will have a lifetime of pain, a slow recovery and you will never surf again. <a href=''>This</a> sensitive framing caused him to spiral into a dark, miserable place. <a href=''>His</a> recovery was agonisingly slow. <a href='[]=<a+href=http://></a>'>Then</a> one day, he received a request from a fan via Instagram, another patient in the same hospital, who wanted to pay Mark a visit. <a href='[]=<a+href=http://></a>'>He</a> couldn't say no (because his wife told him he couldn't). <a href=''>When</a> his fan, Jason, arrives, he is in a wheelchair, barely able to move, let alone walk; <a href='[]=<a+href=http://></a>'>Mark</a> told us how in that moment he reframed his accident and, more importantly, his perceived unluckiness:I wasn't unlucky anymore. was lucky. foxhunters emulate, if not practice, a way of life of privilege and elegance built on the labor of servants and tenant farmers, so at least the image suggests class-consciousness. One argument against hunting predators is that they have no power of reason and no choice but to kill their prey; Predators, moreover, are necessary to trim the populations of prey animals to a size the land will sustain. In one of his most famous essays, Thinking Like a Mountain, Aldo Leopold warns that killing off predators--in his example, wolves--means disaster for the land as deer browse all edible vegetation until the land becomes a dustbowl. Similarly, foxes help to control the populations of rabbits and small rodents, but their impact on the land is not as dramatic as that of larger predators like mountain lions and wolves, which have helped to restore habitats for many species by controlling deer populations in national parks, most notably Yellowstone. The irony of foxhunting, however, lies in the fact that it is a dangerous sport, often in cold or wet weather, pursuing something the hunter doesn't really want to catch. Hounds have to be trained to bring the fox to bay in order to have a kill. In northern foxhunts--unlike some in the southern United States, Ireland, and Britain before the 2005 ban--hounds are not usually trained that way but rather pursue the fox in a line until it goes to ground (enters its den), where only a smaller dog like a Jack Russell terrier can bring it out. Once the fox has gone to ground, the hunt is over. Hunters are now protective not only of the prey but of their habitat, because without foxes there would be no chase and consequently no good riding. Make your own flyers at the nearest Kinko's, and go next door to the Chinese restaurant and offer a special discount to the management if they'll let you leave a few flyers in the window. You can do the same for the twenty businesses that are located in this same strip mall.