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Warm and glowing and happy and relaxed. It's a real vascular relaxation. My skin has that characteristic smooth, soft feeling, all over my body, too. Of all things to happen! To drop all the elaborate analysis, think through the simplest problems in human relationships like a small child spelling out words, and come up with the obvious conclusions like Columbus discovering America. And darn it, I've known those things for years, but I had them all dressed up in such elaborate jargon I couldn't see what they meant. Another thing I like about this kind of happiness is that it's so smooth and easy and steady. Not that sort of almost violent, wildly exhilarating, extravagant and ultimately exhausting happiness to which I'm accustomed. That rushed out like escaping steam and spent itself in reckless haste, as if anticipating the inevitable moment when the lid would be clamped down again. It becomes increasingly difficult to write these reports -- whatever is happening becomes steadier and subtler -- has more continuity, so that separate events don't stand out with dramatic clarity, and it's very difficult to see what's going on inside me. The Rational Current also checks in during the day, scans your body, and keeps track of your own subtle responses. Invite this current to team with your Body Sensations Current so you stay limber and well oxygenated. Action Step What do you actually think? For thirty days keep track in your Travel Log the answers to these questions: Your father's? Your mother's? Your grandparents'? The teacher you admired? The teacher that deflated your life?

Typically, within a more extensive system, a task is characterized in terms of service performed by individuals in a specific position, among others. A particular identity or status is expressed in terms of several core values and beliefs that define the goals individuals are to pursue within the role. These, in turn, are accompanied by a wider variety of skills and capabilities required for the expression of universal principles and beliefs. Dynamic capabilities produce an even more extensive range of different attitudes and activities that convey and adjust values to several different environmental contexts and conditions. There is another level, which can best be called a degree of Spirituality. This degree relates to people's perceptions of the larger systems they belong to and in which they participate-we. I might call this level a transmission level. Such attitudes contribute to a person's sense of who or what their actions are intended at, offering a sense of vision, meaning, and purpose for their acts, skills, values, and role identification. The way these stages communicate with each other is closely similar to the learning levels of Bateson: An appropriate behavioral response to a given environmental stimulus is simply a reflex or Habit-Learning. Moreover, by now it's a far cry from scientific investigation, it's a highly personal experience and that has several results: my energies are pretty well tied up in whatever process is going on, and it takes a tremendous effort to observe and record the process: my instinct or impulse, or what have you, is all against analyzing and self-regarding -- I'm much inclined to leave myself alone and just enjoy the results, or let them wash over me when I don't enjoy them: some way or other, the whole counseling process seems to militate against any sort of introspection or preoccupation with self. Of course all kinds of questions and insights and some speculations (though remarkably few) arise between interviews, but there's very little tendency to get lost, preoccupied, withdrawn in them; There is something fascinating about this paragraph. The client is, in the therapeutic hour, focusing all her attention upon self, to a degree that she has probably never known before. Yet this situation is experienced as a process which leads away from preoccupation with self. The question is worth raising as to whether therapy is not an experiencing of self, not an experience about self. Thus the intellectualizing, introspective interest in self drops away in favor of a more primary experience. Her reference to the fact that insights crop up at odd moments, when attention is fastened elsewhere, is a very common experience of clients. A number of clients have mentioned that the way these significant self-understandings seem to come out of the blue, when they are least expecting it, is for them additional evidence of the strength of the process which has been set in motion. Miss Cam next refers to an experience of progress which is common to many clients, the realization that some painful constellations of experience have lost their threatening character.

Recirculation Action Step Now consider with your Rational Current how you interact with your Penny Dance and the way you go about putting your pennies back into circulation. How will you know the right time to recirculate? Listen to your heart; Does your body feel tight and constrained, or does it contract anywhere when you think about emptying your penny container? Do you feel sad or joyous? Are you suddenly eating or drinking more than you usually do? Are your pennies overflowing in their container? Pay attention to your Rational Current's activity. Is it wandering down the path littered with signs saying There is never enough, You'll be sorry, and A fool and his money are soon parted? Corrective behavioral change to achieve a specific outcome means linking the action to something beyond external stimuli-some internal mental diagram, plan, or strategy. It means practicing a similar skill or creating a new One-Training Me. Capacity growth is stimulated and influenced by beliefs and values, the purpose of which is to identify and categorize aspects of our mental maps, attitudes, and environment and to relate them to emotions and other motivational structures. Changes in beliefs and values will mean connecting to a structure beyond the beliefs and values (identity) they were set up to serve. Moving out of the system and contributing to a broader system (ie, land or spirit) would be necessary to make a shift within a particular system or identity Itself-Learning IV. Each level works by integrating and functioning at the scale below. Change clusters or behavior at any given level will also affect the high standard. Consider the following examples: A car's speed is a function of the distance change it makes in relation to time (environment). Pushing a car's gas pedal or brake with one's foot is conduct that alters its speed. The ability to maintain the speed limit is a function of integrating a mental map with one's perceptions to regulate how one's foot is used.

It is evident that it is not always necessary for such material to have been mentioned in the interview. It is the attitude of the self toward it which appears to have altered. I'm still feeling relaxed and very pleased and interested in life. I noticed a most extraordinary thing last night! Tuesday evening, before our interview, I happened to think of an incident in my childhood, just about the only one I remember. It was a quarrel between my mother and father, in which mother was twisting the handle of a mirror I had been given for Christmas and which I dearly loved. I was afraid mother would break it, and she did. I think I was about five or six, but I can remember every detail of that scene (except the words) -- looks, tones, location; Well, last night I thought of it again, and do you know, every bit of that emotion has vanished, and it's just something that happened to me once. There were other subsequent occasions -- all associated with the relationship between my parents -- which gave me the same pain to recall. Pay attention to all of the currents to know when the time is right for you to put your pennies back into circulation. Allow Your Rational Current to Shine! Your Rational Current can accomplish many things. Allow it to shine and point it in a positive direction. The negatives, all of the you-do-not and you're-not kind of thoughts, will just dissolve from lack of energy, focus, and attention. Growing up in the West, your Rational Current has been working very hard and carrying a heavy load for a long time. Lighten up its load! Tell your Rational Current that it is important and that you value and appreciate all that it has done for you. For example, use the Rational Current to keep track of all of the good memories in your life, remind you of when you did something right, analyze your financial situation, and keep track of where you have your money saved and invested. The Rational Current will remember the times your hunches were correct and what signals you received.

Respecting the speed limit is the product of valuing rules and feeling that if they are not held, there are consequences. If one does not recognize the velocity limit, even if one is capable, one will not sustain it. The role of being a good driver (identity) is to coordinate them all. In the setting are the keys to a piano, the sound it makes, and the notes on a sheet music tab. Pushing one's finger down a piano key is a behavior. Playing music (seeing to read the notes and controlling one's finger to make sounds in the right order) is a feature. Music appreciation is a part of the beliefs and values. Putting on a musician's persona is a mixture of these. Remember that this form of hierarchy includes more than an arbitrary order of elements in ranks. For example, in science and mathematics, hierarchy is used to describe a set of organized groupings of people or things within a system. So I took a look at those, and lo and behold, they are just ancient history too. Moreover, I can recall some of the normal events of childhood, for which I have heretofore had a complete amnesia. And that clears up a point which has been bothering me in our interviews. I'm supposed to be suffering from denied attitudes and experiences (labels, yet! There are very few feelings I have refused to admit to consciousness. Sure, I both loved and hated my parents but I always knew and accepted that; Furthermore, I have always, as far back as I can remember, acknowledged the right of other people to run their own lives in their own way, and I've even extended that right to myself. So I admitted the right of my parents to break up their home, even if it was rather hard on me. I understood that they had no intention of hurting me, and that when they did it was accidental; I just happened to be in the middle when they attacked each other, or engaged in defensive maneuvers, and I was sorry for them.