That's `effed' up, if you ask me. Dr Matt nodded, and he was careful to avoid sounding defensive when he responded. you are, Bones. Hunter broke the rules, big time. I expect he will pay, but maybe we can all agree that something akin to mercy was the best option tonight. I can't say for sure. Hunter might mess up again, as he has done repeatedly in the past. How many chances can we give him? Since then, his grandiose sense of his own ability, as well as his disregard for the feelings and rights of others has grown unchecked until now, as president of the United States, it has taken on new meaning. Trump is notorious for his behavior around women, especially those whom he feels are somehow beneath him. Another example of this behavior is that, as the owner of the Miss USA articleant, he thought nothing of strolling through the dressing room unannounced while the women were changing, and once had the entire introduction section of a articleant repeated because the first time around, the contestants didn't look him in the eye. In this, we again see his sense of entitlement as well as his need to be the focus of attention and his utter disregard for others. Trump also demonstrates a constant need to self-promote, describing himself and his accomplishments (whether his own or taking credit for those of others) in superlative terms, while any failures are hidden away, excused, or blamed on others. This last is important since he is well-known for attacking anyone who happens to raise his ire, rivals, former associates that he casts in the role of a betrayer, and particularly critics. To call Trump thin-skinned would be an understatement. He is highly sensitive to criticism, lashing out with demeaning responses at the smallest provocation, yet he thinks nothing of criticizing others in deeply hurtful and insulting ways, as is very clear from his numerous outbursts on Twitter, such as his recent tweets telling four members of the House of Representatives to go back where they came from (three of them were born here in the United States). We can also see it in his constant self-congratulatory language as if he is trying to reassure himself and convince the rest of us, that what is saying is right and true. While Trump is a classic example of an extreme narcissist, Adolph Hitler crossed the line into sociopathic narcissism. You don't have to believe what the other person believes but, trying to understand where they are coming from will help solve any problems that may occur. Practice the urge to control emotional response to the point of view you don't agree with.

Listen to what the person has to say and have them explain anything that isn't clear. Ask questions if you don't understand but, try and keep your emotions out of the conversation. Problem-solving is about generating and implementing a solution to a problem. Finding the facts and figuring out a way to resolve the problem will take the other skills to help resolve the issues. Problem-solving is the plan to create a solution. Step by step, organizing facts to lead to the final resolution to the situation. Using the other skills to help create a plan to conclude the problem is beneficial in determining how the problem will be fixed. Jacob is having trouble solving the mathematical problem in class today. How many chances are healthy? Not sure, but I keep thinking of that line in the Good article about how many times someone should be forgiven. What was it, Jake? Jake merely crossed his arms over his chest and snorted. Dr Matt made a come on gesture. You know it, Jake. You grew up in the church. I did, too. Your dad's a preacher. Now, I don't attend services anymore, and I know you don't, either, but it seems I remember somethin' about Matthew 18, verse-- The product of troubled and abusive family life as a child, Hitler grew up as a reactionary who spent his life seeking revenge for the abuse he suffered, eventually laying blame for his pain, and by extension, Germany's pain after World War I, on foreigners and, in particular, Jews. Like so many whose narcissism is based on childhood abuse, Hitler was developmentally stuck in childhood and so intent on never feeling victimized again, he built up a belief in his own superiority and that of the Aryan race, which he equated with the German people.

Had it not been for the humiliating and debilitating terms of the Treaty of Versailles, which ended World War I which excessively punished the German people, Hitler might have wound up as a minor footnote to history. Instead, he saw an opportunity to seize the power he craved, starting a movement that eventually plunged the world into a war that lasted years, killed millions, and allowed him to take vengeance on those he blamed for all the problems in his world: Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals, the handicapped, and anyone else who either stood against him or failed to meet his standards. He was a gifted orator who could hold a crowd by the power of his rhetoric, turning them to do his will, turning the nation against his perceived enemies. According to Brunhilde Pomsel, who served as secretary to propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, Hitler was a preacher and told the people that we had been betrayed by our own government and by the other nations. As with other dictators and cult leaders, that notion, the idea of betrayal, was central to Hitler's view of others. He established the Gestapo specifically to root out traitors against his Third Reich, and they were routinely killed if discovered. One might dismiss this as war-time mentality, but it is very likely that had there been no war, there would still be a Gestapo. Hitler was trying to remake Germany, and eventually, the whole world so that it would conform to his personal vision, with the blond-haired, blue-eyed Aryans at the top, the lesser races underneath, and the lowest of the low (according to his opinion) eliminated entirely. He took the math problem home and asked his mother if she could help him understand how to solve it. She explained the problem to him, and after clarification, he created a plan to solve the problem. Checking the facts and understanding a systematical way of creating an outline is how problems are resolved. Great ways to improve your problem-solving skills is by using language that promotes ideas. What if or Imagine if were the questions you were asking yourself to create a solution. Focus on the solution, not the problem. When you are thinking in terms of a solution, the problem isn't the focus the solution is. So, in turn, where focus goes is where energy will flow. Look for obvious answers. Keep it simple and return to the basics. Matthew, piece of writing 18, verse 22, Jake sighed. 70 times 7.

The psychologist smiled tiredly. Let's hope it heads in a good direction, eh? Jake shrugged. Dr Matt continued, So, yeah, the stressor was dealing with a drunk and potentially explosive person. Let's look at what happened during this episode. Dr Matt turned to the whiteboard and drew a box. Recall the first thing to take place is that our bodies respond to the danger. He wrote Handling Hunter in the box and added an arrow pointing downward to a second box in which he wrote Physical Reactions. Hitler, as well as other dictators such as Stalin, Pol Pot, and Kim Jung Il, shows just how close malignant narcissism is to sociopathy. Sharing many traits, such as the disregard for the rights and feelings of others, it takes very little to cross that line, just a gentle push to go from bad to worse. Narcissism tends to be strong among celebrities. While they sometimes start out as narcissists who go into entertainment because they crave the limelight and all the attention that goes with it, narcissism in entertainers often develops as they become celebrated for real intrinsic talent and actual artistic or athletic accomplishments. Normally, this sort of narcissism would be considered benign, but it becomes malignant when they begin to believe their own press and start surrounding themselves with people who only reinforce their sense of superiority and entitlement. It used to refer to a celebrated opera singer, but now, among other uses, it's a polite pejorative for a self-absorbed, narcissistic woman. One of the most famous divas is the pop singer Mariah Carey who started out as a talented singer, but over the years allowed her narcissism to grow unchecked until she became well-known for her outrageous diva behavior as she is for her vocal talent. Like all extreme narcissists, Carey is fixated on control and adulation. She controls every part of her life and expects those around her to bend a knee to her at every turn, reacting badly when things don't go her way. Some examples of her controlling behavior include her refusal to speak before performances to preserve her voice, to be seen under fluorescent lights without sunglasses, to walk if her feet hurt, and her requiring assistance to sit or stand so her dress won't wrinkle. Humans tend to overthink issues and situations, and it only complicates finding a solution. Start by looking at it in the simplest way, sometimes that will give us the answer we have been looking for.

Another tool to help discover the answer to a problem is asking yourself the right questions. The five why's will help you figure out the root cause of the problem. Josie is late to work. Why is she late to work? She was tried and hit the snooze button. Why was she tired? Stayed up to late the night before. Why did she stay up too late? So what were the reactions inside your bodies? Each of the group members had been through this Stress Coping Cycle exercise at least a dozen times in individual and group sessions, so they chimed right in, and Dr Matt added their responses in the Physical Reactions box. Patty offered, My heart was pounding. Ashley added, I realized I was holding my breath. Ben said, My mouth went dry, like in Afghanistan--but I was pumped, as well, and ready for action. Darrell's voice shook, as if the adrenaline triggered by the episode with Hunter was only now beginning to be acknowledged. I wanted to run like hell. Jake's voice shook as well, but for a different reason. I felt pissed. What a crappy thing for him to do. For those in her orbit, this is Mariah's world, everyone else is just staff. This brings us to the other major component of her narcissism, her dual sense of superiority and entitlement.