is also the location of our life force and passion for life. Balanced Attributes: A balanced sacral chakra gives us the capacity to feel deserving of pleasure and to enjoy it while taking up space. Many say it is connected to our sexuality and sensuality. It regulates the amount of energy and comfort in our personal power that we allow ourselves to have at any given time and is balanced with our ability to personally enjoy the textures and qualities of things around us. Imbalanced Attributes: Overdevelopment of this chakra without balance can cause a person to be overly aggressive or jump to anger quickly. They may be emotionally volatile and unable to self-soothe or not able to see another person's reality outside their own. Fear of being big is one of the most common complaints I hear from my clients when their sacral chakra is underbalanced. They were often made to feel like they or their needs were too much when they were younger. Turns out, she gave her ego-crushing-self a nickname; Now every time she catches herself practicing negative self-talk, she is able to distance herself from that mean voice in her head. She refers to Odelia as an outsider with the worst possible intentions. Odelia is not there to help or give constructive criticism, she is there only to harm and destroy. Odette is not Odelia, and it is her job to push aside the interloper instead of listening to what she has to say. This is her way of dealing with internal criticism. If you would have to assign a name to your inner troll, what would it be? The Universe Days before virality hit like a tornado, I had a conversation with Adam, during which we seriously considered giving up on the 100-day project. We were funding the project ourselves, and it was getting out of hand. Feuds begin. Long-standing struggles become all but institutionalized in families.

People waste quantities of mental energy in plotting and scheming, justifying and arguing, sometimes suing, and almost always making life bitter and unpleasant. Seeking revenge is like swallowing poison and expecting the other person to die. Instead, learn to forgive. By forgive, we do not mean that you condone the bad thing that hurt you; By forgive, we simply mean that you get past the hold that anger and resentment have upon you. You free yourself of ongoing anger and resentment and the search for revenge those feelings beget. You free yourself. In this sense, forgiveness is a gift you give not mainly to the other person, but to yourself. Conscience appeased, avarice rationalized, fortune untouched. SELF-DECEPTION IN SPORTS All players know that steroid use is against the rules and that if they are ever discovered using them it will tarnish their records as well as the sport. Yet the desire to beat new (steroid-fueled) records and to win media attention and fan adoration drives many athletes to cheat by doping. The problem is everywhere and in every sport. There was Floyd Landis, who was stripped of his Tour de France victory because of steroid use in 2006. The University of Waterloo in Canada suspended its entire football team for a year when eight players tested positive for anabolic steroids. A Bulgarian soccer coach was banned from the sport for four years for giving players steroids before a match in 2010. And yet we can only wonder what steroid users think as they win a match or while receiving a medal. Do they recognize that their praise is undeserved, or do they truly believe that their performance is a pure tribute to their own skill? They may experience stage fright or fear of speaking in front of groups. They tend to give their power away by squeezing the back of the sacral chakra, which slows down the chakra's ability to take in energy.

This causes their aura to shrink in size. They do this to be loved by others and to be accepted as part of a group. SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA The solar plexus chakra is located above the belly button, half an inch to one inch below the opening of the rib cage. This chakra is vibrant lemon yellow and creates the mental layer of the aura. Balanced Attributes: People with a strong solar plexus have a powerful sense of self. With their quick, sharp mind, they are able to balance gut instinct with reason. They know what they want, and they know how to get it. We were trying to keep up with the New York lifestyle and also pay for my master's degree. It was just too much to cover. We thought about getting to Fear #50 and continuing the other half in the future. After going viral, my YouTube channel went from eighty-nine subscribers to twelve thousand, and views went up from four thousand to four million. That was enough to ask companies to sponsor the more expensive experiences we wanted to tackle: skydiving, zip-lining, shark diving, plane piloting, and taking on water parks, camping sites, and car rentals. Everybody wanted in! They were excited to give us their best service for free in exchange for having their logo on my next video and being seen by thousands of subscribers. Not one dime more had to be invested from our pocket into this project--pretty awesome, right? For me, this was a clear sign. The universe wanted me to keep facing my fears and inspiring millions. And to the relationship. Freeing yourself of anger and resentment isn't easy.

It can take weeks, even years if the hurt goes deep. But you are far better heading toward forgiveness than heading toward revenge and the nursing of a grudge. If you'd like some help in learning how to forgive, you might want to read a article that Ned wrote called Dare to Forgive. The article describes a reliable method you can use to get past anger and resentment. It also offers many true examples--some of minor acts of forgiveness, some of major acts of forgiveness--that demonstrate the various ways a person can get past chronic anger and resentment and find the peace and renewed energy that forgiveness invariably brings. Some struggles or arguments are inevitable. In fact, if a couple never argues, they are either amazingly well matched or at least one of them is suppressing his or her true voice and will. It is not healthy for couples never to disagree, never to argue, never to struggle, because it means they are unable to contend and compete for desired outcomes, be they trivial desired outcomes, such as what to watch on TV, or major desired outcomes, such as what house to buy, what religion (if any) to join, or how to intervene in a child's life. Then, of course, there's baseball. Would Mark McGwire hold so many records if not for steroid use? Did he believe his achievement was owing to his own skill? After admitting to steroid use, McGwire stated, I'm sure people will wonder if I could have hit all those home runs had I never taken steroids. I had good years when I didn't take any, and I had bad years when I didn't take any. I had good years when I took steroids, and I had bad years when I took steroids. But no matter what, I shouldn't have done it and for that I'm truly sorry. Sorry he may be, but in the end neither his fans nor McGwire himself can know exactly how good he really is. AS YOU CAN see, people tend to believe their own exaggerated stories. Is it possible to stop or at least decrease this behavior? Imbalanced Attributes: When this chakra is out of balance, the person sees situations as only black or white with no alternatives. Overdevelopment of this layer can squish out the layers above and below it, which leaves less space for the heart and the emotions.

People who believe that emotions are not safe or who identify primarily with reason often have a larger mental layer. When people are disconnected from their solar plexus chakra, they tend to be swayed easily by others' opinions and find it difficult to decide what they want in life. They have a hard time digesting what's happening to them emotionally or physically and may rely on others to make decisions for them. HEART CHAKRA The heart chakra is located at the center of the chest next to the heart and on the breastbone. Its color is emerald green. Balanced Attributes: People with a balanced heart chakra are drawn to community and feel comfortable giving to and receiving from others. They have a beautiful, compassionate nature and know how to take care of and honor themselves while maintaining loving and strong boundaries. And if trolls were the price I had to pay to accomplish what I did, so be it. I'd pay that price anytime. Wouldn't you? I call it speaking the language of the universe. The universe does not always respond to prayers; You want something? That's how I see it. The more uncomfortable you get, the more the universe listens. If haters and criticism are stopping you from achieving your dream, it's time to get uncomfortable and say: BRING IT ON! Key Takeaways But when the struggles become chronic, they become destructive. You should find a way to stop them before they stop you.