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Affirm that the other person is also a fully developed and loving spiritual being. Sense the presence of his or her spirit inside and engage with it. Feel how the unhealthy connections release and only love remains. Call upon the presence of the Divine, which immediately shifts the situation into whatever it is supposed to be, while providing you with any necessary insight, protection, healing, or act of grace. You can use the above exercise when engaging with any person or group--not just those causing you problems. For instance, I use this technique when working with clients. I first affirm my own internal spirit, then the essence of my client. Lastly, I call upon the assistance of the Divine, which, in turn, supports my client through a transformation and me as the witness to the process. I also use this technique when I simply want to connect with friends, inserting their spirit or spirits into step two. Because of its universal nature you can use this technique for all intents and purposes, for it furthers only divine will. If you organise a garage sale at home, you don't have to pay set-up or stall fees, and you get to keep all of the proceeds. You can also choose a time and date that suits you. On the downside, you'll have to advertise yourself, attendance may be low and you'll have strangers rocking up at your house and rummaging through your stuff. Online classifieds sites like Craigslist or Gumtree typically have a national reach, but focus on local trade. They usually work by allowing you to list your items on their website for free (although you may be able to pay for access to premium features), with the buyer contacting you directly via email or phone, picking the item up from your home and paying cash on collection. These sites are usually not well set up for taking payments and posting items, meaning online shoppers buy at their own risk. If an item is lost in transit, there are generally no repercussions for the seller. Classifieds can be better for bulky or very heavy items, fragile items and small low-value goods where postage would be more than the item itself. The local approach means no shipping costs, lower carbon footprints and zero packaging. And as buyers can inspect items before they take them away, there's no worrying about returns.

You're not in this to find a relationship - this is a strictly casual encounter. You know that. Do they know that? You should both know that. It's cruel to hook up with someone who is in love with you. And if you ARE in this to find a relationship, or you can tell you like-like this person, then don't sleep with them. Safety in all its forms. Whether you plan the one-night stand or you go home with a babe from a bar (it's generally smarter and safer to sleep with someone you even vaguely know, or who is in your larger social circle, than an all-out stranger), always text your bestie the details: `Going to Jake Whitcoll's place in Paddo. Call and text if you don't hear from me by 9am! Clean T-shirt to sleep in! What if you're alone and want to shift a situation involving a harmful person or group? Can you still use this process? Absolutely. A person does not need to be present--or even alive--to be acknowledged through step two. For instance, imagine that someone who has disappeared from your life or the spirit of a deceased person has violated your boundaries. As before, affirm your immortal self in step one and simply link with the divine essence of the absent person in step two. Energy cannot separate; Then conduct step three by confirming the presence of the Divine and await the unfolding transformation. I also use Spirit- to-Spirit to connect with spiritual guides. As I meditate, I affirm the presence of a guide, angel, or master who is there to love and assist me.

Auction sites like eBay are another online selling option. These sites have far wider (read global) audiences so there is the potential to receive a higher price for your item, and they handle payment processing, meaning you don't have to divulge your bank details to strangers. While it is usually free to list an item, the site typically takes a cut - around 10 per cent (and if you receive payment electronically via a third-party site like PayPal, expect to pay another 10 per cent for this). Paid features are often also available. Auction sites can be better for anything small and light enough to be posted, collector's items and clothing. Once the buyer has paid, you simply have to post the item to the address they've provided. For bulky items, customer collections will likely still need to be arranged, and payment can be made then. Selling online, whether through classifieds or auction sites, isn't foolproof, but these platforms work hard to reduce fraud and keep customers happy. They will have guidelines for transactions and it is important to follow them. Keep track of any correspondence, keep receipts or proof of postage and report any suspicious activity immediately. Phone charger! Don't leave it up to them/fate. Remember: it is a ONE-night stand. Keep your expectations in check. This is not you testing out how your soon-to-be partner is in the sack; They won't call tomorrow, they won't ask you out on a date. Trust your gut. If something feels not right or a bit off, or just a bit weird, leave (or ask them to go, or call a friend to come over ASAP). If their creepy friend won't leave, or a camera is set up in their bedroom, get out of there. Don't overthink it or talk yourself into ignoring your intuition.

I most often use Christ. Several of my clients call upon the Virgin Mother Mary; If in doubt, ask for the Divine to attend you in step two as well as in step three. Working with Color One of the easiest and most fun ways to evaluate, cleanse, and establish our energetic boundaries is to work with color. Using our ability to perceive psychic images, we can evaluate our energetic boundaries by sensing their colors, and we can employ different colors for healing purposes. How do you get pictures in your mind? I recommend entering a meditative state and breathing deeply. Use the Spirit- to-Spirit process and ask the Divine to open your visioning faculty. You can also employ the exercise Finding Your Fields in article 1 to see your energetic boundaries. Most disputes (and honestly, these are very rare) can be solved amicably. If you'd like to explore the idea of selling online a little further but aren't sure where to start, read on! The first decision is which type of site to use. This will depend on what you're selling and where you live. Consider whether postage is a sensible option for your item, and whether a free listing will meet your needs. Once you've decided on a classifieds or auction listing, start looking at individual platforms. Most require users to register if they are buying or selling items, but browsing is usually possible, so get a feel for different sites before you commit. Next you need to decide on a price for your item (refer back to How to (and why) value the things you own for help with this). Ultimately people will pay what they think something is worth. If you are advertising on a classifieds site and the price is keen, the item will be gone in less than a week (and sometimes in a matter of hours).

Intuition saves lives. Try some stuff. If you can't get the blindfolded spanking you've always desired on a one-night stand, then when? Plan the exit. At their house? No need to apologise or make excuses, just order an Uber, say thanks for a fun night, and go. Tell them your mum is arriving from the airport at 8am, and they have to be gone by then. If they are all cuddly and suggesting going for breakfast, you're under NO obligation to. Best you don't, to be honest. No regrets. Color healing consists of (1) diagnosing, (2) cleansing, and (3) repairing. To diagnose is to check for correct coloration. We know that we need to see reds near our skin, because red relates to our physical energetic boundary. Red is a vast term. Hues of red can include brown, russet, auburn, rose, or apple red. Likewise, our orange band will include ranges of yellows and oranges; When diagnosing, we're basically making sure the right colors are where they are supposed to be. If we see off-kilter, blotchy, low, dark colors; When checking, you can peruse every field at once to see which one grabs your attention, or you can concentrate on a specific field, if you already have a sense of which is distorted. For instance, let's say you are low in money.