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You will feel fulfilled every day. Have a creative outlet. Creative activity naturally screens out the force of distraction. Make time for whatever your creative juices lead you to do, from cooking, to painting, to devising a new business plan. Protect and use your morning burst. Morning burst is our term for the time during the day when you are freshest. For most people, this is in the morning. For some it is at night. It took about twenty minutes to answer all the questions. Each time I completed a article of answers, I could see the progress bar indicating that I was that much closer to discovering my personalized dream car. I finished the final article of questions and eagerly clicked the Submit button. In just a few seconds I got my answer. What was the perfect car for me? According to this finely tuned website, the car for me was . I confess that I did not know much about cars. In fact, I know very little about cars. But I certainly knew that I did not want a Ford Taurus. I'm not sure what you would do in such a situation, but I did what any creative person might do: I went back into the program and fixed my previous answers. If you can't feel the subtle energy, slow down even more. ENERGY BALL EXERCISE

Once you have created a small ball of energy in each palm, bring both palms together slowly and see if you can feel the energy balls connecting. Play with the sensations you experience as you slowly push your hands together and farther apart. What do you feel? Do the balls feel bouncy? Do you feel one ball or two? Can you feel the funnels of the minor chakras in your palms spinning and connecting even though your hands are pulled apart? How far can you pull your palms away while they're still facing each other and you're still feeling the energy exchange between the two? Now see if you can start packing and growing your energy ball--like a snowball. I know I was. I realized this in 2013 when I went to the movie theater to watch Jobs. I got home late that night and as I was thinking about the movie plot, I started crying. I was COL--crying out loud--because I wanted to be someone and make a dent in the world, just like Steve Jobs. The problem was that I was not even close. My actions were not leading me to dent the world in any way other than selling a few extra Wendy's burgers through radio or TV commercials. My daily existence was about fulfilling someone else's dream, not my own. Perhaps my boss's dream of winning a Cannes Lion Award with one of those creative radio spots. Perhaps it was the agency's CFO's dream to double the client's budget for the next ad campaign. Or maybe, Wendy's CMO's dream to sell more burgers. And for others, it is midday. It lasts about an hour, maybe less.

Don't squander your morning burst on email or watching television. Talk with your mate, play with your kids, work on an important project. Just don't waste this precious time on trivial stuff. Let your true self come out. People wear themselves out being appropriate, censoring themselves, keeping their spontaneous selves under wraps. This is counterproductive and draining. Once you get in the habit, you'll feel much more peppy and alive and your relationships will benefit. Eliminate Toxic Worry From time to time I checked to see how different answers translated into different car recommendations. I kept this up until the program was kind enough to recommend a small convertible--surely the right car for me. I followed that sage advice, and that's how I became the proud owner of a convertible (which, by the way, has served me loyally for many years). This experience taught me that sometimes (perhaps often) we don't make choices based on our explicit preferences. Instead, we have a gut feeling about what we want, and we go through a process of mental gymnastics, applying all kinds of justifications to manipulate the criteria. That way, we can get what we really want, but at the same time keep up the appearance--to ourselves and to others--that we are acting in accordance with our rational and well-reasoned preferences. If we accept that we frequently make decisions in this way, perhaps we can make the process of rationalization more efficient and less time-consuming. Here's how: Imagine that you're choosing between two digital cameras. Camera A has a nice zoom and a hefty battery, while camera B is lighter and has a snazzier shape. You're not sure which one to get. How condensed or big can you make it? FEELING THE BOUNDARY OF YOUR AURA

Having done the subtle energy exploration with your hands, briefly rub your hands together again and feel them light up with subtle energy. Slowly extend your arms to the edge of your aura, which is about an arm's length outward. Imagine what it would feel like if you could trace the subtle energy boundary of your aura. What does your aura bubble feel like? Is it porous or solid? Structured or fluid? Is there symmetry in your aura boundary? What side do you feel more attracted to? For sure, I was not working toward my dream. I guess I was too comfortable working for others, being told what to do, and having a steady paycheck. Keep doing what you're doing girl, you're doing just fine! Why risk what you have now? People of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things. I needed to find my growth path and take bigger risks to get there. That is when the idea of moving to New York popped into my head. That was my first step toward happening to things--which is a concept I now implement toward every goal or dream I add to my bucket list. If I really, really want something, I go and GRAB it--Gary Vee would be SO proud of me for saying that. We have emphasized the importance of positive factors--time, attention, empathy, connection, and play--in promoting intimacy and combating the forces of distraction in today's world. However, one negative factor is so prevalent and so poisonous to intimacy that it warrants discussion on its own: toxic worry.

If you worry more today than you did a decade ago, you're not alone. Everyone's worry has ramped up. What has happened? While worry and anxiety are partially created by our genes--some people are born to worry, while others are born cool as a cucumber--our gene pool hasn't changed in the past decade, so we can't look to genetics for the answer. Could it be that the number of catastrophic, or potentially catastrophic, events modern life has foisted upon us is what has led to this age of worry? There are so many. We won't depress you with a list you already know only too well. Suffice it to say, there are many, the collapse of the economy perhaps heading the list. You think that camera A is better quality but camera B will make you happier because you like how it looks. What should you do? Here is my advice: Pull a quarter out of your pocket and say to yourself, Camera A is heads, camera B is tails. Then toss the coin. If the coin comes up heads and camera A is the one you wanted, good for you, go buy it. But if you're not happy with the outcome, start the process again, saying to yourself, The next toss is for real. Do this until the coin gives you tails. You'll not only get camera B, which you really wanted all along, but you can justify your decision because you only followed the advice of the coin. Perhaps that was the real function of the car recommendation software I used to get my convertible. Maybe it was designed not only to help me make a better decision but to create a process that would allow me to justify the choice I really wanted to make. Is there more energy in your head or your legs? Moving very slowly, what colors do you feel or see easily in your mind's eye?