The world thanks you, Lisa. Lisa described mindset as a Conscious decision to see the best in a situation. <a href=''>Thinking</a> further, she clarified that this is not being ignorant of the reality of the situation, but rather of being able to generate a useful sense of meaning around it. <a href=''>In</a> other words, it's about demonstrating self-control over where your focus should go. <a href=''>Hint:</a> it should always go somewhere that gives you the biggest chance to create meaningful progress. <a href=''>Andrew</a> Morello is a young entrepreneur and philanthropist who also just happens to be the first winner of The Apprentice Australia. <a href=''>We</a> caught up with Andrew in a cafe across the road from his offices. <a href=''>He</a> was holding court with what might best be described as an entourage hanging on his every word. <a href=''>Henry</a> David Thoreau, who became a vegetarian during his experience in the woods, writes in Walden that, because hunting is often a young boy's introduction to the wilderness and often teaches him to love the woods, boys should be taught to hunt, but they should give up the activity when they are older. <a href=''>Not</a> all who hunt as boys are willing to follow Thoreau's advice, of course. <a href=''>Rick</a> Bass maintains in Why I Hunt that people in hunter-gatherer cultures probably have richer imaginations than those in agricultural or post-agricultural societies because a hunter's imagination must become engaged with the pursuit--the prey, not the predator, being in control: <a href=''>The</a> thrush wants to remain a thrush. <a href=''>The</a> goshawk wants to consume the thrush and in doing so, partly become the thrush--to take its flesh into its flesh. <a href=''>They</a> weave through the tangled branches of the forest, zigging and zagging, the goshawk right on the thrush's tail, like a shadow. <a href=''>Or</a> perhaps it is the thrush that is the shadow thrown by the light of the goshawk's fiery desire. <a href=''>Bass</a> romanticizes the experience for thrush and goshawk, but it is certain that hunting can bring people closer to their natural condition of subsistence living and thereby bring them more into sympathy with the wild. <a href=''>He</a> goes on to say that crops will not seek to elude the farmer, while a deer hunter enters the woods with nothing but imagination. <a href=''>Farmers</a> must deal with weather and soil fertility, however, and so I maintain with Louis Bromfield and Wendell Berry that farmers must be imaginative and intelligent, no less than hunters. <a href=''>We've</a> just remodeled and offer free iced coffee and drinks. <a href=''>My</a> mom chimed in. <br /><br /><a href='[]=<a+href=http://></a>'>When</a> I first came here, they gave out free hot chocolate and cookies. <a href=''>I</a> told all my friends about it, and they all came in and brought their friends. <a href=''>We</a> drive twenty minutes even though other salons are closer. <a href=''>But</a> I felt kind of bad when they all came in and you never thanked them, or mentioned that they had come in and asked for you. <a href=''>Again,</a> they both nodded. <a href=''>Don't</a> feel bad that you've haven't done this in the past. <a href=''>There</a> are a lot of businesses out there that don't follow up. <a href=''>Advertising</a> works, but follow ups keep them coming back, and bringing their friends. <a href=''>Her</a> favorite sport was ice hockey, not despite how bad she was at it but maybe because she was so bad. <a href=''>Falling</a> down was part of every practice, every game. <a href=''>Her</a> team even had drills where the players had to sprint and fall, get up, sprint and fall. <a href=''>They</a> wore shoulder and knee pads that smelled like rotting cabbage, and they blew snot down their jerseys. <a href=''>There</a> was no choice but to check the ego and abandon any social obligation to smell good, be sweet, or look pretty when they went over the boards and onto the ice. <a href=''>It</a> was awesome. <a href=''>Amanda</a> also played high school (and college) ice hockey, and remembers the ferocity and thrill of listening to Welcome to the Jungle and Paradise City by Guns N' Roses in the locker room before bursting onto the ice. <a href=''>In</a> a funny parallel, this blissfully maniacal warrior mode reminds us of how we often felt at dive bars, dancing and sweating to the jukebox, and roughhousing with friends, spilling beer on ourselves, being raunchy, nasty, impolite. <a href='[]=<a+href=http://></a>'>These</a> days, a few of our friends have joined soccer leagues or play club volleyball. <a href=''>Getting</a> on a field or court lets us slip the straightjacket of social niceties, get the camaraderie of a locker room, and touch base with the sense that nothing matters except what's happening precisely at that moment. <a href=''>He</a> reminded us that one of the most critical parts of controlling your focus is being conscious of the people you spend your time with, citing the old adage,You are the sum of the people you spend the most time with. Andrew is clear that choosing the correct focus is a lot easier to sustain when you are surrounded by a variety of people who challenge and support you.

Andrew counselled us to not There are people who try to keep you small. People who want less for you to make them feel better about themselves. Ignore criticism from people you don't like or respect. Some time ago, we were having dinner in Los Angeles with an old colleague and dear friend Andy Healy. Andy is a former advertising executive who now works as a scriptwriter in California. We shared one of those evenings where time seems to evaporate. We talked about all of the things we were up to, the plans we were making and business opportunities we were exploring. Keeping a garden for just one year may instill values of thrift and respect for farm work. Similarly, killing, cleaning, and preparing meat even once could teach consumers what is involved in the process of survival. Sport is not the same as subsistence, however; The assertion that killing for sport represents base instincts carries some weight, especially when hunters use increasingly sophisticated weapons against prey that cannot develop new means of escape. Still, foxhunters love the wild and will work to preserve the way of life that keeps farms from being broken up into subdivisions and forests from being logged. We leave woodpiles on our land for foxes and build brush coveys for pheasant and quail. We appreciate the sound of horseshoes on gravel or stone more than the drone of the internal combustion engine. Foxhunting is a fast-paced ride over fences through varied country, with new vistas constantly opening up. It is not competitive, as horse shows are, yet it is sport, a partnership with one's horse and camaraderie with other riders. Natural-looking coops or logs invite a rider into the mystery of a forest path, field, or dell; You should know when their birthdays are and call or send a post card to them with a special deal. If you haven't heard from a regular client for a while, mail out a `We miss you' card with incentives and an expiration date.

My mom and I left the salon that day, hoping that they would take our advice. So many service businesses find themselves struggling unnecessarily, because they forget one thing. As our economy matures, everything has become a commodity. The actual product itself can be found on every corner of every street in every town. If you cannot differentiate yourself with world-class service, what do you really have? What I did, and what you are going to do, is copy the most successful businesses you can think of. Those successful companies use the same basic blueprint to start. Why not just use the blueprint they all use? Sports are myopic by nature, and tunnel vision can be a really welcome break from family affairs and work crises and LIFE in general. There's just a tennis ball, a racket, a net, an opponent, and a very carefully delineated in and out. We also dig fitness classes because people collectively drop the veneer. Everyone's vulnerable, sweaty, messy, and there's a good vibe when we walk out and slug water and wipe faces with towels. We love that for an hour we put our life into an instructor's hands. This is an ongoing idea in a lot of our new practices, this desire to take the phone off the hook. To let someone tell us to do it faster, keep going, stand up and sit down; The sports and fitness outlet for sober people sometimes ends in a seesaw syndrome though. We've seen friends quit drinking and go carb free and begin a mega-training program, all on the same day. We get it--we want to be better, to be powerful, now. Plans for the extraordinary were discussed. At the end of the evening Andy made an observation that has stuck with us since.

Usually when I catch up with old friends we talk about who we were and what we did. We connect over the past. But not us, we always talk about who we are becoming and where we are going. Do you have a network that moves you towards your aspirations? Of course, choosing your focus applies to more than the people we spend our time with. Peter Sheahan, the chairman and CEO of Karrikins Group, a business-growth strategy consulting firm based in Denver, Toronto, Sydney and Auckland, shared with us that one of the top three skills he believes has helped him build his business was the ability to control his focus. He calls it discipline. It's not so much working hard, but being able to select the work that will have the biggest impact. Riding, like walking, takes us back to tradition and nature. Few sights are more beautiful than a grassy path weaving among autumn trees or an old rail fence marking the entrance to the woods. They are invitations to enter the spirit of the natural place inhabited for a long time by those who were close to the land. The hunt is over and we are walking back along those lanes from which we first set forth. The bull thistle's purple crown is in full bloom. At our approach, a great blue heron takes off from the pond and flies high over the trees. Mallards and Canada geese continue to glide along the water. Hounds fan out and trot back to their kennel. The horses walk toward the stable on long reins with lowered heads and swinging gait. Louis Bromfield, Malabar Farm, People lose money because they go off on their own instead of copying what has already been proven to work. They get excited about letting everyone know that they have the best product around and blow most of their money on advertisements that don't work.