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One good thing about starch (perhaps the only good thing) is that it's easy to separate from other food. A good trick is to build a starch pile on one side of your plate and delay eating from it until you've finished most of your meal. This gives the other food a chance to satisfy your hunger before you start eating from the starch pile. You may find that seeing all that tasteless paste in a big pile reduces your appetite for it. Just remember that you're looking at a pile of future sugar. We are going to delve into the many different ways in which NLP is beneficial to people as a whole. Whether you are applying the NLP techniques to yourself or those around you, you must keep in mind that, at the end of the day, they still hold true. Keep these in mind for ways that you could potentially make use of NLP to benefit yourself or to help you understand the ways in which you could use these methods if you were to need some sort of inspiration. I t Can Clear Your Vision When it comes right down to it, NLP can help you clear your vision. Not your physical vision--but rather, it can help you learn how to focus on what you really want. It clears your aspirational sights. You are able to clearly understand what it is that you truly want in life. You are able to point at the goals that you hope to achieve and you can apply them to your everyday life. You can begin to make sense of those subconscious patterns that will exist within the way that you behave, and when you understand those, you can begin to apply them as well. Visualise yourself waking up hangover-free in the morning, feeling so good and so proud of yourself for not having crumbled and taken a drink the night before. Nobody ever woke up regretting not having a drink the night before. Visualisation is a really powerful tool to get you to that lovely, satisfied moment. One final note about cravings. If you stop drinking and find yourself shaking uncontrollably, sweating profusely, vomiting endlessly or seeing things that aren't there--please get yourself to a doctor quick smart.

Alcohol is one of the most dangerous drugs to detox from, so be ready to call for professional help if needed. Socialising sober Going out and mixing with others without liquid courage can be hard work at first. I felt like a total weirdo going to social events right after I quit, like I had a big neon sign flashing above my head that said `Not Drinking! I was silly to feel so self-conscious, given what I now know, which is that most people don't care if you're drinking or not. When you finish your meal, you can congratulate yourself: You've staved off a sugar shock. Even if you do help yourself to some of that starch at the end of your meal, at least you won't be eating it on an empty stomach. Whatever sugar blockers you had with your meal will help blunt the starch's effects on your blood sugar. Take a Walk If you slip up and eat some starch, there's one last way you can reduce its effects on your blood sugar: Take a walk. A brisk 20-minute walk immediately after eating will open up channels in your muscle cells and allow them to take up glucose independent of how much exercise you have done that day. A natural substance produced by soil bacteria, acarbose is among the safest pills you can take. It doesn't even enter the bloodstream. Serious side effects are practically unheard of. Because acarbose was developed to treat diabetes, it is available by prescription only (see article 13). I n particular, when you learn to use NLP, you can focus on goals that are aligned with a very specific purpose and when you make use of these methods, you can usually ensure that it actually happens for you. You can usually ensure that, at the end of the day, you can better control yourself. You learn that you can better understand the ways in which you interact with both yourself and with those around you. You learn that you can operate within that goal that you want--and because you will have a goal that you have had to articulate, you will be more likely to achieve it in the first place. I t Can Help You Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs

We all, to some degree or another, have limiting beliefs. These are negative beliefs that do nothing but hold us back. It could be a belief that you are useless, for example; Let's go back to that example involving the hypothetical car accident. After the accident, the limiting belief will have been something that was directly related to the accident itself. It's no small deal to be going out and getting amongst it with only soda water for company, especially when everyone else around is glugging their ethanol, so first and foremost remind yourself every minute you can that you're freaking brave and amazing for even doing it. One thing I found really useful early on when heading into social situations was to make a mental list of all the things that were fun or worthwhile about the event ahead. Things that weren't about what liquid I had in my glass. I would formulate a list in my mind of things to focus on. This party is about celebrating Simon's promotion, the end of the working year and the kids having a Secret Santa. This barbecue is about summer arriving, my new dress and catching up with neighbours. This dinner is about checking out a hot new restaurant, showing off my new hairdo and seeing old friends. This wedding is about a young couple's love, the yummy food and dancing to cheesy music. There are always things to be found that make an event worthwhile or special, and if you focus on those it can help take some of the heat out of the fact you feel weird for not drinking. If you can't find one single good thing to focus on, then that's usually a sign that you should be staying at home (and there's absolutely no shame in that). However, your doctor can prescribe it off-label to help you manage your weight and forestall diabetes. If you take acarbose immediately before eating a starch-containing meal, it will reduce the impending blood sugar surge by as much as 40 percent. You don't have to take it regularly. In fact, it makes no sense to take acarbose with meals that contain little or no starch. Some patients carry a few tablets in their wallet or purse in case they're caught in situations in which starch can't be avoided.

A DAY OF REAL-WORLD EATING Armed with the strategies you've learned in this article, you're ready to take on our carb-filled world. First let's look at a typical day meal by meal--breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A Typical American Breakfast What is a typical American breakfast? It will be that underlying thought that is keeping you back from being able to get into the car again. It will be that belief that is underlying everything that you are doing, keeping you from being able to better control yourself. It is that belief that you will be going through all sorts of problems that are not going to serve you well. N o matter what your limiting belief is, however, NLP can teach you how to overcome it. NLP will focus on reframing that current belief in some way. This is typically done through the use of changing the meaning that you assign to what is happening. It is changing the way that you talk about these situations. When you change this, you are engaging with the linguistic portion of NLP, but in doing so, you are able to better defeat the negativity that is holding you back. It helps you figure out how you can change your mindset just enough to ensure that, at the end of the day, you are more in control. It ensures that, at the end of the day, you are better able to provide these for yourself to change everything about the way in which you view the world, enabling you to make the changes that you will need in life. If, however, you have got reason to head out, go prepared. Take your own non-alcoholic drink if it's a BYO event, or be ready with what you're going to order from the bar or waiter. Be bold and take ownership of your alcohol-free drink. Ditch the straw that they so often seem to hand out with non-alcoholic drinks (we're not kids, FFS) and be specific. If you want fresh limes, ask for them.

If you want no ice, say so. If you want to use a wine glass, use it. Stemware is not solely reserved for liquids with percentage points. And finally, have an exit plan. When you feel it's time to go, don't hesitate--go. Forty years ago, you might have said bacon, eggs, and a glass of milk. However, we eat differently now. After we were told we shouldn't eat so much cholesterol, we started eating more baked goods, breakfast cereals, and orange juice. Now we're also fatter and more diabetic. Could there be a correlation? Tufts University researchers had a group of subjects eat eggs for breakfast and compared their eating behavior for the rest of the day with that of another group that ingested the same number of calories in the form of instant oatmeal. The group that ate the oatmeal consumed an astonishing 81 percent more calories in the last half of the day than did the ones who ate the eggs for breakfast. Other researchers have found that high-glycemic load breakfasts cause people to eat more and gain more weight than low-glycemic load ones. If you're going to give yourself a sugar shock, breakfast is the worst time of day to do it. Your body is more prone to sugar shocks early in the day than later. I t Can Make You Self-Confident The way in which you engage with NLP will also work well to aid in self-confidence issues. Many people, especially when their mindsets are already so incredibly negative, already suffer from low self-esteem. However, because you will be able to take control of yourself, you will be able to move forward in life with confidence. You understand that you will be able to change yourself and your thoughts.