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Friends and family notice a difference in me. Can you tell from this first draft that she is feeling defeated about her ability to create a new habit? Words like finally and phrases like free of stress eating and no longer feel are good hints. I don't wake up feeling angry at myself . This isn't a very empowering designed future. Can you tell? For many people, the future is at once unknowable and also ruled by misconception. It reminds me of the quote often attributed to Mark Twain, The trouble with the world is not that people know too little; Before you can take charge of your future, you need to move beyond any long-held fallacies. That's where we're headed together in article 2, with its not so subtle title, Everything You've Been Told About the Future Is Wrong. Everything You've Been Told About the Future Is Wrong There is a specter haunting this article. It's the same ghost that haunts people when they think about the future. But what people don't realize is that the scary ghost isn't real. It's a fiction, like an old-fashioned black-and-white movie ghoul. I think back to 2018 and one of the strangest cocktail-hour conversations I've ever had. Imagine how did you feel that time, what did you said to yourself, feel that feeling. Say those words to yourself. At the end of each imagination, say to yourself three times by initially calling your name: John, I love you, and you are a successful person. By doing this every day, you will program your mind for success.

This process will keep you on track of success and help you to keep going in life no matter what. This exercise will strengthen your mind and allow your mind to focus on success rather than the challenges that show up in your life. It is essential in life whenever you come across a problem, you need to remind yourself that it is a new challenge for growth and learning. This kind of attitude will help you change the feeling of fear regarding the challenges that show up in your life. Let me ask you something have you ever seen a baby elephant tied with a chain in a zoo. The baby elephant repeatedly tries to break that chain at that age but could not succeed once the baby elephant grows up and becomes big and tremendous. Let's look at how she rewrote her second draft: Designed Future, Second Draft My body is healthy and balanced. I love my new relationship with food, my eating habits, and myself. I take care of my body, feeding it the nourishment it craves throughout the day. Food is fuel, and the healthier I feed my body, the better it runs. My clear skin is a reflection of this. I remember having had stomachaches at one point and I am grateful to have figured out how to stop them. I am proud of myself for my accomplishment in creating a new habit and love how people in my life have noticed that I look very healthy. Most of all though, I love how my body moves with ease throughout that day. I was sitting on a rooftop patio in San Francisco, scene of the twenty-fifth anniversary celebration for WIRED, the tech magazine. It just so happened that 2018 was also my twenty-fifth year working as a futurist, so their editor had invited me to speak. Can I tell you something kind of weird and personal? Her name was Audrey, and we knew each other casually from a recent project we both had worked on for a movie studio.

Fire away, I told her. Audrey proceeded to describe in vivid detail a recent dream she'd had about a post-apocalyptic world filled with drones and robots and augmented reality gone horribly amok. Sounds like a science fiction movie, I remarked. Then her brow creased as she talked about the dark turn the dream took. Robots with minds of their own. Self-driving cars going off the rails. The elephant remains tied to that chain; The question is, why the elephant does not break that chain after growing up? When the elephant was a baby, he tried to break that chain many times but could not succeed. The elephant built this belief that no matter how much he tries to break the chain, it is impossible to break it. The elephant might have grown up and become powerful, but the belief that breaking this chain is not possible makes the elephant stop trying. You are living with the same belief. Because when you were young, people said many things about you and your abilities. Sadly, most of them were not favorable and productive. People said those things so often that it programmed your subconscious mind. Once your subconscious mind accepted those, it became your identity. Step Two: Take Massive Action Making big changes requires massive action. And with massive action, you need to be willing to fail again and again, and not stop taking action until you get the result you want. This is how I have built my business.

This has been a twenty-plus-year journey of massive action and massive failures. But if my IC had been in control of my mind along this journey, I would not be where I am today. She would have made me quit a long time ago. Because I am constantly managing my mind and unhooking from my IC's grip, all of my failures have taught me what not to do and helped me figure out the next action to take. I pivot and change, regroup and rework. Over and over and over. Her mother showing up (of course! At one point in the dream Audrey took off her AR goggles and realized the futuristic city she thought she was in was actually a bombed-out war zone. She even described for me the smell of burning bodies, which I have to say was in stark contrast to the groovy vibe of the rooftop soiree. That's a terrifying dream, Audrey, I told her. I was set to speak in a few minutes, so I begged her pardon for having to get up. But before I go, I added, let me assure you that your nightmare scenario won't happen because humans won't let it happen. We're the ones in control here. Especially when it comes to technology, humans will remain at the center. Your nightmare was more about losing control as a human and less about the takeover of technology. Audrey's dream is a great example of the specter haunting this article. In childhood, you were like that baby elephant who could not break the chain and was helpless. You did not have the choice. People continued to say things to you, and you listened to those things. But now, you are not that child anymore.

You have the power to break any limiting chain that you have been carrying with you. It is the time to break through those wrong ideas, perceptions, beliefs that someone else imposed on you and your abilities. Those are even not your limitations because those are the limitations of other people. You have unlimited potential within you, waiting to be unleashed. You have not used that potential yet, but now it is the time to tap into your potential. It is the time to claim your new identity that is powerful, strong, and limitless. I don't let my IC get in the way of my higher commitment. I let her scream, and I take her with me as I continue my journey. She likes to keep her focus on the failures, setbacks, and possible dangers that lie ahead. I like to keep my eye on the future I am creating. I pay attention to how far I've come and what I've created so far. And that truly blows my mind. I generate excitement because I am so proud of my accomplishments, and know there's so much more ahead to create. When I hit a pitfall or an obstacle, I let that guide me along my journey. Sometimes I have had to go right back to the drawing board and try again. But my vision for creating massive shifts in the way people think and live their lives all by mastering their minds is what compels me to stay in action no matter what. She, like so many people, was terrified of powerlessness. That fear was the driving force for her nightmare. Her mom wasn't her mom. The city wasn't the city.