you suffer from a heavy or painful menstrual period, mix yarrow and capsella (shepherd's purse) one to one and add anise seeds (as much as you like). This mixture reduces excessive blood flow and brings harmony to the body. Menopause Tea Mix equal parts lady's mantle, yarrow, and lemon balm and fix yourself a tea as often as you like. It has a calming effect on the hormone system and helps prevent hot flashes. It does not have to be drunk every day, but the ritual should happen on a regular basis for it to act. Add a little bit of sage to the tea if you tend to break out in sweats (please heed the information pertaining to sage). Washing with sage or spraying cool sage tea from a spray bottle, like a body spray, eases ailments and feels good. If you prefer to use essential sage oil because you find it more practical, you shouldn't. This should only be used in a scent lamp and even then not around pregnant women or people who suffer from high blood pressure. I ask you: What are you? You don't know; Always keep this don't-know mind. When this don't-know mind becomes clear, then you will understand. So if you keep don't-know mind when you are driving, this is driving Zen. If you keep it when you are talking, this is talking Zen. If you keep it when you are watching television, this is television Zen. You must keep don't-know mind always and everywhere. This is the true practice of Zen. But, as in Christianity, the discovery of the value of the hidden layers of the mind is not a modern achievement.

I told him to stand up boldly and claim his good, for, as Shakespeare said, All things be ready if the mind be so. The prescription which rescued him I added that he had to ready and prepare his mind to receive his good now, for the kingdom of harmony, health, peace, guidance, abundance and security is at hand, waiting only for him to accept and take his good now. Specifically, I suggested the following affirmation: My mind is now absorbed, interested and fascinated in the eternal, changeless truths of God. I now still my mind and contemplate the great truth that God dwells in me and walks and talks in me. I still the wheels of my mind and know that God dwells in me. I know this and believe it. It is the Father's good pleasure to give me to the kingdom. Commit thy way unto the Lord: trust also in Him; It is okay in tea form, but the essential oil of sage is so strong that it can lead to side effects. Essential oils are never found in nature in the high concentrations we are familiar with out of the bottle. In nature they are embedded in the whole plant rather than concentrated. Some oils are completely harmless and can even be ingested; This should be considered in advance. Chest Compresses Those who suffer from painfully swollen breasts before their period or during pregnancy can try this compress: prepare a tea from yarrow, chamomile, and lady's mantle (equal parts) and soak a white cloth in it. Take care to make sure the liquid is lukewarm and not too hot. Put the cloth on your breasts as wet as possible and put on one or two old shirts over it to allow for a humid environment. Let the whole thing seep in for about fifteen minutes (while watching TV at night perhaps).

As long ago as the seventh century, Chinese teacher Hui-Neng, the Sixth Patriarch of Zen, presumed author of the influential Platform Sutra, was encouraging his followers to take note of the activities of the undermind. Spiritual practice, for Hui-Neng, was not about calming or emptying the mind; O friends, if there are among you some who are still in the stage of learners, let them turn their illumination upon the source of consciousness whenever thoughts are awakened in their minds . The [conscious] mind has nothing to do with thinking, because its fundamental source is empty. It is called ultimate enlightenment' when one has awakened to the source of the mind. <a href=''>Buddhist</a> scholar D. <a href=''>Suzuki</a> explains very clearly what this awareness of the interface between conscious and unconscious means, in terms of the key Buddhist concept of prajna, usually translated aswisdom'. Prajna points in two directions, to the Unconscious, and to a world of consciousness which is now unfolded . When we are so deeply involved in the outgoing direction of consciousness and discrimination as to forget the other direction of Prajna, [wisdom] is hidden, and the pure undefiled surface of the Unconscious is now dimmed . Ordinarily the apperceiving mind is occupied too much with the outgoing attention, and forgets that at its back there is the unfathomable abyss of the Unconscious. Intelligence draws the buyer who wants my ranch, he prospers in it, there is a Divine exchange, and we are both blessed. The buyer is right and the price is right, and the deeper currents of my subconscious mind bring both of us together in Divine order. I know that all things be ready if the mind be so. When worry thoughts come to my mind, I will immediately affirm, None of these things move me. I know I am reconditioning my mind to stillness, relaxation, equanimity, and imperturbability. I am making a new world of freedom, abundance, and security for myself. A few weeks later I had a telephone call from this rancher telling me that he had sold his ranch and was thus free to go to Denver. He was no longer a prisoner of his mind. He said, I realized I put myself in a prison of want, limitation, and restriction by my negative thinking and that, actually, I was self-hypnotized. This man learned that his thought was creative and that all his frustration was due to the suggestions of others, which he accepted, although he could have rejected them, and that events, circumstances and conditions were not causative.

If you like, you can do it longer, or spray or dab your chest with rose water afterward. This is not mandatory, but a treat. Joint Salve One thing that is barely known today: people used to put tremendous trust in yarrow when it came to healing joint and back pain. Common folk could conveniently purchase this medicine at the side of the road. Its effects are apparent. You will need one to two handfuls of fresh yarrow (just eyeball it). Place them on a white sheet of paper to allow any small critters that may still live in them to escape. Yarrow especially has many small friends, and no one wants to cook them into a salve. When everyone has crawled out, heat about two cups of clarified butter to liquid form (directly in the pot without a bain-marie) and add the fresh yarrow to it. When its attention is directed outwardly, it clings to the idea of an ego-substance. It is when it turns its attention within that it realises the Unconscious. The undermind for Hui-Neng, like the Godhead for Tauler, is the nothing' that constantly brings forth thesomethings' of the mind. The miracle, as D. Suzuki puts it, is that It is in the nature of Suchness [the Unconscious] to become conscious of itself . <a href=''>In</a> the self-nature of Suchness there arises consciousness . <a href=''>Psychologically</a> we can call [Suchness] the Unconscious, in the sense that all our conscious thoughts and feelings grow out of it. <a href=''>When</a> Ma-tsu and other Zen leaders declare thatthis mind is the Buddha himself', it does not mean that there is a kind of soul lying hidden in the depths of consciousness; The Undermind Society: Putting the Tortoise to Work The great spectre that recurrently haunted many of the most sensitive men of the last two hundred years is that there may eventually come a time when all the richness and amplitude of Creation will simply pass through the eyes of a man into his head and there be turned by the brain into some sort of formula or equation.

They suggested fears and limitations that he indulged instead of completely rejecting them, realizing that straight-line thinking was the only cause and power in his world. His repeated affirmation gave him power to think constructively and proved to him his capacity to choose wisely from universal principles. When anxieties, worries and fears come to you, maintain your inner equilibrium and affirm, I will lift up mine eyes to the hills from whence cometh my strength, and firmly announce to yourself also, None of these things move me (Acts 20:24). Use the Infinite Power to Guide You in All Ways The principle of Divine Guidance operates in you and throughout the universe, and by using the Infinite Intelligence within you, you can attract many wonderful experiences and happenings beyond your fondest dreams. This article will reveal to you the principles of guidance in a variety of ways, so that you may apply them to attract all kinds of blessings into your life. How a Woman Attracted Her Right Mate A young secretary who had made two previous mistakes in marriage said to me, I don't want to make a third mistake. I know the last two errors were made because I judged according to appearance, and I don't know how to apply the principle of guidance in my life. Take it off the stove and let it cool afterward until the butter has hardened again. This will take a few hours. Give it time. You can also let it cool overnight. Afterward heat the clarified butter up again until it reaches liquid form. Sift off the yarrow contained therein. The resulting salve now simply has to be packaged. Linden Blossoms (Tilia spp. Linden blossoms put out a rich sweet aroma and have a calming and relaxing effect when made into a tea.