It was obvious that he had a ton of built-up fight energy that needed to be expunged. Especially at the beginning of our sessions, I was very careful to make sure Jake did not re-tell his story because it was so activating and just made the fight energy that much stronger. We set to work deactivating Jake's nervous system. Michael looked up. I'll be going somewhere else after this? Yes, you will, Truman answered. Several different places actually, but don't worry. They will be expecting you. I was informed in a dream the other evening, Truman said. He walked behind his desk and opened the right top drawer. Removing a folded piece of paper, he handed it to Michael and said, I was instructed to prepare this for you. This is why you are here. It is one of the Decisions for Success. If you want to approach your boss during a break, you can do so as they go to look for lunch. They will always grant all your requests, and they will not also argue with you. Manipulating the Teacher If you want to manipulate your teacher, you must do so professionally. Also, make sure that you have incorporated some emotions. During the specific day that you want to make a request, you should make sure that you have appeared before the teacher as a model student. Also, make sure that you have arrived in class early.

Try to ensure that the teacher can notice that you have been reading a lot. In short, the teacher should note that you are taking your studies seriously. While in the classroom, make sure that you are active and you should be focused. A large part of this involved building trust. Jake and I talked a lot about his children, who he loved so much despite how they agitated them. Did you do anything with your kids this weekend? I might ask. Even in those simple conversations, there was room for Jake and I to not only build trust, but also start to address his nervous system. Jake still had the capacity to have glimpses of connection with his kids, so we would often dive into what it felt like in those moments when he felt joy with his children. This is how we began to show Jake's nervous system that it had the capacity to move out of the trauma vortex and toward the healing vortex. One step at a time, we worked together to bring Jake back online so that he could reconnect with himself and those tiny moments of joy and levity. From there, we got to the point where we were able to talk about the good things about Jake's time in the military. Eventually, we were able to discuss the bombing and, when he was able to tolerate it from a sensory point of view, we worked our way to Jake's unsuccessful fight response. You will receive seven in all. Keep it with you, and read it twice daily until it is committed to your heart. For only by committing this principle to your heart will you be able to share its value with others. Michael carefully began to unfold the article. No, wait, the president said as he put his hands over Michael's. Don't read it yet. You must wait until our meeting is finished.

After you read those words, you will immediately travel to your next destination. Amazing, actually. You read the last word and--bang! Always enlighten the teacher about how great they are, and you should do so casually. Tell them about how they inspire you. In some instances, also ensure that you have enlightened them about how much you love the subjects that they are teaching. Mention some stuff about what is happening at home. Although the situation might appear to be awkward, the teacher will be able to sympathize with you since they will feel sorry and they might want to learn more about your situation. As you discuss your personal life, ensure that you have done so in a strategic manner and your teacher will become uncomfortable eventually. If you had delayed when it comes to issuing your assignment, the teacher might have some pity on you because of your situation, and they will offer you an extension, which means you can submit your assignment later. If the teacher refuses to grant you an extension, always enlighten them that you understand that they do not extend the period when the students should hand in their assignments. Your voice should appear to be frail since you want the teacher to sympathize with you. There is a high chance that the teacher will give in to your demands. We realized that Jake was experiencing a lot of spontaneous movement in his legs. Eventually, Jake allowed me to do some touch work on him as we worked our way through his accident. He learned to tolerate the sensations in his body that arose as we worked through the trauma, and then Jake got to a point where he was able to relax and be more present. Presence is an important key to healing because trauma causes a person to lose all sense of space and time. It removes a person from the here and now and keeps them stuck in and reacting to that moment of traumatization. In other words, a person remains perpetually in danger. By bringing himself into the present moment, Jake's fight response began to melt away.

It was a slow process, but completely transformative for Jake. Today, he is able to work again and, while his fight response has vastly diminished, sometimes he still sees glimpses of it. Jake continues to actively work on calming his system when he is triggered, but he can now tolerate the agitation in his system without becoming overwhelmed. Michael reached over and started spinning the globe, stopping it on the United States. Do you know my future? Nope, Truman said. Can't help you there. And I wouldn't if I could. Your future is what you decide it will be. Now you, on the other hand, could probably tell me mine. Michael opened his mouth to speak, but the president held out his hands as if to ward off the words. Thanks, but no thanks. God knows, there are enough influences coming to bear without you telling me what I already did! If such a technique does not work, you can choose to cry since you must demonstrate that you are indeed emotional. You will start crying, and the teacher will become uncomfortable, and that means that they will have to heed to your commands. Manipulating Your Parents It is evident that your parents should always love you unconditionally. As a result, they may be more susceptible to your manipulation techniques. The main fact here is that your parents love you, and they will always support you in every way possible. You have to ensure that you are a model offspring for some time before you can make a request involving certain favors.

Always make sure that you have not missed your curfew. Also, make sure that you have spent most of your time studying and assisting in handling some house chores. Afterward, you can go ahead and request a favor. We continue to work together every once and a while, and I am thrilled to say that Jake no longer looks at the world and people around him as a threat. Even in those now-rare moments when he does feel threatened, Jake can slow things down and tolerate that sensory experience in his body. He understands how to check in with himself and can look at the world with a more objective experience. Why Trauma Isn't Resolved through Talk Therapy There are two primary issues that make it impossible to resolve trauma through talk therapy or any other sort of cognitive process. The first is that we use cognitive processes to protect and prevent ourselves from experiencing embodied sensory experiences. Remember interception, the way in which our body perceives the world around it? When we bring our mind in to interpret traumatic events, it often creates cognitive dissonance around what our body is telling us. It detaches us from our interception. Here's what that cognitive dissonance might look like. Let me get this straight, now. You say that my future is what I decide it will be? Michael began. I don't know about that. I certainly didn't decide to be in the situation I'm in now. I've been a good friend, a pretty good son, a dedicated team player, and a decent student. But now my three best friends probably hate me, my parents don't trust me, my dad's really sick, and I'm off the track team, which means I won't get the scholarship I need to go to college.