It's just the underlying beauty of the knowledge that you are sober. You are not drunk anymore; That's what sobriety truly is. It's that little gold nugget of truth that you tuck away inside and nurture. I am not drunk anymore. WHEN YOU were younger and slimmer, walking probably didn't seem like real exercise. Running--that was exercise! Maybe you're still in that mind-set. Those days are gone. You're older and heavier now. Running isn't as easy as it was. That bounce in your running step is now a thud. The reality is this: Not many people get back into running regularly after they've stopped for several years, entered middle age, and gained weight. Question: What's the best thing about being overweight? Answer: You have fantastic leg muscles. You must ensure that, at the end of the day, you are able to make changes that you will need. You will be able to let go of the method that is not working for you when it does not work for you so you can then shift gears entirely. When that happens, you are then able to ensure that you do make the proper decisions to help yourself. You are able to ensure that you do change the way that you interact with the world or the client, or even yourself. W hen you are able to focus on the ways in which you interact with the world, you are better able to direct yourself.

You can make sure that you are flexible enough that you are always able to find a solution that will work for you--even if that solution is not the first, second, or third on your list. You are flexible enough to keep on trying, no matter what the problem is and no matter what it is that you would like to do instead. S econdly, you are able to ensure that, no matter what it is that you are doing, you will be resilient. You are resisting that urge to completely and utterly ignore the chances that you will fail. You are able to ensure that, no matter what is going on with you, you will succeed, and the flexibility will help you. I am sober. A lovely woman called Emma told me recently, `I wouldn't have the abundance that I have in my life now if I'd carried on drinking. Now I'm in control of any situation. I can feel each moment and understand it. I know I don't have to be happy all the time and I know I don't have to be sad the whole time. I understand my reactions a lot more, and I try to respond, not react. If I work really hard to understand that I've got a part to play, then I can respond so much better. Everyone is going to have stress in their lives, everyone is going to have shit happen. It just keeps on coming. Any excuse to drink will always be there, and we've got to understand that. Carrying that extra weight around has given you big, strong calf, thigh, and buttock muscles. Get those puppies moving and they'll have a major impact on your metabolism. Since you have such big leg muscles, walking will probably increase your body's sensitivity to insulin more now than running did before, when those muscles were smaller. HUFFING AND PUFFING: WHAT'S THE POINT? If you have the time and the energy to do more than walk for exercise, what kind of exercise should you do?

This is worth thinking about because different types of exercise accomplish different things. Often people don't get as much benefit as they could from exercise because they aren't doing the right kind. If your goal is to build endurance or stamina, you need to push yourself to the point of fatigue and maintain that level of exertion for several minutes or more. The longer and faster you go, the more endurance you build. On the other hand, if your goal is to build big muscles, you need a different approach. W hen it comes to the human mind, you cannot be rigid. You must recognize that you have to make very serious changes. You have to recognize that you must be willing and able to look at the potential roadblocks that you will hit--and they will be there. You must be flexible enough to continue on despite the roadblocks. It is only then, when you are able to resist the urge to give up or resist the urge to ensure that you are going to let defeat win over you, that you are able to truly make these principles work for you. Essential Concepts for NLP Along with those fundamentals to NLP, there are also three core concepts that serve as essential points that you must also be well aware of when it comes to being able to alter the mind of someone else. These three components that you must remember are subjectivity, consciousness, and learning. If you can remember all three of these, you will be more likely to succeed at the attempts that you make. If you can remember these essential concepts, you know that you will be more likely to be able to interact with the minds of other people. It's how we deal with life that counts. Yep, it sucks but we can deal with this. Alcohol is only going to drown out any reasonable response. If you want to keep on drinking, that is totally your choice. You have a right to make it and please don't feel bad about it.

I genuinely mean that. Your life, your choice. But if you have even the slightest bit of sober curiosity, why not give it a try? A decent try--at least six months. Time enough for some moods to come and go, some tricky issues to arise, some celebrations to be had. You need to strain your muscles against heavy resistance, as you do when you lift weights. For the past 40 years, Americans have been fixated on endurance training, nicknamed cardio, as in cardiovascular endurance training. Running, cycling, and using a stair-climber or an elliptical trainer are all forms of this training. These days, when people think of exercising to lose weight, they usually think of endurance training. When you engage in strenuous exercise such as running or using a stair-climber, you use largely the same muscles as when you walk, so you can similarly increase insulin sensitivity. However, anything that requires you to tolerate discomfort for long periods is, by definition, hard. Indeed, endurance training, which necessitates pushing yourself until you're huffing and puffing, demands willpower, energy, and motivation. The reality is that only a small minority of middle-aged folks do it regularly. But you don't have to push yourself to the point of being uncomfortable to restore insulin sensitivity. You have to ask yourself, then, what are the advantages of endurance training over just walking for exercise? These three concepts determine everything about our way through which we navigate through the world and they are essential to remember. S ubjectivity S ubjectivity is the idea that, at the end of the day, we all see the world through our own goggles. We all have our own unique perspectives on the way in which we see the world and you must be able to recognize that each and every person's individual perspective will be relevant to them in some way. You have your own personal view that you must remember and that will determine your own takeaway from a situation.

I magine, for example, that you see the number 3 painted on the floor. If you were to slowly walk in a circle around the 3, you would see as it transforms from a 3 to an M to an E to a W, and then right back to a 3. This is because of the fact that from a different perspective, you will see something entirely different. This is the case when it comes down to the way in which people see their own experiences as well. When it comes right down to it, the way in which you experience the world is going to be highly dependent upon the way in which you see the world around you and what you have experienced beforehand. Time enough that you can move through something normally associated with alcohol, then have time pass so that you can look back in hindsight and reflect. Finally, it's vital that we women speak openly to one another about alcohol and the impact it's having on our lives. Talk honestly to your girlfriends. Not at 5 p. Or at lunchtime during a busy week when your to-do list is crushing you. Be vulnerable and be real. Admit it if you're worried. Admit it if you're struggling. Admit it if you're questioning whether the solution to life's pressure is to be found in a bottle. Cut through the liquid bullshit and really talk. Running restores insulin sensitivity, but so does walking. Running increases the antidepressant hormone, but walking does, too. Endurance training helps you run faster and farther, but unless you're competing in races, why do you need to be able to run faster and farther? If you want to build strength, resistance exercise works better than endurance training. So what's the point of all the huffing and puffing?