You need to treat yourself with love, and when you treat yourself with love, you will not beat yourself up for the mistakes you make in life. Mostly, People who are harsh on themselves lack love for themselves. Law of Attraction This law states that whatever you think and focus consistently with feeling, you will start to get that thing in your life. This law operates like this whenever you concentrate on something consistently with an involved feeling of joy and excitement; This law cannot differentiate between positive or negative. My mom told me that when they got the news, she started crying. She turned to my dad and said, Larry, can you believe it? My dad, in his stoic way, said, Yes, I can. I've been envisioning that the lesions are shrinking and that I am living a healthy and vibrant life. My dad is still going to stick to his chemo regimen, but this is the best thing ever in my life. And it illustrates the power of our thoughts and beliefs more than anything else I've experienced. Changing your life begins with aligning your thoughts, feelings, and actions with your future. You have to be willing to actually become someone else - the you that you will be. You need to visualize it ahead of time, actually drum up the emotions ahead of time. Not I will be, but I am. You've invited me into your life to start talking about your future. I will not tell you your future. I can give you different ways to think about the future, but it's only you who can know, and create, your future. With that, I'm excited to show you how to think like a futurist so that you can begin the process of building your own future.

The power begins when you start thinking like a futurist. But first, here's a quick exercise to help get you in the right headspace. PUTTING THE FUTURE TO WORK Quick Questions 1 Time now for your first exercise. This is the start of the Quick Questions that I talked about in article 1. This law's job is to obey you and bring forth for you, whatever you ask desire. Law of Gratitude This law is the best multiplier in life. Whenever you are grateful for something in your life, you will get more things to be thankful for in life. This law is very powerful in helping you be in the present moment and remain optimistic in life. To activate this law, you need to be grateful for ten things daily with a feeling of joy and excitement. Law of Detachment This law states that if you do any action by being in a detachment mindset, you will not be frustrated, angry, and disheartened. Because most of the time, the cause of being angry comes from expecting something from someone, something, or ourselves, and when that expectation does not get fulfilled, it makes people angry. To activate this law, you need to be detached from the thing that you do in life. What does it feel like to see yourself living the life of a confident person? What does it feel like to already have that successful career? What does it feel like to be a healthy person? When I was a teenager, I struggled with my weight.

My grandmother, who was in her eighties at the time, was swimming laps every day and playing doubles tennis. So at the age of fifteen, I decided that I wanted to be like my grandmother. I wanted to be someone who was able to do what she did at eighty. And that is who I became. I have never struggled with weight again, because who I am is someone who takes care of my body. I don't need to have willpower or strength. Hopefully, you've found a journal that you'll use to complete this and other exercises throughout the article. As I explained, it really helps to have all your thoughts and ideas about the future in one place so that you can easily refer back to them. Futurecasting is a process. In that journey, your journal will become one of your most valuable tools. To begin the exercise, I just need you to answer the following questions. How long you spend on them depends on how you do your thinking, but I'd say longer than the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee, but don't go canceling your weekend plans or anything. Okay, here we go. Part 1: Think About the Future Fear of the unknown is the biggest fear of all for so many of us. Because the future feels like an enormous blind spot, it exists as this big, scary, indescribable thing in our lives. It is ok to expect that thing to be the way you want it to be, but do not be attached to the results as it should be the way you want it. Law of Fulfillment And Success This law states that complete fulfillment comes by serving humanity. We are born to serve humankind.

We need to start using our talents to serve the people and help them reach their goals. When we start doing this, we begin to enjoy the joy of fulfillment and ultimate happiness. Those people who became successful in life had served people in some way or another. Everyone in the world has unique talents within them. The only thing is that most people are not aware of their abilities. Because they are too focused on the kinds of stuff outside of them, they don't take time to dive into themselves and find out the talents and qualities of their own. I take care of my body because of the way it makes me feel to have a healthy body. So if I'm starving, I won't go for the donut in front of me because a donut doesn't occur as a choice. It just isn't an option, because who I am is someone who has a healthy body. And if I do eat something like a good dessert, which I love, it is because I'm making a conscious decision to choose that food because I am treating myself. There's a lot of fear around changing your life because you have to risk feeling uncomfortable emotions. But the fear of feeling the uncomfortable emotions is worse than the actual experience of the uncomfortable emotions. Remember me standing on the dinner plate-sized platform, afraid to step off? I decided then that I would rather feel afraid on purpose. Because I am a confident and courageous woman, and I don't let fear stop me. If you're standing on a metaphorical cliff and you're afraid to step off, don't wait until you hit a wall. And this makes for an ever-more-vicious cycle: the less you think you know about the future, the more you fear it, and as that fear builds, it blinds you even more to possible future outcomes. The purpose of the following exercise is to help you to break this cycle, to remove the fear and, with that, the blinders that keep you from imagining a new and better future for yourself and the closest people in your life. What are your biggest fears about the future? Let's kick things off with a simple brainstorm.

I want you to tick off three or four future fears that keep you up at night. The fears might be related to job loss or the economy. Or maybe you're afraid of getting sick or that someone you love will fall ill. Or it could be the idea of growing old alone. Whichever fears come to mind first, jot them down and then move on to the next question. FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: Law of Vibration Everything in the universe vibrates, and nothing is still in the world. We might see the vibrations of the things around us with our eyes and think that they are still, but they are not in reality. Nothing stays still in the universe; So this law is convenient because if you change your vibration, you can change your life's quality. Now how can you change the vibration? You do that with the help of your thoughts. Whenever you imagine good things coming into your life daily and believe in that, then you will start vibrating at a different frequency level. You change your vibration and go into the frequency of good things. In return, you will begin to attract people, situations, and things that are good for you. Until you can't stand your life anymore because you have run away from discomfort for so long. I want you to be your own best support. To trust yourself enough to be willing to fail, or feel embarrassed, or get rejected, and to know that you can handle the emotion that goes with that. Because the only thing that the uncomfortable emotion brings up is a feeling.